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thanks Urban anytime!
@forsan their was supposed to be some in the Cone selvedge duck and the yield ended up running 4 yards per garment vs 2.8 so they killed the fabric on the miners unfortunately. I will figure out something though, we don't have much at all in the Kerouacs left.
what day? right now no appt necessary but only weekdays 11-7
I do have Cone Selvedge indigo/indigo twill in both the Miner and Field Pant as a new alternative.
@immortal, i'll def take it into consideration my min per thread change just went up so may make sense to expand the size range. indigo duck is officially gone, that was the last indigo/indigo Cone duck made. phone is back up it was out for awhile during the move, always leave a message so we can get back to you. C
thanks man, should be in by the end of the month, we had a bit of a delay on the vintage repro talon zips but moving along now.
@irbeb yes they should be but there is always a slight variation from lot to lot and for different fabrics.
@dirtydenim no worries, I will PM you shortly as well as holyman. too true!
@holyman what size are you and what spec do you want me to confirm? C
As a father as well, I feel your pain hit me up on email and i'll give you a discount coupon towards your next purchase. Sucks to have to toss them .
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