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How does Chan start at 2k? Their current base price is 12k HKD, which is ~1600USD
I am thinking of having a summer suit made up in Minnis Fresco and I saw that there were 3 weights: 250-280g, 280-310g, and 435-465g. I assume that the heaviest wears significantly warmer than the other two, but how do the 250-280 and 280-310 compare? Also, I have seen many comparisons with H&S Crispaire, which is another option that I am considering, but I have been unable to find a place that will sell a bolt of fabric for CMT. Does anyone know where I might be able to...
Are you guys considering adding any voiles for summer?
I'm going to be visiting NYC soon, and was wondering what the price range was for AC as well as the minimum order (I remember reading it was 3). Also, is the work done by their NYC location as good as the HK location?
Has anyone here had shirts made by Kuhlman, Hartmann, Decaro, European Tailors or Michael's Bespoke tailor?
Are all etnies wider or just specific models?
I noticed the same thing from my sg1101 (same denim as the 1105), no shrinkage from the knee down (at least not according to SE's measurements). Also, kiya, the SG belts are also made by kawatako right? The kawatako belts look really nice but I don't like double prong ones
The 22oz dry bones at SE, while not weft dyed, are pretty unique and $375
iron heart has one, but its not lined
Quote: Originally Posted by taxgenius Then the wage recipient pays tax on the bonus. It escapes double taxation but not all taxation. Buying inventory costs money. The equivalent of paying $100 to save $35. Sure it does cost money, but the store is planning on operating the next year and selling stuff. If they didn't buy extra that year, its not like they wouldn't just buy it the next year anyways
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