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Alden has steel shank. Allen Edmonds does not. Probably not a significant issue unless you're heavy and worry about the sole collapsing. Alden color #8 shell cordovan is darker than Allen Edmonds burgundy shell cordovan. Color #8 preferred by most. Allen Edmonds burgundy could be polished with black to make it darker. A few years ago, the heels of my Allen Edmonds heels make a loud clicking noise on tile floors, similar to a woman wearing high heels; I find this so...
Instructions from a shirtmaker MinnMD
Colonel Littleton for cash Rogue weekender for cards Another option for cards If you ever get robbed, hand them the cash. MinnMD
Another option to consider. When my Burberry wears out, I'm planning to replace it with a bespoke wool topcoat, probably with an extra layer over the shoulders. MinnMD
Went through the same issue a couple of years ago. Basically, you have to go to a store and try these on. I ended up with smaller size and slightly different style than I was initially looking for and have been satisfied with the decisions. MinnMD
On each side, feel the top of the pelvic bone just below the ribs. Suit trousers should sit at the top of this bone which would then be just below the navel. Low-rider pants, as in jeans, usually sit lower, just above the buttocks. Low-rider pants are best reserved for slim guys. MinnMD
Hubert White, which is downtown Minneapolis, has an annual Alden trunk show in the fall. The keep a couple of Alden models on display, but not much. They're across the street, connected by skyway, to Brooks Brothers who has some models made by Alden. Brooks Brothers is next door to the new Allen Edmonds store. Nordstroms at Mall of America probably has the largest selection of men's shoes, but I don't think that they carry Alden. MinnMD
Manhattan Wardrobe Supply MinnMD
Only works if it's a close commute. Put velcro straps around the trouser legs. Maybe pack the dress shoes. I occasionally ride a bicycle 7 to 9 miles one-way to work. I dress in bicycle gear, and then need a shower to be presentable. I store a blazer or two at work and pack pants, shirt, tie, shoes, etc. in panniers. MinnMD
Most of the ties that I actually wear are from Sam Hober. Have several of his grenadines. Big fan. MinnMD
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