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sell to me!!!!!!
im a big heat fan now. i like their new team. McBob and Bosh from Three!!!
how long is pop's new contract? i didnt see a figure in the announcement from earlier in the week
love that galway!
this is intriguing. that would be a great fit
Ariza to rockets, means Parsons going to Mavs?? Wtf are the lakers doing? Fuck I hate the lakers but I expect them to be atleast competitive and they've had an abysmal offseason, just like the sacramento queens
Pau looks close to a deal with bulls me likes that. I have no clue why lakers spent all that money signing Jordan hill to then let pau walk. SMH
Jazz had to overpay. No other big name free agents have signed there in 20 years. They've had to draft them all or trade
+1. I feel like he tries to take a free form approach, almost as if he just recorded his article and had google transcribe it into a doc. Prefer him on podcast
does spence clothing deduct vat? i just emailed them will post here once i receive word
New Posts  All Forums: