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I second the recommendation for Despos. He's done great work for me and others. MinnMD
Ben Silver's Crocket and Jones is expensive. Whether it's worth the price is a matter of opinion. I have the dark brown in a weekly rotation and the black one for special events.,5223.html The Brooks Brothers is less expensive and certainly acceptable. It's what I use to wear. MinnMD
My face is sensitive due to mild rosacea. Here's my current regimen: Oil cleanse once a week, usually on the weekend. There are various formulas, but I use 1 or 2 parts castor oil: 4 parts olive oil: 4 parts jojoba oil. Apply oil to face after shaving (electric razor, dry). Rinse face at end of shower, then wash face with Neutrogena extra gentle cleanser to remove oil. Here's another method for oil...
Nancy Boy styling gel MinnMD
For bicycle rides over 2 hours, I use Hammer Perpetuem during the ride and Nuun or Elixir tablets in water for electrolytes although I'm not a competitor. Right after exercise, consider Hammer Recoverite or chocolate soy milk. MinnMD
Tumi international carry-on MinnMD
Allen Edmonds Park Avenue is a classic. MinnMD
Brooks Brothers and Allen Edmonds are side-by-side in the downtown skyway of Minneapolis. There's a slightly larger Brooks Brothers in Maple Grove. Hubert White is in downtown Minneapolis. It's on the ground level and connected to the skyway. Macy's in downtown Minneapolis has a small Ralph Lauren section. Then there's the downstairs of Neiman Marcus in downtown Minneapolis. Burberry is at Mall of America. Downstairs Nordstrom at Mall of America has shoes....
Too many calories, of course. Weigh yourself every day at the same time. If you weigh too much, eat less. (Skip a meal. Skip the snacks.) If you weigh too little, eat more. MinnMD
Allen Edmonds Park Avenue. It has a narrow last but comes in various widths. Try it on before buying. I have one in brown. It's part of the regular rotation. MinnMD
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