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@sacafotos any news and pics from budapest???
bah humbug! so much for a a tidy, neatly packaged answer. you guys bring up good points, and its like unravelling a ball of yarn. in this case more inputs results in a unique number of outputs i guess everyone needs to go on their own personal vass sizing journey: eat, buy vass, pray, return vass, love
un-surprisingly sizing all over the place. my best fitting vass ever was a vass f last calfskin balmoral followed by vass f last shell blucher norweger. their boots - for the longest time - were made with a very large ankle opening/shaft so it made the boot feel larger than it really was. add to the fact that their heels arent exactly narrow, and now the problem trickles down to instep feeling larger than it really is my experience: first pair was calf from perfect to...
lebron with an sns fisherman rollneck?
Get the dainite instead. But its a simple, starightforward, and un-melodramatic solution, im afraid
@Massachusetts Thanks for posting pics. Ive had that before on new 1st quality trickers boots. This rough patch is almost always located in the back which suggests that the shoe maker is aware of the issue and strategically places the shell in a "low-wear, low visibility" area. As z stated, cream will help
yes exactly. it would be a moving target. no consensus or ideal fit. it would require an indepth breakdown of each last by width at ball, heel, length, instep etc. and how each last last relates to one anotherf last is a good starting point no? does everyone (everyone with a regular instep, regular width) agree that a 45 f last is a 12 (uk11.5 EG and G&G, Alden Barrie 11.5)9 - 4210 - 4311 - 4412 - 45?
i have so much experience with vass and so I want to write a vass sizing guide but i dont even know where to begin...
someone trade me i want new ish
drop to $525
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