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you done right, you done right. that price increase made future orders prohibitive. your mto was cheaper than stock models today?
thanks man ill keep in mind. they have all colors of galway it seems. taste the rainbow!
im not even being challenged. its been easier than i anticipated so far this year
sadness, and ill i want to do is make financially irresponsible decisions
nothing in big sizes!!! :/
out of curiosity, what was the cost of a single kudu mto from the previous run?
my goodness! didnt appreciate the craftsmanship until i saw the price tag associated with it. wow!bonafe doesnt look so bad now
^ interesting.. whats the seamless up charge from STC? did you ever get your a shoe remade as such?
Olive herringbone. As some have said it's not selvedge but still has a still quality to it. Not too green, olive has a pleasant earthy tone and the herringbone is nice subtle detail
thanks yougreat, so we just about have 6 in E width?
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