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Is the godfather a gangster flick?
Need to rewatch these gangster flicks. They begin to blur overtime especially with the overlap in casts/stories
some more pictures of the cipresso boot i had remade. previous boot had a tear in the shell cordovan trickers agreed to remake the boot. big thanks to the shoe healer for being so accommodating and easy to work with sadly, and unfortunately i may need to sell these. the 2298 last fits a little smaller than i anticipated. i asked for the boot to be made in a different size and the shoe healer was able to get trickers to agree it in a different size. so even though the...
13.4 system! All sunfire subs. Rattled some of the panels off of the hardwood
rewatching band of brothers for first time in 5+ years. forgot how good the cast was. and just now for first time spotted a mr. michael fassbender. what a treat
good idea! drop to $240 crazy price for such a nice pair
lol were you able to finish? i fell asleep after 30-45 minutes
interesting, ill have to check again. would be shocked if it didnt have the piping
ive seen similar problems with aldens of a similar design. high instep should tread carefully
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