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I believe American clients have to go to the Sartoria Corvos workshop in Florence or meet him on one of his trunk shows in Europe/Asia. That's what I'm going to be doing, and I'm based in LA (already decided to go see him prior to Gaz revealing him as the mystery tailor though)
Why does it matter if they are Asian or not? Chan makes bespoke suits the same way a European or American tailor does. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the process or not, but it's not very automated, so there's not much economies of scale, and thus, little savings with a larger order that can be passed on to you. As for pricing, I just shared the prices my friend and I received earlier this year. In addition, it does actually say what the pricing is on their website....
I'm surprised Chan quoted you 18.3k HKD for a basic 2 piece suit. I saw them on your about a month ago and there were a lot of fabrics at 12k or just above that. I personally went with Minnis fresco, a popular open weave cloth, and got a second pair of trousers for ~17.6k. They charged me the same for a different fresco suit when I visited HK in March. My friend also ordered a 2pc in dugdales 110 for maybe 12.5k or so (don't remember the exact price).
Chan did the initial meeting and 2 fittings in 8 days, so 10 might be enough if it's not particularly busy for them. Agree with Merino Bros on the fabric, they ordered mine ahead of time (with a deposit)
I've been having this same issue and have pretty much given up at this point
Also interested, as well as the same information for Pasquale Mola
Where do you get your Sic Tess fabric from? I've been trying to find a place that sells shirt lengths but haven't had any luck
AMHC CMT might be in that range (they quoted 13k HKD with a basic fabric, but not sure exactly how much for CMT). They're used to dealing with people on short time lines, they offered to measure me on Wednesday, do the first fitting Saturday morning, the second Saturday night, and then mail the suit to me later.
How does Chan start at 2k? Their current base price is 12k HKD, which is ~1600USD
New Posts  All Forums: