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Quote: Originally Posted by Dragon To me, the jacket sleeves look too short and the shirt sleeves look just a little long. Ditto... -spence
My grandmother used to iron her sheets while reading Shakespeare in the Round. -spence
Quote: Originally Posted by arenaissanceman I'm not sure how to differentiate the LTD line from the higher end line but, for $300, I'm not sure where one could do much better. You could get it for $90...I saw one on clearance the other day, called up a friend 2000 miles away as I thought it might be his size! Don't believe it was a LTD either. Why can't I find these in my size? -spence
Quote: Originally Posted by jml90 Hey, this guy ran in front of my cab last fall !!! -spence
Quote: Originally Posted by HalfCanvas The half-canvas Arnold Brandt suits (some are half canvas, some are full canvas, though I couldn't tell you which label is which) are as good, and can often be found for under $200. I have a taupe blue/window pane one I love that was $150 on clearance at Marshalls, but I'm pretty sure it's all fused. -spence
Quote: Originally Posted by jakejake Is the brand Laurens by RL the same thing? I've never seen a Polo RL suit at the Marshalls I've been to for years. Also, what do you think of Polo ties? I've seen many of them at Marshalls today for around $30 each (orig. $90-105). No, Lauren retails for much less. The Polo blue label ties are nice, but the ones I've seen recently are skinny. -spence
Quote: Originally Posted by hanker565 (next to the Armani's selling for 800 ) A local TJX has some Armani made in Mexico fused suits on super clearance for $508. -spence
Good to know...I guess it's all about the fit. -spence
I'm amazed at times how much of a gap I see on men wearing obviously well broken in bals. I can't imagine the shoes really fit and the damage they could do to their feet! I've only had a few pairs of balmorals, and some have fit perfectly. The AE Fairfax I just bought have a bit of a gap (3/8) but I'm assuming they'll stretch out quite a bit and are quite comfortable as is... -spence
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