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Wasn't an official sale. Think it might still work. It was 30% off anything via a friend's code.Nothing compares to Sonos right now. Software and hardware integration is way ahead of anyone else. Denon is the closest but they're still way behind.Tip: Only get play 1 or play 5. I have the play 3 too but it's whatevs.Edit: just tried it again and it doesn't work. Damn sorry. But I'll trade a play 5 for a pair of size 46 layer-0 sail hemp pants hahaha.
I got the play 5 with 30% off Sonos official site. 😎
Please excuse the iPhone quality. My first WAYWT. Feel free to roast me 👍 [[SPOILER]]
I have no clue how to contact them tbh. I highly doubt they can absorb the cost and honestly, I think the sole work would cost an arm and a leg (more than $200 USD) cause of the finish.
The 5 pocket pant fits me like regular skinny jeans, not the skin tight ones.Just the calves were tight, thighs were totally normal for me. I am 5'9, 155 lbs for reference.
Holy crap Glanton...I praise your patience. The cobbler just committed one of the greatest sins a cobbler could do. I would email Layer-0 to try see if you could send it back to have them resole it. Probably gonna have to pay like couple hundred (if it's even possible, maybe someone here knows better) but at least it will be legit. Please more pics! Collection pics maybe?
Nicely - those the sail hemp pants in the first shot?
Classic Menswear base with a splash of Streetwear and Denim or vice versa. I like juxtaposing some of the different styles. But the generally direction is debt.
Thank you!
Wouldn't the chemicals be too damaging on the fabrics?
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