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^ wow, at first glance the monk looks like EG westminster. EB 946 last looks alot like EG's new 890 last
Same. Waiting on the 40% off kicker but may need to pass because of memory preorder
whats the deadline to submit pre-order?edit
8:30 pacific and all nba games are over. odd
jr looking good out there. i hope he can keep it together. just last week he said all there is in cleveland is basketball. no distractions. i like jr i hope he helps this team
^ green is my favorite color. And this new shade of green is even more desirable than the previous nmwa version. The camel is nice too. Not too big a fan of that conversation color however the SS camel memory looks so fantastic. I've already dismissed the navy from nmwa but then I say the SP one
thanks man for the info and link. so whatcha gettin'????
yeah email them here preorders@suspensionpoint.ca and theyll send you sign up info for the ssfw15 scrabble collection
hmmmm, nice pic where did you find it? i like that combination for the memory if thats how nmwa decides to go
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