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I had a similar HF/LP coat I sold here a while back and definitely regret it. Nice deal.
PM sent... -spence
Agree with the above. It sucks when shoes don't fit, but that's the price to pay to get the good stuff for 50% or more off of retail. -spence
Very temping... I'd say the size might be closer to a 44L if that was your suit/jacket size, or even a 42L for a classic fit. -spence
Same yes, interested. -spence
Those are really nice...I have a similar pair of scribes from a few years ago. -spence
Agree with the above. He could be a fine person, and I can totally see the reason, but it's not worth the risk... -spence
PM sent on the pens. -spence
PM sent on the Dunhill jacket... -spence
Edited my post anyway just so there's no confusion. It's still a sweet bag though, you don't see the RL bags this nice with silver hardware on the boards very often if ever! -spence
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