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I'm a big fan of wearing brown suede chukka boots with jeans, such as the classic Clarks Desert Boots: I also just bought a pair of Tyndall cap-toe boots from Johnston & Murphy, and the beautiful caramel-tan colour looks great with denim:
Is it possible to let out the 32 pants to a size 34 waist? I have very similar dimensions (38R jacket, 33-34 waist), so I usually have my tailor let out the suit's pants to give me the room I need.
How about a white French cuff shirt, silvery-blue tie, and white pocket square?
I bought a pair of Persol 2720's from louthbird a few months ago, and I'm positive they're authentic. Like PhiloVance said, they came with the full kit of box, case, cleaning cloth, paperwork, etc. I'd vouch for him as a seller you can trust.
Tom Ford can remember the future.
If budget is an issue, ties are great for only $15 each: Glen Plaid:,17,60,67&optionValueIds=1,17,60,67&optionValueIds=1 Puppytooth:...
I only wear spread collars (just beginning to try out cutaways), and I love the look of the Half-Windsor knot with that type of collar. I know many here prefer the four-in-hand over all other tie knots, but I'm not a fan of the asymmetrical shape. A medium-sized symmetrical triangle is much more appealing to me. Maybe try out both knots and see which shape you like better?
I really prefer medium-width ties (3.5" wide), as I find this is the most classic look. But lately I've been experimenting with some skinny 3" ties just to mix things up a little. I personally think 2-2.5" ties are too skinny/too trendy looking, but if I had to choose one extreme over the other, I'd go with a very skinny tie as opposed to a very wide tie. I feel that even 3.75" ties look disproportionate on my body, never mind 4" or more!
Yes, I do have a charcoal with a blueish-purple stripe running through it, & a mid-grey pinstripe 3-piece. And I recently picked up a light grey 3-piece as well. But the navy ones in my closet are definitely my favourites.
Navy is my personal favourite colour for suits, so I have several. - Navy tone-on-tone shadow plaid - Classic navy pinstripe 3-piece - Midnight blue with a very faint white pinstripe - Navy linen suit They are all single-breasted, with 2 buttons, notch lapels, double vents, & a ticket pocket (with the exception of the midnight blue one).
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