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Selling a raincoat from Stutterheim in black. Handmade in Sweden and numbered and signed. Has a small discoloration on the tag, nothing mayor that would be seen worn. Might be able to wash off, haven't tried. Size is 48/M. Worn max 5 times. Will have my own pics up tomorrow. Selling for 310$ shipped, retails for 735$. Unfortunately worn by Kanye and Jay z, but still a great coat.. These coats doesn't goes to sale so a rare find at this price.
Suede Brouges from Sansders. Same company who does all Mcnairy's. Used, great condition. great quality on these. built like tanks. size 41/uk7 115$ + shipping.
APC Dark blue derbys from APC. Used, good condition. size 41. 122$ + shipping.
Buttero tolfa derbys. Size 40, fit big, 41-41.5. Us 8/8.5. Where quite expensive, around 400$. Would be great beaters 75$ + shipping.
Buttero Buttero tolfa derbys. The black came with a scratched look, and is meant to be worn for the patina look. They are used quite a lot, added a sole on them which needs to be redone. Size 39.5 and fit big, and was streched at a cobbler when they where new, so basically a 41/US8. Where quite expensive, around 400$. Would be great beaters. 57$ + shipping.
Wings + Horns Sweater from Wings + Horns, used once, great condition. Size 50. 50$ + shipping.
Velour Thick Cardigan from Velour. Used, but good condition. Size xl, bur more like a normal large. 48$ + shipping.
Hope Sweater from Swedish brand Hope. Used, good condition. Size 50. 46$ + shipping.
Velour Knit flecked sweater from Velour. Used, good condition. Size Medium. 45$ + shipping
Uniqlo Black Chesterfield from last year in size medium. Never used, still has tags. Paid full whack for this + proxy from Egnland and shipping when Uniqlo didn't ship to Sweden. Would trade for a Large. Want 90$ plus shipping.
New Posts  All Forums: