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Inlay for accessories like cufflinks, buckles etc. Pen holders if the scraps are really as large as pictured. Still, having pounds of alligator skin does sounds strangely appealing...
Alligator skin scraps at $25/pound
yes, about half size smaller for me
I'm a Uk7.5E in the 888 and size 8 for corthay
Valextra small leather goods in hippo leather Seller has some interesting Santoni shoes.. Ltd edition Santoni for Dunhill Alligator split toe derby Ltd edition Santoni for Dunhill Captoes
Its am embossed calf leather.. SC refers to it as TCK.. not sure what it stands's the descriptions of some of the calf leather SC offers...VNA French aniline-dyed calfskin. The colours 072, 074, 076 can be additionally tamponed on the last, thereby acquiring an antique finish.TCK Embossed calfskin. May also be tamponed on request.CRA – Calf Crust This specialist term is used to denote leather after it has been tanned and dyed in the vat but before it has been...
According to the seller it was purchased around 2000, stored and never used. Can't seem to find any wear on it..
Burberry Briefcase
I'd be interested too
And a good price too... i think the retail for a similar piece today would be well out of my reach
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