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Brand New Edward Greens in the chiseled 890 Last, in Stock now! Shelton in Nightshade, 890 Last Ashton in Midnight Antique, 890 Last
Thanks Tim! It was an absolute surprise and a pleasure to have you visit us! Hope to meet you again soon!
Nice!Haha, its just a big piece of sole leather. The 2nd trial will be made from the final upper leather (shark)
The first trial shoes are made of grained leather.Will look more or less exactly this shape, with seamless heelsSharkskin feels really nice. I would have mistaken it as shrunken leather.
Haha, yes, Japanese demin. and yes, very new
Dropped by CLEMATIS for my chukka boots` first fitting Great fitting. 2 trial fitting for boots at Clematis. Sharkskin for my chukkas. Love the texture Also getting these gorgeous custom hollowed trees
I know several bespoke shoemakers that offer these exact trees now (they are made by the same Tokyo based lastmaker). These would probably cost some extra (for Clematis, these hollowed trees are 5000 yen extra vs regular trees), but well worth it!
Japanese hollowed shoe tree prototype that I spotted today. Very nicely finished. European hornbeam.
There are quite a few Leather-makers / tanners organisations / associations, JLIA probably the most visible one (with many shoemakers / manufacturers). JLIA runs its own gallery in Ginza (TIME & EFFORT), where they sometimes organise shoes-related events, including exhibitions of bespoke shoemakers` works, or theme-related shows (such as inviting only female shoemakers). However, many of the best Japanese makers we are familiar with here on SF are not involved with these...
Yes, 4 years was what I was told too for new orders. I think I lucked out with 1 1/2 yrs wait
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