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lets go kick his ass!
Those are wild!
What last are they? Looks like a sleek alden boot
you've turned me on to something good - thank you!
Damn those are hot! Perfect shade of antique cognac
what are you thoughts on that back seam? Would it look better if they added a vertical leather piece? or maybe flush stitching? i dont entirely understand the construction so im just asking
the new paul thomas anderson flick, "inherent vice" looks fantastic. based on the the interviews and clips, it looks to be another entertaining movie. cant wait, that fucker keeps taking my money
thanks Mike. they turned out great i think. the shell and eyelets are great but I really enjoy their craftsmanship of the outsole and welt. outstanding work really. and big thumbs up to the guys for making the call. initially we were thinking commando and storm welt, but settled with this design of 360 flat welt on dainite.best part, they finished 3-4 weeks sooner than expected! im poor, just in time for the holidays!
he dont got game face
omg, lucky, lucky, lucky i want those! i feel stupid x 973 for not buying them when i had a chance. through GF? x-post from trickers thread Cipresso eaton from a recent group gmto aka yoda boot
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