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I cant speak for the items already sold, but the remaining stuff i nothing but junk. Who would pay $125 for a beat up pair shoes? Let alone $500? One of the shirts almost made me throw up. Totally shameless even considering asking money for this stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by KtownGreg thanks. Sammy (yep sleeves are there but not in the pic), BB, HY, EGs Dude, nice clothes etc, but where the hell do you wander about? It looks like a war-zone.
NOBD got my vote. Got to love McQueen. If you own a bike you should consider buying this. Orgtronix (sic?) also gets a shout. These challenges are good value. Thanks to all who participated
Quote: Originally Posted by blahman OMG SYLAR!! Dude, elgreco is way better looking than the other guy who's ears apparently has melted to the side of his face.
Quote: Originally Posted by Egert t-shirt + shorts (when not alone) or boxers (when alone). And that's it. I like comfort close to nude, even though I'm not. For some reason I can't understand people who wear shoes at home. When wearing socks and shoes/boots all day, I can't imagine spending all the free time in another pair of socks or, god forbid, shoes. I am always barefoot or wear knit wool socks (the ones your grandma makes) when it's really that...
Quote: Originally Posted by SuitedNBooted ^ And let's face it, those SS uniforms were pretty snazzy... +1 Best dressed thugs in the history of mankind.
Quote: Originally Posted by luk-cha another couple then to tease you haha Cheers
In my eyes three things seems to stand out: 1. The gorges 2. The boots 3. His mug. He could be anything from Portoguese to Indian. Genes gone global.
Quote: Originally Posted by oldog/oldtrix As Dr. Alimantado would put it: "Best Dressed Chicken in Town".
Quote: Originally Posted by luk-cha These look awesome. Not too often I get jealous, but this pair...
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