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Can the SG chambray still be purchased directly from SG?
Hi, Just got back from Italy and picked up a roll of Carlo Riva 100% cotton 90cm wide blue twill shirting. Realized I probably went overboard with how much I have (31.7m, and typically it requires 3m per shirt), so I thought I'd offer some extra for sale. Offering the shirting at $80/m + a flat $10 for shipping in the US. 1 shirt length is typically 3m, but if you're taller you might need 3.5m (So one 3m length is $250 shipped, one 3.5m length is $290 shipped, 6m is $490,...
The latest igent darling to be subject to the typical wait time and price increases of igent darlings
Why not? Kotaro is a nice guy?
If Philadelphia is closer to you, I'd recommend Ray at http://raycustomshirtmaker.com/I've had 4 shirts made there and Ray is always a pleasure to deal with. Fit on my shirts is very good.To clarify, I did not ask Corcos to emulate the Liverano style. What I meant was that Corcos, being a Florentine tailor, has a house style (dartless front, very open and rounded quarters, soft but not completely unstructured shoulder) similar to Liverano's house style. I mentioned...
Sorry? I don't think that the pricing is supposed to attract younger buyers in particular
To add on to the weblink, the prices are inclusive of fabric (unlike what I've read about Neapolitan tailors, which usually quote a CMT price) and VAT. Some of the fabrics add €50 or €100 to the base price (for a jacket, I assume more for a suit/overcoat) but overall not much of an increase. The price for CMT without VAT is €1650, and mine was €1800 + €100 for shipping. I stopped by Cacciopoli and bought 2m of another wool/silk/linen jacketing for €180, so there's no...
Please don't, the wait times are long enough as is hahaBut seriously, you won't be disappointed. His style lacks front darts like Liverano and other Florentine tailors, so patterns are undisturbed across the front. Prices are also quite reasonable. Would recommend if you have the patience to wait 6-8 months for delivery.
With all the recent talk about Corcos, I thought I'd put up pictures of my fitting with Kotaro. I first visited him right before Pitti and we discussed a timetable in order for me to be able to complete all of my fittings before leaving Europe. This is the first fitting from Monday. Fabric is wool/silk/linen from Cacciopoli. I will be seeing him again on Friday morning for a second fitting, and if necessary, a third one in the afternoon. Kotaro is very detailed and...
I believe American clients have to go to the Sartoria Corvos workshop in Florence or meet him on one of his trunk shows in Europe/Asia. That's what I'm going to be doing, and I'm based in LA (already decided to go see him prior to Gaz revealing him as the mystery tailor though)
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