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I'll take the Dunhill bag.
My contributions. Dunhill Sidecar zippered portfolio and a Dunhill Confidential Computer case. -spence
I have that exact bag, it's the Dunhill Confidential Computer case from a season or two ago. The leather and construction are both top notch. It's a beautiful and classy brief. I'd note that while it's a computer case, it doesn't have a padded sleeve and you'll want to carry by the strap if it's loaded up. Rare to get deals on this stuff. -spence
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I have a 149, it's a big pen and makes quite a statement. This looks to be a better size...quite classic.
Nice. -spence
Wow, those are really hot shoes.
I had a similar HF/LP coat I sold here a while back and definitely regret it. Nice deal.
PM sent... -spence
Agree with the above. It sucks when shoes don't fit, but that's the price to pay to get the good stuff for 50% or more off of retail. -spence
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