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Love the dark brown captoes
You can get Carmina direct from their website (less VAT if outside EU), just drop them an email at Not sure if they can offer an exchange though.
Edwards of Manchester. They can check availability of shoes (brands which they carry) from the factories, even models not listed on their site. They do MTOs too. Great to work with and they have an exchange policy too.
Get one sub $500 pair and rotate it with your current dress shoe. Sometimes you have to wear a shoe for a period of time before you can determine if the fit is good. Once thats done get your second pair with any size adjustments. If you are not able to try on the shoes locally, I would recommend getting from Edwards, check with them if they can get the model of shoe you are looking for.
Its a long shot, but I'm looking for a new navy cashmere Boglioli K Jacket in Size 34 (IT 44) Any leads would be appreciated too, thanks! If you are able to help proxy one in (Japan would be best), I'd be more than willing to pay a proxy fee.
Alligator iPhone 4 cases by Alexandra Knight $295 free embossing today only
Great shoes, especially love the top view of your 2nd round BS
Great that you guys are getting your items, next time I'll act faster!
Looking to buy a brand new Valextra Premier Briefcase in Black (small version). Open to offers, am currently residing in Singapore
Looking for a brand new sterling silver belt buckle for cut-to-fit belts. Open to offers If anyone can help to proxy the Dunhill sterling silver belt , I'll offer a proxy fee of $100 for the effort, thanks! I am currently residing in Singapore.
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