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Are they marked shell on the soles? I dont think those are corrected grain.
If you want a work out from walking you have to really pump your arms.
Looks like a pretty basic silk scarf. I have a dark blue Drakes with hand screened dots almost identical to the one he's wearing I found at Marshall's for 28 bucks
While I wasn't raised this way, at some time I did switch to, and to this day always use the EU style of knife and fork. I just find it to be easier... That being said, switching the fork from left to right shouldn't ever be considered bad manners. There are plenty of other things you can do like eating with your mouth open, smacking your lips, reaching across someone etc... that would be universally unacceptable at a proper table.
For basic alterations I've had good luck with Carlozzi in Fall River. Just be sure you let them know exactly what you want and if you're particular about things. There are not a lot of options close by I'm aware of.
What they just said...
Quote: Originally Posted by Maccimus That luggage!! What he said
Quote: Originally Posted by A Canuker At least the photo's are still drool worthy... Funny I was going to say the same thing...
Quote: Originally Posted by Curious to see pics, but I say rock em. Agree.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo ^ VERY cool. Here is what Burnished Coffee truly looks like in daylight. I went with same size as the Barrie last in Alden and the fit is spot on. They are very good boots, especially at the price we all paid. Got the same boots from last year. Color is excellent. Went down 1/2 size and they're perfect with a thick sock. They are boots after all.
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