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Quote: Originally Posted by Joel_Cairo really? The downtown one is pretty good, yes, but I make weekly trips to the Newton FB and rarely bother with the Marshalls there... might have to investigate.... Well, they've been getting a lot of the Bergdorf Goodman stuff the past year, and usually have better tailored clothing than the other area shops. Last time I was there is was pretty lame, but earlier this year there was some fantastic gear. I'm...
I've never really seen an upscale TJMaxx, although some do get better merchandise. But the Marshalls in Newton, MA and downtown Boston can't be beat -spence
You could try ebay as there have been a ton of them in Marshalls/TJMaxx that should all be on clearance by now. Just beware of fake stuff... -spence
If there's any chance you're going to keep the house I'd refi ASAP while the rates are still pretty good. Also this whole mortgage mess has really screwed up the system so even if you're an ideal borrower there are fewer attractive options on the table. We had an arm that was set to detonate Jan 2008. Locked into a 15 year fixed at 5.875 (1 pt) just a month ago. I couldn't believe how little my payment went up! -spence
Weyerbacher is the best I've had. -spence
I think she's looked good at times, and not so good at times. Certainly she's often at a much lower weight than she should be...at times it's pretty bad. -spence
Try flattening the area with your hands on an ironing board and steaming the bumps out. I've done this before on some from TJX. -spence
He must be extremely short waisted. -spence
You'd really need to see the suit with shoes on to determine if the pants are as to long as they look. And while I agree on the coat sleeves being too long, considering the maker and style of the suit you may want them to be a bit longer than usual. -spence
I'd avoid the KitchenAid...it's a POS. -spence
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