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C&J cordovan for 50% ain't too shabby.
I disagree with these statements claiming historical players would score that much, not because they can't but more because of efficient coaching.Coaches wouldn't allow a single player to take on that much offensive load simply because they can. It's a waste of energy.What would most likely happen is that MJ would still score around 30 still but his stats would be more efficient, (e.g. 5% increase in FG%).
I am very interested in seeing how you hoarders organize that volume of shoes. Mind sharing pics of the closet? I kinda need to get one made.
Anyone else have the dilemma where they like nice casual shoes, except for the fact that the "casual" places are not the type of places where you want to wear those shoes?
Gianni and McCallum.
Thank you, gents.
Who do you guys go thru for MTO orders?
I knew I should have never clicked back on this thread... Now I have 2 more pairs of shoes to add to my list next sale. I hate you guys.
Surgeon cuffs?
I was squatting to check out a product on a lower part of the shelf while wearing Panta pants from Ed and it still ripped. But it was the material ripping not the seams which sucks way more.My takeaway is that slim fit + squatting is not meant for wool dress pants.
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