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Large lots of Kieselstein Cord alligator belts on ebay Link 1 Link 2 Link 3
Anyone able to help proxy Boglioli from Barney's for a fee? Looking for hard to find small size, US34 or 36S.
Croc tail skin I believe, but still quite nice Crocodile Gloves L/XL
half size from EG 888 worked for me too
Very nice, I was breaking in my SCs last night and fit felt great..
If only 9 sizes smaller?? Size 17D Allen Edmonds Alligator Cap toe oxfords Alligator golf club headcovers Crocodile Jil Sander bag for your lady
Very nice shoes, unfortunately too expensive...when you can MTO a pair of Saint Crispins in crocodile for less than half the price..
Nice crocodile cash cover at a good price
The alligator loafers look great!
Was wondering who made these..
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