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I went down 1 from my us size 12. 1.5 down was way too much. 314 is a short and stubby last
What's a reasonable price to quote mother PB? When I wore alden and C&J I would quote a price 50% ish lower than retail (I got them slightly used I would tell them). Now with EG, GG, STC, Vass MTO I don't even answer anymore. I'll stand there in silence and not blink, look down at my shoes and look back up. Hoping they've lost interest. As uncomfortable as this has become it's still less uncomfortable than telling the truth. Answering that question candidly and then...
Ehhhh, nothing speedy about those hooks. And I'm an ankle crosser so one shaft of each speed hook pair becomes scratched An if you don't lace them properly (either too tight or lose) the lacing comes undone. I don't like them I don't like them. All blind eyelets are okay, not great. I hope all metal eyelets makes a run in 2016.
Nothing like walking out of a shoe shop with new shoes on your feet, "old" pair in the box. "What's in the bag?" (Pointing down to your shoes) "Omg those are gorgeous PB, how much were they?" Ummm
^ I feel the same with respect to last. I don't know my real 606 size. And mh71 fits like a glove. I don't know why the speed hooks on the new order though. Was debating between Arran grain and brown highland grain
some galway porn. the closeup looks fantastic
looks a lot like this pair http://www.ebay.com/itm/1295-VASS-Budapest-Burgundy-Calf-Leather-Ankle-Boots-US-10-5-D-Brogue-Detail-/281568401383?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item418ec8d7e7
yo! i was told to fill in the dry areas with shoe cream. and instead of brushing i find that buffing with a cloth gives the shell a shine without any danger of scratching. some of the CJ for RL shell is so dry that horsehair brush scratches the affected area even more
lol the seinfeld had several episodes dealing with "doctors"
those are clean. i remember those in all the saks 5th outlets back when saks 5th outlets werent complete shit
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