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naw, south bay client this week. looking forward to pics from the event!
:/ agony. and youre soo cloose to. just drive down and pick them up
Big thanks to skoaktiebolaget and leaves. They are a pleasure to work with. Great makeups, even better customer service. A few post office pics of the Carmina frankenstitch boot
@RogerP Rrl Clyde chinos with EG galways
Wore the EGs with dainite sole to mark the occasion
Yeah it's odd I had to sign for this package. USPS ended up coming by after 7pm but I ha already left. Had to wait til the morning to pick them up. Looks like a boot box
i agree with idfnl:
Frankenstitch boot was scheduled to arrive today. Left the office a little early (not sure if I needed to sign). Past 8 pm here no box. The horror, the tragedy, the disappointment
I agree with NS1
^Gorgeous My first CArminas weren't that awesome
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