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FOSTER & SON BESPOKE TRUNK SHOW @ OAK ROOM Sept 18 (Fri) ~19 (Sat) We are welcoming Foster & Son`s Mr. Robert Seamarks and Mr. Andrew Murphy for their return to OAK ROOM! During the weekend, we will be taking bespoke shoes orders for the most discerning shoe lovers in Taiwan! If any of our countrymen are interested, we still have several slots open for appointment! RSVP at 2723 -0553 or info@oakroom.com.tw Some classic F&S Bespoke models that you may be able to...
We had a wonderful visiting guest over the past weekend. Sugawara-san, creator and Editor-In-Chief of LAST Magazine! (btw he`s wearing Sanders)
For MTO, I see absolutely why not. Utah is the most popular among the grain leathers.
Another View Not sure about my MTO yet... probably something really casual, unlined delapre or utah leather...
Haha, the butterfly one (I know you`ve been looking for one!!) is a sample shoes (I think they are not yet in production) brought by the sales manager Fredrick. It is based on an old PEAL butterfly shoes that EG used to make, I believe. It has a Dover style mod stitch, so price will be up there along with Harrow. The last is 184. We haven`t decided on picking this model up for our stock, but several vendors around the world already has. They do look gorgeous!I plan to...
New Rutherfords Top Frame Briefcasees in Stock! Made in Chester, England, from the finest English Bridle Leather (by Sedgwicks). Doctor`s bag / Lawyer bag, Dulles bag, or however you would like to call them, these are the ultimate statement bags for men! In Burgundy, London Tan, Chestnut, Chocolate, and Red Bridle in stock! Red Bridle London Tan Chocolate Bridle
Thanks!The new 915 Last shoes ain`t too shabby either. These are made with even better detailing than the standard EG line. Got a sneak preview from Fredrick this past weekend. and another sneak preview of whats to come from EG: the new Harrow and Lulworth, the butterfly loafer
New Edward Green in stock at OAK ROOM! We have the new 890 lasted and 82 lasted shoes in the updated classic colours, as well as the casual suede shoes from the Wight Collection. My pick for the ultimate workhorse is the 82 Elmsley in Delpare Leather, paired with R1 Sole! Remember that SF members get additional 10% off, and for a limited time, these new EG shoes are offered with free shipping. PM me if interested! 890 Collection! EG Ashton, 890 Last, Midnight...
Excellent writeup!! Glad to see all the positive responses!!I`ve tried Hiro-san`s magic sock linings before, they work wonders to tweak a fit!
Yup, the same guy. The Japanese video was taken many years ago. He has since honed his SOP so it is easier to learn.
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