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Thanks! Yes this is a lovely pair, but unfortunately this is only pair!!
Introducing SHIANG LIFETIME LEATHER CRAFT I would like to introduce a good friend of us, ATELIER SHIANG to the fellow SF community. For those who don't already know him, SHIANG offers a lovely collection of custom leather accessories for order. His studio is located very near our store OAK ROOM in Taipei, and we also display his creations in our store. ATELIER SHIANG specialises in fully hand sewn bespoke leather crafts made with the finest exotic skins. Leather...
Hi fellow SF bretherens, I have here a pair of IL QUADRIFOGLIO Sample Bespoke for sale. Adelaide Wholecut Oxfords with Imitation Brogues One Piece Burgundy Calf (closer to Cherry) Round Toe House Last Leather Sole with Marbled Beveled Waist Trees included (not lasted) Size: Roughly 8.5 UK Outsole dimension: Length: 11 3/4" Widest Width: 4 1/4" Inspired bu my own pair of Il Quadrifoglio Wholecut with Imitation brogues, these are the Round Toe version with G&G St.James...
Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing
Perhaps the best is to call them 078 641 1341I have a feeling they tend to avoid overseas mail because don`t really know how to write in English.I suppose Koji knows enough English to communicate over phone.
Looks great! Thanks for sharing!
Thank you so much for sharing! Wear in Good Health!!
Btw Turn Right Shoes / Kamioka's predominant B2B customers are Japanese brands. They make shoes for REGAL, as well as for a slew of other J brands under Mitsui Shoji, and others (I heard also Union Imperial), all in their growing shoemaking complex in LAOS. Not sure if those shoes are finished back home and stamped with Made in Japan
This one is from a way back, a high end RTW sample for CORNO BLU by CENTRAL shoes, Tokyo. Unfortunately, these high-spec shoes (with nicely shaped waste/sole) didn't make it to the shop floor. I think Seigaku san opted for less expensive, open channeled sole RTW shoes.
These KAMIOKA shoes are indeed equipped with lots of bells and whistles. But I agree with clee, I think $800 made in Laos is hard to swallow for most shoe buyers.The last/pattern though, are indeed not in par with lots of UK / Euro, or even Japanese brands.I think if paired with really good looking lasts, and better pattern (perhaps designed by UK shoemaker), and sold as another brand (with more recognised name, again maybe British), they may have serious chance.
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