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+1You can´t go wrong with a top Duffel coat. Try the original, and its very reasonably priced.
Agreed. Not even a 19th century prospector would sport such a moronic beard.Fantastic color and texture combination.
In all fairness I think you are all giving the poor guy a though time. A big part of dressing well is hiding less flattering physical forms. Imagine having to get out of bed every morning with curves most women would die for. With this in mind I think Achillus is doing a stellar job, double monks without socks combined with a massive winter scarf or not.
Also, how could anyone forget the confirmed SF cop that is a superb dresser, the one thats sports the fedora. If he made detective he would be a reincarnation of Bogart. I would go to NY simply to spot him in action.
Agree.But, if you are one of those hipsters with pants that strangle your privates, banana shaped shoes, stained BD shirt with extremely small collars, and generally like ill fitting clothes you might hit home run with one of these jackets.
I guess you never saw Bullitt.
"Got me one of those things that I can stick in my ear. Why? Because it makes me look all business".Its business time ya´ll.
Tony Abbott? You have to be kidding. He never has a good fit. Undeservedly bloated ego, and to top it off he has strong connection to one of those Christian sects. Bad value if there ever was one.
Yeah, this guy is a real icon of style.
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