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just a $1? ESPN is projecting a MH71% chance that it will not happen. Kentucky can only dream of such odds
^ thank you sir ill give them a go!
any experience with these cargo pants? looks pretty nice, love the fabric http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=48186486&ab=cs_lpt_P4_S2&prevMainProd=48186256
oh lawdy tailor done fucked up mah orchard olive green buckle backs. tapered the hem from the outer hem. selvedge done gone away now make namor a sad boy
Space in the toe box; too much toe wiggle. Vamp and Intstep feels good and lacing is apprx a finger width apart When I put on mh71 e width bal boot (shell) I get a very snug fit. And taken off this boot can create a swooshing sound from the glove like fit Maybe go with same size but ask for a full leather insole instea of half (my RL Thorpe has half insole)
Yes please could we get a price quote? I'm trying to be a good little boy and budget my monies. Last couple years haven been outrageously irresponsible I think I would have spent less on a crack addiction.Ryden-your boot is similar? Any idea of eta I'm so jazzed for you man.Saca-you in on this or what brah?
Ok thanks. I'll wear my vinoak Thorpe this weekend to get a better idea. The Thorpe was made for RL so they are tagged a "d" width and yet not as snug as I'm used to with G&G
Anyone take a smaller size for their G&G mh71 lasted boots? Or find them to be even slightly loose compared to shoe in same size? Thinking of experimenting with one size down up a width for next Thorpe
Oh yeah! RL tartan jeans?
this sounds pretty good to mei was referring to these 2 rugged textured leathers in general. i dont know if G&G does shrunken buffalo but the kudu like stevents and patriks pair is special in its own right. would look great as a thorpe boot
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