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Qnai says this leather is `Lady Buffalo`. I`ve handled it in person, yes the textures looks a lot like sunken leatherHere are some more Japanese shoes made from `buffalo` hidesCLEMATIS: Also with heavy heavy textures...TYE SHOEMAKER:
An MTO G&G SInatra in tan hatch, G width brought in by our good client. The waist looks extra thin due to the increased width in the front half. Almost looks like a DECO
IL QUADRIFOGLIO Bespoke Samples @ OAK ROOM We add a pair of two of new bespoke samples each time Mr. Qnai visits us. Hope to eventually have a dozen or more on permanent display.
Fellows, We still have some nice G&G makeups up for grabs from our Chinese New Year Sale: HOVE, MH71 LAST, OAK Hatchgrain, Single Leather Sole. Size 6~9.5 BURLINGTON, MH71 LAST, Mole Suede, Wensom Sole. Size 6~9.5 WOBURN, GG06 LAST, Vintage Chestnut, Double Leather Sole. Size 6~9.5 PM me if interested (for size availability & purchase).
Those Carmina chukka in the picture is Navy Suede. Sorry for the lighting.
Hi, while the CNY Season officially ends in a few days (March 5th), we will continue to offer sale items in store and online until most sizes are gone.
Carmina Boots continue to be our current best sellers in the store. Brown Calf/Grain Balmorals in Rain Last Navy Suede Chukka in Rain Last Frankenstitch Jumpers in Oscar Last and our Chinese New Year Sale is still going on strong, selected shoes and bags go for 30% off and more.
Thanks! Yeah, we are planning to go up to UK 11 for the next shipment
Many thanks Justin!
Thank you!
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