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Quote: Originally Posted by hermes man thats shoes is so fakeee lol Fake? Are you insane? The box clearly has a massive Made in Italy tag.
I will take the liberty of naming a few: Lyle and Scott Diesel Lacoste (except from the original Rene Lacoste tennis shoe) All Italian high-end fashion brands Audi (especially with small engines) Brooks Brothers (where I live its priced beyond belief, eg. $200 for a OCBD)
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos Interesting, but there are some really plain wrong comments there by folks who you expect really should know better - Really, men are not into trends? So WTF are all those Barbour wearing kids (and grownups)? And what about chambray, which is everywhere? Or buffalo plaid? Or waxed cotton anything? Or too-short hems? Or slim-cut anything? And no one seems to...
Quote: Originally Posted by KtownGreg Mix & Match Wednesday, yes the knot needs work. Details: Jcrew, HY, BB, JLC, Aldens, moleskine This is IMO a very nice casual outfit. It also looks comfortable. Three thumbs up. Quote: Originally Posted by oldog/oldtrix Sir, you are, hands down, the overall best dresser here.
Quote: Originally Posted by Big A Very nice boots Care to share the name of the maker?
Quote: Originally Posted by Alter Some pics if anyone is interested of a zippered tote bag, a small field bag and a dopp kit: With regards to the small field bag, hoe much does it hold? it seems extremely small. Can you post a picture of how it looks on?
Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf Thank you. I'm generally a fan of Porter briefcases. Their aesthetic is something that takes a little while to "get" but it really grows on you. That briefcase is new, I bought it for a colleague of mine at the store, I use a different one. I've had a few Porters over the years, always sturdy, understated (if a little offbeat) and functional. Cheers! I have been lurking for a Boston Bag and have decided to...
Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf ] Not sure if it would look good on me, but it definitely looks good on you two. Well done. Is that a Porter bag sitting on that chair? If so, how do you find it?
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Although contrarian to the general feedback, in my opinion these shoes are extremely vulgar. I have no idea what would drive anyone, maybe apart from a circus director, to buy these shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by oldog/oldtrix I love this outfit Borelli tie?
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