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im down for a good your momma joke too
and you took your gianni size (1 down from tts)? 1/2 down feel a little loose imo
i know what you mean. i dont know why but i find them endearing. im torn. they remind me of this girl i went to high school with. wasnt the brightest or most attractive but she had spunk. and i admired her for that
How often are they worn? More or less regularly than your other pairs? Did you wear them in public?
Takes me to post 4290 but no zippyh there
felt like prescott and penny was a little redundant. cant beat the pennyshell? its alrightscour ebay. its where i got this pairtake that up with eddievddr. we cant all be so lucky to have our sizes available at discount, hoit1981im still waiting for a fit pic myself.. tried them on but im undecided and the fit is a little big for my liking
i love the asquith on 888. easily my favorite captoe balmoral of all time. Would love to have a rainbow of this makeup ala nickyboy's chelsea
cravats were all the rage turn of the 20th century. some of us have to keep traditions alive, tif
i wear mine with a cravat, butt-ass naked
the more you bitch the more pics you need to upload. none of this grainy shit from your mothers, poorly-lit basement
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