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Allen Edmonds has a cream formulated for shell cordovan. It's common practice to occasionally polish burgundy shell cordovan with black wax or cream to get a darker color. If you want a conditioner for shell cordovan, consider Venetian shoe cream. Alden has color #8 wax. MinnMD
I think that it's essentially impossible to work full-time and to attend school full-time and to do both well. My father tried it and dropped out of college. My brother tried it and dropped out of college. I took out loans and finished college. MinnMD
I live in Minnesota. Some of the senior university faculty around here wear parkas similar to J Press'. That's what I'd probably wear for public transportation in the depths of winter. I drive to work in a car and prefer a wool topcoat (overcoat) for the short trip between the parking lot and my office, but I carry a wool hat, wool scarf, and ear muffs in my briefcase in case I need to walk further outside than...
I'm a specialist in a medical field. Here's what I do to stay current. Get the best standard textbook in the field. Read a chapter each week, especially those chapters dealing with problems or interesting cases that I've seen recently. After a year, if there are any chapters left in the textbook, read those. This is in addition to the usual journal articles, daily and weekly meetings (where I work at a university), and annual national meetings. MinnMD
I sweep a hand around my hip and leg to gather the coat. MinnMD
Had the same problem. Even offered unsolicited advice to Allen Edmonds. Have a cobbler replace the heel with a softer rubber. MinnMD
I own and like both. I have been favorably impressed by the changes made by Allen Edmonds' new CEO. Allen Edmonds now offers shoes with a 270 degree welt and non-metal shank for a sleeker heel. Their executive line has recraftable rubber soles: seems like a good idea for travel when the weather is unpredictable. They make shoes in Wisconsin. The CEO has an interesting blog. I just visited their store in Minneapolis where I...
Thin coat of Lexol leather conditioner MinnMD
Jacket, button-down shirt, no tie, gray dress pants or khakis, dress shoes. If you don't have a sport coat or Navy blue blazer, you could use the jacket from a Navy blue suit. As for the suit without a tie, it would be okay but probably a tad overdone. If you show up and the jacket appears too formal, just hang it on the back of your chair. MinnMD
Years ago, the clicking sound on tile floors with Allen Edmonds appeared to be from the rubber or plastic dovetail at the corner of the heel on their leather sole. More recently, my new Allen Edmonds shoes do not have this clicking sound. MinnMD
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