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lol love the model wearing ss for notre. wears it well p.s. how tall is he? the memory coat is longer than the merino but you cant tell the difference on that guy
^ thats a good question might be worth asking but im almost positive it cant be done with shell so..... i mean.... anywho these are the colors available atm Oceano Dark Navy Cipresso Teck Orange Red Dark Navy or Teck??? Teck is the redder version of ravello. simialr to cotto?
Comparison shot between a country last storm welt vs a city last storm welt:
How do you like the fit??? Sized down 1? Heard back from shoehealer boots are still same price as last year 412.50 GBP vat exc. crazy price
Oh thank you that loos great! Love how the welt isn't in another zip code
There he is! Mothball, Man with the the bitchin Trickers collection
Yeah it's so difficult without having to pay for the premium membership. And even then.. Not many people listing or buying or doing much of anything on SF outside of some popular affiliate thread. And then on occasion you find something of interest in another site and the link is purposely sabotaged
Fuxk styleforum for making it difficult for their users to click a link. Who is it really hurting? Grailed or SF users. SF's argument that it's supposed to be some kind of payback is morally bankruptOh an for anyone interested in selling their stuff so they can buy more awesome stuff, don't bother with SF B&S unless you like wasting time
Oh yeah. Just for reference, the top pair is alden and the bottom 2 are Carmina. Heard back from Richard this afternoon and the Trickers soft square last in question is called 4537. Same last used for Piccadilly, Belgrave, Kensington and Mayfair. I'm thinkin a navy or teak captoe cordovan boot would be teh sex
some inspiration
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