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Thanks! Always great to know when fellow SF members visit us! Hope you visit back again (and please let me know!)
Can't promise anything to anyone (including the shoemakers) yet, but Murata-san at least shows interest in gaining more recognition overseas. We do have 4 Main-d'or bespoke samples (not including my 2 pairs) on display at store, including a new addition, this lovely brown semi-brogue oxfordHere are all the Main-d'or Round toes together. Most welcome for anyone to come see them!
My black pair was made from Zonta calf. Really really nice. While he sources his leather from a local dealer, he is extremely selective.
Haha, you're right! I mean English
Thanks for all the comments folks!!!Main-d'or Email: main.d.or2.13@gmail.comand yes, Unfortunately Murata san doesn't speak Japanese Englishand yes, Japanese have their own terms/vocabulary for shoemaking / shoe parts
Main-d'or Bespoke is ¥290,000 JPY. Hollowed shoe trees (or badger tail shoe trees) are extra ¥35,000. ¥325,000 comes out to under $2900 USD.2 trials. 2nd fitting shoes is fully wearable, and tried on for a month or more.His atelier is located seriously in the middle of nowhere. Plans are underway for him to do hold trunk shows at a renowned tailor in Ginza.
Just came back from Japan and from meeting with Murata-san aka Main-d'or for the delivery of my second pair, a black plain-toe derby. I was really satisfied with the round toe last for which Murata-san made my first pair (brown adelaide brogues oxford), so I was confident that it would look great on a simple, classic 'plain' toe. A lot of folks in the industry (in Japan) consider him one of the best, if not the best, maker around. His styling and last designs were more...
There are only 2 lasts (square and round?), but I also recall he can have them made in any width.
IL QUADRIFOGLIO X SARTORIA CAVUTO TRUNK SHOW in HONG KONG March 11~13 2016, Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel Thanks for everyone who showed up and ordered! Here are some lovely photos taken by my friend Maslow from Patina HK (who does a much better job with photoshooting than I do) Atsushi Qnai Yusuke Kabuto (with Masaru Okuyama)
IL QUADRIFOGLIO / SARTORIA KAVUTO HONG KONG TRUNK SHOW @ Kowloon Shangrilla Available Slots as of 3.5.2016 March 11th: FULL March 12th: 1pm, 6pm~ forth March 13th: Morning (before noon), 1pm, 7pm~ forth PRICE: IL QUADRIFOGLIO: Shoes 25,000 HKD SARTORIA CAVUTO: Suits 35,000 HKD Trial Session: 6th month later Completion: 1 year If interested for an appointment, please PM me Thanks!
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