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these button boots are outstanding. http://www.jfitzpatrickfootwear.com/collections/sale/products/westlake-black-calf-grey-corduroy nice makeup
That strap loafer is an interesting shoe indeed indded. Ive also seen it made entirely from shelk cordovan so no odd looking ribbon. The ribbons are always made with bright contrasting colors further limiting their versatility. All said i think if you can wear loafers these would look great too (as long as you dont mind being perceived as a dandy)
Drop to $225. whattadeal
outstanding, congrats!
I gave Nick every benefit of the doubt because I had positive experiences in the past. And even though it wasnt always perfect, I stuck through it. But having witnessed some of the scams - by once trusted sellers- on this forum, its evident that there comes a time when the risk and worry becomes too much. And 7 weeks after purchase and 3 weeks after last response is when i reached that breaking point. P.S. These other SF scams had fan boys too who attempted to assuage the...
i cant tell them apart. i remember posting a picture of the king lwb on the alden thread and it got like 4-5 thumbs up (they were Florsheim)
nearly 2 months have passed since i placed my order with Nick at Bespoke and 3 weeks since he last emailed. and now ive been forced to file a Paypal dispute. what a sad and pathetic turn of events. i still remember my first purchase 5 years ago when he was still selling G&G. and now its come to this. how utterly disappointing and time wasting this experience has been. what a joke. i regret having recommended anyone to Nick so pretty much everything with JL has gone to...
these are outstanding! i personally could not, would not wear them but I could appreciate them on someone with grey flannel trousers. yes sir
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