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Marinella Pattern Tie (Left) BNWOT / 3 fold 3.75" width 60" length ---sold---- Charvet Knit Tie (Right) 3 fold 3.54" width 57.4" length $45 shipped in North America Purple dot on Marinella tie is dust on camera sensor
Wings & Horns Slim Washed Jeans 29 Cone Mills 13.5oz / Made in the USA Worn twice / Not washed Waist 15.75" Rise 9.44"7 Thigh 10.8" Inseam 35.4" Hem 6.7" $120 shipped in North America
BNWOT Allen Edmonds Birmingham Brown 7D. Topy applied but never worn. $125 shipped in North America
Thanks for the responses. When is peak season for HK tailoring? I'm thinking of going in Nov/Dec.
Is 10 days in Hong Kong enough time to get the fittings (Initial, basted 1, basted 2) done at Yao/Chan/Yu/DB with giving them advance notice?
Recommendations/price ranges for overcoat tailors?
Fishtails are firsts or seconds or both?
how much are fishtails?
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