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Arghh. I wish that blazer was an inch larger.
Bump for a great seller. Thanks, hiyo!
That hoodie is so awesome. If only it were one size larger...
Quality wise, are MMM or CPs better? I've read a few horror stories of how Margielas fall apart too fast for their price, which is a shame, since I really dig their designs...
^ well, this is new.
Seconded. Those velcros are awful.
Quote: Originally Posted by JoeRogan I thought those were the regular non-selvedge 13oz. 501. I picked up a pair for $20 about a week ago. If you check the J. Crew thread, people have been picking up the salt-soaked jawnz for $20 a pop. e.g. Quote: Originally Posted by emale got a pair of the salt soaked 501's for 19$ in philly. thanks for the heads up. they're not the best jeans, details wise, but @ that price, i'd stock...
Quote: Originally Posted by TKJTG I think I owe it to epaulet to do a do-over fit pic tomorrow. Please do. Very interested in seeing a better photo of it.
Weren't these being sold at B&M locations for $15-$20 a pair?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kiwi Man Can you please add photos for Raf Astros in green - size 42? I'm talking about the photo of the actual shoes and NOT the one from the official site. click on the spoiler box beneath the picture. it'll open up more info for you.
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