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15% off everything at www.leftfieldnyc.com for black friday weekend. Code is LFBF15. Hope everyone had a nice quiet Thanksgiving. Christian
thanks! Shirting has been very difficult everyone is using the same Mills and is getting repetitive. Not to mention Gitman kind of locked down the market and since they own their factory they can offer cheaper pricing. On the other hand I am doing a chain stitch work shirt made in America. Many of the Japanese ones don't fit American bodies. I did the armhole chain stitch as well so it will be as good if not better then the Japanese work shirts. I am delivering this...
the JP wool flannel and tweed are as slim as the tailored JP twill. C
thanks the Cone indigo and brown duck are a little wider then the JP twill and duck, but just because they are raw. They will shrink up similar to the washed pair but not quite as slim, since the JP twill and duck were washed and dried prior to ship. C
New fall chinos and jeans up and hunting vest and sweats posting shortly at www.leftfieldnyc.com. C
Hey Kona you don't have to pre-rinse but if you want a tighter fit I just wash mine in the bathroom sink in cold water and hang dry and check the fit. -Stevent nice wingtips are they Cordovan? I just got a vintage pair of Florsheim Imperial Cordovan that look just like them. C
very true, the starch kind of antiques them a bit from rinsing, cool effect don't hot wash it might bleed the pocketing a bit, cold wash is fine though. C
Hey PP I would go 33 and stretch them. Cone stretches a lot more then most Japanese denims and I have stretched up to 2" as needed from General wear on Cone denim. C
Hey Senorchang, Cone WO generally stretches pretty easy. Generally much looser then Japanese denim so you should be fine. The jeans are sized pretty true in the waist to account for the stretch that occurs from wear. So I generally say as long as can button them up they will stretch to fit. If you want to tighten them up after awhile from wear just soak inside out, cold water, hang dry. Christian
Hey man Gordon has a pair listed as natural indigo, Christian
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