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Pm sent, thanks!
There's really too many nice watches out there , if there's no budget, how about the Patek 5960 ? Annual Calendar and Chronograph. Annual calendar is especially useful since you don't have to keep adjusting the date every other month If I could choose any watch, I get the Vianney Halter Antiqua and Philippe Dufour's Simplicity. The Antiqua for its instantaneous perpetual calendar and styling and the Simplicity for the unmatched workmanship. Vianney Halter...
Thanks for the pic, nice belts and luggage!
Hi all, I'm looking for new in box corthay arcas in sz 8 , do let me know if you have any for sale, thanks!
Is it possible to have full length shots of the crocodile belts? Would like to see the scale variations before considering, thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Cravate_Noire Some Bemer rtw models: These are very nice
John Lobb City II in dark brown museum calf.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shoe fetishisisisist CG shoes don't absorb any wax/cream which would lessen the creasing, the coating on those shoes looks pretty thick giving it that cheep plasticky look, dont fret about the creasing on these, use them as poor weather beaters and get yourself a new pair in yummy calfskin Chris. , Yep they are now my beater pair of shoes, my new shoes don't crease that much, although its still apparent that...
Quote: Originally Posted by Shoe fetishisisisist +1 And invest in some shoe trees. Yep, no more corrected grain shoes for me, wish I knew about SF sooner. I did use shoe trees with this pair
Thanks for the inputs guys! I'll measured my feet, discovered that whilst the length of my feet are the same, my left foot is about 0.2 inches narrower than my right. It appears that my left foot is a 8C whilst my right is a 8D. I think Fishball is right, in that this kind of creasing occurs when shoes are too wide.
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