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Sold thanks
SOLD Thanks...
Anyone know the maker for this RLPL jacket? In the right chest pocket it has a while label stating Ralph Lauren Hand Tailored. The photo is the only tag I see that's not a typical RLPL marking. I don't see what's posted as a usual St. Andews label. This (image below) is just lightly tacked at the bottom left inside. Made in Italy retail was 5k. Will be in the classifieds soon. thanks, -spence
At this price I may consider just removing two vertebrae and keeping it, I'd still likely come out ahead... -spence
Jacket is sold...thanks, -spence
Your choice is fine. Remember, at this point they're paying much more attention to what you could be than what you currently are. Good luck...
This is a really great NWT Samuelson Sartorial sport coat. Retail price $1200+?. US size 42L. 2 Button with a very nice roll. Side vents. Metro cut. 100% Wool. Medium-light weight with some shoulder padding. Made in Canada. Pick stitching all over. Contrast pick stitching inside and pocket detailing as seen in the pics. Fabric is black with a subtle waffle weave. Fully lined. I have a few other Samuelson jackets and this one is so much nicer...construction and cut on par...
Agree, I wish it was a 54L then it would be a steal for me! -spence
That's wicked awesome.
Good question, the full shots are the best match. Its not a denim blue like the detail shots suggest...more of a solid color that's not too bright. Thanks, -spence
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