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Mimmo Siviglia has just announced his next London trip Nov 28 -- Dec 3, 2014.
Mimmo and Francesca are planning their next London Trip for end of March/beginning of April 2013. They are trying to best accommodate customer schedules so anyone interested in suggesting a meeting time should contact them as soon as possible.
Hi, depending on fabric and extras like hand-sewn buttonholes and monograms, his shirts start from a lot less than EUR 400. But, with a 300s fabric and handmade extras the price could reach EUR 650+. He offers a fine shirt for a wide range of (bespoke!) budgets.
Mimmo and Francesca Siviglia are taking appointments for their upcoming London visit, November 10-14, 2012. Appointments can be requested at http://www.mimmosiviglia.com/contact/appointment.html or info@mimmosiviglia.com. They will bring all the latest samples from Carlo Riva, SIC Tess, Thomas Mason, etc. (including the new SIC Tess 300s) For a glimpse of some of the Riva samples: http://www.mimmosiviglia.com/fabrics/riva.html
For those in London Dec. 8-11, 2011 a great opportunity to meet bespoke shirtmaker Mimmo Siviglia: http://www.mimmosiviglia.com/contact/trips.html He will bring samples of the entire range from Riva, SICTess, DJ Anderson, etc. A good portion of the Riva swatches can be browsed online: http://www.mimmosiviglia.com/fabrics.html
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