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Our good friends at HIRO YANAGIMACHI WORKSHOP are conducting their Fall Pattern Order Fair from 11/22 to 11/30 5 models and 10 colors / combinations to choose from, at a discounted price (¥135K) and a shorter lead time (3 months) From familiar (balmoral ox) to daring (gillie spectators) Combination/Spectators for the upcoming Spring season Pattern Order Info HIRO YANAGIMACHI FB
Baby Buffalo skin looks beautiful. Want to get my hands on those.... Also noticed that the new LAST Magazine is out
Thanks folks!! Yeah, his old atelier was definitely more accessible (but the new one is larger). The bag cost about one pair of Fukuda bespoke.
Thank you! (the bag above is the complete product, and shoes ... probably 6 more months)
Thanks fellas! Hi Jeff! Yes the trial shoes are cemented. Well finished and polished, they look good enough for me to wanna keep it!!
And another goody waiting for me to pickup.... (not exactly shoes but please bear with me) Frame-top briefcase by Fugee 100% hand stitched. Dark Brown shrunken calf by Dupuy. Blue stitches and Navy skiver lining. Waited 15 months for this. (current wait time is 3 years for a bag) and back 15 months ago.... Selection! selection! Bags made from finest exotics.... Selected a whole piece of hide, lining, and threads Mr. Fujii. The Master
Returned to Japan from a long hiatus, and a pleasant surprise waiting at home.... My second pair of trial shoes from Murata-san, aka Main d`or Well made and polished (dark brown). Final shoes to be made with brown baby calf Pleasantly shaped round toes Foot issues well addressed Yes my feet are really skinny. The baguette shape reminds me of those old English bespoke samples made really thin. I kinda like it. The final pair will have an all black sole with a...
Great stuffs B-S!
A great looking pair of bespoke Full Brogue Adelaides by HIRO YANAGIMACHI Made for a client from NYC, who apparently learned about Hiro-san through STYLEFORUM~ A big congrats! HIRO YANAGIMACHI Facebook
(From a picture I took a while ago)Beautiful leather!
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