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I have a new Mister Freedom blue NOS chambray shirt for sale, size XL. I ordered it from a store in Japan during the holidays but the sizing didn't quite work for me. Has been taken out of its packaging, tried on once, and then folded up and placed back in the packaging. Please see the below link for sizing and pictures. I am selling for $160, continental US shipping included. Also willing to ship internationally but shipping will be extra. I am also available to meet up...
From DWW's post on Sartoria Corcos (and from my own conversations with him), it sounds like he does trunk shows primarily to travel. He had mentioned to me last year that he was considering doing a trunk show in NY and possibly SF, and even then he already had plenty of orders, so it wasn't because he needed new business.
I posted the link to the pricing in a previous post on this thread if anyone is still looking for the Sartoria Corcos pricing. He has in fact raised prices a bit, when I went to go see him, I believe the price was 2.8k euros for a suit. It is now 3k. When we spoke, it sounded like he was not interested in raising prices too much, as we talked about some other tailors as well and when we got to some of the higher priced tailors, he made a wincing face and said something...
I think it'll get better over time, as someone in the Japanese shoe thread mentioned that he had taken on two new apprentices, which should hopefully increase his output capabilities. I estimate that he can only do about 40 jackets a year, given that the dartless Florentine style requires significantly more ironing to shape the fabric and his frequent trunk shows in Asia and Europe. He does 2 week long trunk shows in Japan at least twice a year, plus Beijing, HK, and...
He is not taking new customers at this time. See the below links is available here:!prezzo/cvw5The prices are inclusive of VAT and fabric (though some fabrics may cost a bit more)
I'd be interested to know as well. I can't really say because all of the makers that I contacted were ones that I had fully intended to order from if they responded and said that I could place an order during my trip
In case anyone else was wondering, I contacted Yohei Fukuda, Koji Suzuki at Spigola and Shoji Kawaguchi at Marquess to see if I could schedule an appointment with them. Both Yohei Fukuda and Shoji Kawaguchi responded promptly saying that I could schedule an appointment with them, while I still have not yet heard back from Koji Suzuki (not surprising given previous comments saying that he was unresponsive to English-speaking emails)
The Sartoria Corcos situation was a combination of having a new child (tough to continue maintaining output when the only workers are a husband and wife couple), their old apprentice passing away in a car accident (at least from what I had heard), and him blowing up on the forum as the tailor of the moment. It's good to hear that he's gotten new apprentices though, as there aren't enough people making Florentine-style jackets
Alright, that's reassuring. Luckily on the tailoring side, I placed an order with him last year, so I am considered a returning client and can still place orders
That's good to hear, but couldn't they potentially turn you away entirely? For example, anyone seeking to become a new client at Sartoria Corcos in Florence won't be able to place an order until 2018 at the earliest because Kotaro (the tailor) is so busy he will only take returning clients' orders. I am going to email them to see if I can come but was just wondering if anyone is aware of a similar situation with any of these shoemakers
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