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crazy! why wasnt he in the dunk contest this year? someone is going to recreate that exact same gimmick with a pair of jordans. walk up to the rim, look up, take off the jordans to the applause of the crowd, perform the dunk, come down on the jordans, sprains ankle!
yeah i understood the news to mean that nick will offer a far more personalize experience at the G&G site similar to BE, but under the G&G badge
get a narrow mh71! dilemma extinguished
good for nick i felt like there was an overlap in their service (or needless competition) between G&G site and BE. wish nothing but the best for Nick and am excited about the upcoming changes
BEAST!!! dude's personality reminds me of a kobe bryant. i hope he learns from kobe though and learns to play with another superstar alongside him. its better for his career in the long run. and who wouldnt want to play with a guy like Durant?!?
yeah caught this article dude had to pay $5million?http://www.oregonlive.com/clackamascounty/index.ssf/2014/09/portland_trail_blazer_nic_batu.htmlsummary of the "finer" points:good times
Dude dominated in the last 6 minute. Blocks, 2 сlutch threes, alley oops passes (!3!). I have him in one league and after starting hot in the first, went quite until the beast mode kicked in Deandre has got to be losing sleep on this one. How are you not aware with the game on the line?
last second collapse of pete carroll like proportions https://mtc.cdn.vine.co/r/videos/705826307B1185151362816933888_3a63013aece.1.5.8734756407950042659.mp4?versionId=.nYZJJohc9ith3c4HuUBcyhljKQ2ztWA heart breaking to watch them give the game away like that. batum though..
thank you! those were from from frans boone. i believe they currently have a brown shell version on their site
^ both look great. the rain wingtip is perfect some burgundy shell cordovan variance here too: l-r trickers, vass, alden, alden, alden, meermin (old), carmina, crockett & jones
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