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those look uber comfortable
cool thanks. 25% off extra until next tuesday?
great boots, nice makeup
fucking mods seemingly only give a shit if someone asks for a code. maybe RRLC is a mod? cant imagine he would be any less effective than whatever joke of a mod is supposed to care for SW&D threads i wont even bother @LA Guy to intervene for the benefit of the greater community. This has been going on for YEARS now and I can only imagine how many including myself just stopped checking this thread.
classic make-up. very nice
i hope whoever cleveland selects plays to a high level right from the gate. i like bennett, i want to see a fire light underneath his ass. im not dismissing him entirely yet but no excuse why a professional athlete can't get into game shape (injury or not)
where the fuck is hroi?
oh so sweet dpprdr
this reminds me, of all the big european shoe makers, John LObb can make some funky looking shit; Jazz's pair would look conservative next to them
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