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Create a share on the desktop and your laptop can probably see it.
Like many people I've been searching for the right brief for quite some time. Wanted a zip top, leather, ability to carry a laptop and quality to last a while. After learning about Lotuff & Clegg here on SF - - and being surprised that they're located just a few miles away -- I decided they had a great fit for my needs and budget. Being local was a big influence as I was able to visit the factory and have Frank Clegg show me their wares personally. Interestingly enough,...
Don't worry about style, be eclectic.
Congratulations on your first pair of leather sole shoes
You can always get at least 20 percent off. Best deal I have today is 25 off plus free shipping. Sign up for the deal flyer and look online. They're around.
Salvation Army.
Quote: Originally Posted by countcount I have been considering a work bag from Glaser and your experience is relevant very to me. ^what is the "bling factor" in Glaser Designs bags? To my untrained eye they look classic and subdued. Just my opinion...I think the Glaser Designs are quite classy, and there's something about them that really pops. Perhaps it's the character of the leather combined with a lot of detailing. This isn't meant as a...
So I did get the chance to meet with Frank Clegg (the master craftsman at Lotuff & Clegg) and check out their products this morning. It's a neat space, bigger than I expected, in an old mill in Fall River, MA. Ended up ordering the zip top bag in the dark chocolate brown. Their leather is really, really nice and I think will age wonderfully. Build quality is top notch and the use of a hefty riri zipper is a nice plus. He had just finished another zip top bag and I liked...
I'm going to check out a Lotuff & Clegg bag this morning that says it can take a 17" laptop, although it's a 17" wide bag so I'd doubt it... One thing I've learned is that a lot of leather laptop bags omit the sleeve and just use padding on the bottom of the bag. I'd think this would be fine unless you plan on throwing the bag around. My biggest concern with a 17" laptop and a leather bag would be weight.
Google fish in crazy water for a great and simple dish. Just get some great bread and use good tomatoes.
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