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I was haggling with this question today. Grey suit with brown shoes. I kept changing my socks from brown to grey. I settled on grey as I thought it looked better. I agree with everyone who says it's better to match socks to pants.
I'd definitely do it. There are mainly pros to this situation: you help your boss, which helps your career; she's hot; you get along . The only con I can think of is she gets you arrested after she gets tanked and starts fighting people.
Ha. Ed Hardy is beyond ridiculous. All I envision is that the weird guy from the TLC or A&E show. John and Kate. Ha ha. If I wore it, I'd stop after seeing his old, fat ass rockin' it.
As soon as I heard it I thought of Madonna. I was pretty disappointed. Lady Gaga is the only pop singer I can stand.
I appreciate everyone's help. I definitely have some new material to work with.
No, actually I like the pink. I just feel like I'm always wearing the same suit combinations. My goal is to spruce them up a bit by adding some color, pink included. My suits are dark because I didn't have too much money to spend and wanted to get a good foundation - navy and charcoal being the most versatile. Thanks for the advice!
Hi, I've been flipping through style books recently for a basic chart/list of suit-shirt-tie combinations but haven't been able to find a single comprehensive list. I mainly wear wear navy, navy pinstripe, charcoal, and charcoal pinstripe suits with dark brown shoes. My choices are generally traditional, but only because I'm not knowledgeable enough to toe the line with combinations that would make me stand out. For example, I often wear white, white striped, or...
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