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If you can offer a sterling silver buckle for cut to fit belts I'll be greatly interested. It'll take quite a bit of effort to keep polished, but i'm sure it'll look great.
Yep, checked them out before, but couldn't find a match in style/size, which is a pity
hmm.. been wating to try a pair of lattanzi shoes...
Wonder who made these.. Brioni Black Alligator Oxford 8.5US
Would anyone happen to know an online site which carries sterling silver belt buckles for cut-to-fit belts? Tried the Dunhill boutiques at my location (Singapore), but they don't carry any sterling silver belt buckles. Something like this would be great Dunhill sterling silver belt on ebay (Any idea if this is still available in UK or the US?) Thanks in advance for any assistance!
wanted to pick up a messenger bag and the alligator belt with sterling silver buckle.. wasted too much time looking for a proxy
Thanks! I hope to be able to commission more items from her in the future. Perhaps a briefcase.
Exotic leather wallet with gold details
nice tutorial, thanks!
pm sent
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