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Excellent thread. Excellent result! As fellow posters already have encouraged you to do, please post pictures after a few wears.
American ignorance. Priceless.I would advice you to invest more money in traveling.Actually, stop caring about clothes and spend all your time traveling.Altghough it did not change George W´s life, I´m pretty sure it will do wonders for yours.
Its not from Ireland, but maybe you´re after John Partridge? Maybe Mizen Head? I don´t know .
If this does not make you laugh nothing will. Its obviously made by a kid, but imagine having a tailor that clumsy.
This jacket, it is fantastic! May I trouble you for the maker?
Don´t be so rash. He was leaving the button undone simply to show everyone that he has a shirt with working buttons. He´s a baller. Thats all.
Bothers from a different mother.
Why would you post this stuff? I can´t jerk off to it.
Fantastic! I love Connaught.May I ask what sort of polish you use and how much time you had tp spend getting them like that?
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