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Here's a short description of the deer bone and instructions on how to use it http://www.der-feine-auftritt.de/pro...hing-Bone.html I got mine from Abbeyhorn, haven't tried using it though
Bought a nice tie and wallet from quest786 , great transaction and communications. Couldn't be happier with the deal.
Received the wallet and tie today, thanks for the great deal !
^^ Great shoes and excellent photos!
Great shoes! Don't think they will be available for long on the B&S
John Lobb Romsey II in chestnut brown suede
A nice MTO site for these shoes http://www.customluxe.com/
Santoni Limited Edition
Quote: Originally Posted by isshinryu101 That's now the 2nd time I've seen RLPL Norvegese shoes. Who the heck makes these? Obviously some Italian maker, but who? BEAUTIFUL shoes, I think!!!!! Yeah , I would like to know who made them too
such nice shoes.. wish there was something my size...
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