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My G&G St James (MH71) are very hard to squeeze in too, but once in, fit and support is good... have yet to try other G&G shoes..I was wondering if they would all be difficult to fit into. Got a wholecut coming soon so we'd find out
I'm a 7.5E in the 888 last, size 8 in the Arcas. 7E in JL 7000 and 8000. Corthay is going to release a wider version of the 001 last soon...geared towards the Asian market.
I placed my order in March, just when they were done in August, they realized that they got my order wrong (a contrast piping color even though I didn't request for it) and had to redo the shoe.
Thanks for all the kind comments! With the Corthays, I will have tried most of the RTW makers which I intend to. So far, the EG 888 last seems to fit me the best...
After waiting 8 months, my MTO Arcas have finally arrived..
Nicest pair of shoes i've seen in some time..
As above, looking to purchase a new Loro Piana Roadster Villa D' Este Cashmere Storm System Jacket Size XS and in Blue color. Would consider a similar Loro Piana Storm System Jacket, but would need to be navy and XS in size Drop me a pm if you have one for sale, thanks!
Looking forward to the completed shoe pics!
Great looking suede shoes, love the chukkas
Bea is having a 20% off for commissions ordered this month.
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