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Full calf messenger bag, sterling silver hardware
if i recall correctly, it was the same price as the stock iPhone case Bea has on her online shop , $515http://www.aprilinparis.us/shop/iphone_caseI particularly liked how she made the case perfectly rounded and smooth all along the edges. My compact camera is unable to do the case justice.
iPhone 4 sleeve in alligator and calf
Was informed by Mr Car that the wooden pegs are used as it gives more strength to the waist of the shoe.Check out this pic for their Pret customized line. Not sure what the upcharge would be (if any)
Thats a great looking shoe, funny enough, I have been talking to the guys at Saint Crispin's for a wholecut in the new russian calf, but wasnt sure if it'll look good on a wholecut According to Mr Car, their russian calf is made from cow leather but treated with a high fat portion which makes it soft and nearly water resistant.
Vass Old English in Cigar Cordovan F last
Vass Old English in Cigar Cordovan F last
Thanks for the great scanlation Nutcracker!
Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan Penny loafer damage from the Polo sale: Very nice...
Price drop on the Neiman Marcus Crocodile wallet
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