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Posts by eliasgomez another link to a similar boot, would still like to know the model/name of that prada boot. just to see it one more
im glad you found the fred v, ive been going crazy looking for some prada boots that i seen online last year, attached is a link to the replicas but the authentic pradas look closer to the fred v..
the last one i went to. dark jeans and a black button up shirt. wasn't really feeling that though.. thanks again guys
as to the replies you are giving the women, very creative. im dressing up for a friends b day sat. might have to use some of though's responses. that is a crazy story also, i always hear im not going to meet THE ONE at a bar. now i have a story to reference too.
thanks, i will try that
seems like ive been going to a few funerals lately, and i still cant find the right thing to wear. i guess someones funeral is the last place you should consider your looks or what your wearing. I understand the black or dark is the general rule. but its been bugging me that i have a pretty good standard on how to dress, but let it all go when it comes to a funeral. does anyone have a pre something pre arranged for this? any advice would be nice.. Thanks
never had the situation happen but its probably because i dont dress the way id like to. mostly because i feel ill encounter something similar. Ive been able to pull off many styles but when it comes to dressing up for a formal or semi formal event, i feel uncomfortable. ive been complimented on the way i dress when i do. but some of my friends like to tease me and ask me if im working at the stock exchange, i just feel clueless when it comes to fashion or staying up to...
would have liked to attend but cant get the time off work, ill probably catch the trunk show in L.A.
i used to drive for fed ex. and i delivered a lot of pampered chef packages. finally looked into it and picked up a small catalog, because i am also looking for some cook wear. looks like quality stuff.
the hand dryers.
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