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More PATINA works offered for our EG shoes! Inverness 888 in Burnt Copper Patina Originally Burgundy Antique Laughton 890 in Jadeite Patina Originally Olive Green Antique
Here is the skin that Takano san used. Don`t remember if the parts for my pair were already cut from this or not.
Haha, I used to be a die hard over-the-calf business socks user (we do sell SOZZI OTC socks too!), but now I try to have more fun. Those colourful ones are Happysocks! (not sold at our store though)
Thanks! Btw those legs and feet you see in the pics are all mine
Thanks! Please let me know when you visiting Taipei!
On the November issue of GQ TAIWAN, OAK ROOM presents a weeklong regimen of shoes, from work to party to family time!! Featured shoes on the article: MONDAY: FIRST DAY OF WORK: Edward Green Beaulieu in Midnight Blue Antique TUESDAY: VISITING CLIENT: Edward Green Elmsley in Burgundy Delapre / R1 Sole WEDNESDAY: A SIP IN A BAR: Carmina Tassel Loafer in Brown Rusti Calf THURSDAY: AFTERNOON TEA TIME: Carmina Single Monk in Museum Calf FRIDAY: COCKTAIL PARTY: Gaziano &...
Got this from Spigola`s website. 2014 price. Not sure if they raised it again
BELLAGO Depeche Briefcase In RED and BLACK Shrunken Leather. Classic!
Also worth noting that prior to bringing in American specialists, the earliest instructors Dan hired were Chinese cobblers
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