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Quote: Originally Posted by jml90 Hey, this guy ran in front of my cab last fall !!! -spence
Quote: Originally Posted by HalfCanvas The half-canvas Arnold Brandt suits (some are half canvas, some are full canvas, though I couldn't tell you which label is which) are as good, and can often be found for under $200. I have a taupe blue/window pane one I love that was $150 on clearance at Marshalls, but I'm pretty sure it's all fused. -spence
Quote: Originally Posted by jakejake Is the brand Laurens by RL the same thing? I've never seen a Polo RL suit at the Marshalls I've been to for years. Also, what do you think of Polo ties? I've seen many of them at Marshalls today for around $30 each (orig. $90-105). No, Lauren retails for much less. The Polo blue label ties are nice, but the ones I've seen recently are skinny. -spence
Quote: Originally Posted by hanker565 (next to the Armani's selling for 800 ) A local TJX has some Armani made in Mexico fused suits on super clearance for $508. -spence
Good to know...I guess it's all about the fit. -spence
I'm amazed at times how much of a gap I see on men wearing obviously well broken in bals. I can't imagine the shoes really fit and the damage they could do to their feet! I've only had a few pairs of balmorals, and some have fit perfectly. The AE Fairfax I just bought have a bit of a gap (3/8) but I'm assuming they'll stretch out quite a bit and are quite comfortable as is... -spence
I've seen little discussion on these, aside from some comments that they aren't that bad for the money etc... Most of my suits are Arnold Brant, Ted Baker etc...that I've bought at deep discount. I can't affort canvassed suits today (or I can't find any cheap enough), and at the rate I wear them these seem to work pretty well. I'm curious if anyone who's actually bought one has any comments. I picked up a simple navy 3 button that actually is quite nice...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I prefer to have some meat in there. If not half and half, then maybe 1/3 meat, 2/3 bones. I haven't made an all bone stock in a long time; perhaps I should try and see how it goes. In the original recipes, bones were not used at all (except in the case of game birds). They were substituted later, as an economy measure. Some books I have read swear up and down that an all bone stock will never have the same flaver...
Quote: Originally Posted by mano For the past week I've been looking into getting a China cap for stocks. I suppose I also need a chinois for sauces. Any particular brands? Get a cheap China Cap and a nice Chinois which will cost 60+ full retail. -spence
A few comments... I think bones are preferable to meat, especially if they are veal bones which have a lot more collagen than beef. I like to use a 50:50 ratio of veal to beef bones in my demi. I don't use any meat...Last time I believe I used about 16 pounds of bones total. Otherwise the recipie I use is very similar to what Manton posted. I have two 25 quart stainless (Lincoln Centurion) stock pots that I use for simmeriing and the reduction. Which I take down...
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