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^ do you have low instep?
thread is on fire. thanks for all the pics of the frankenstitch
i know! might have to keep at this price
no problem. good luck!thats pretty cool. that might be a first; alden grant wingtip boot. color 8?
thank you, thank you again
imo, plaza is the dressiest alden last and perhaps their most versatile. i wear my flat welt plaza boots with a suit and chinos. of course next to eg and G&G, it can look casual, but id never wear those with jeans. the soft square plaza coupled with the more casual alden aesthetic makes for a hell of a diverse shoe/boot. can be worn with just about everything that has a slimmer leg opening. let me know if they have a 12D left to right: vass f last (45f),...
that is going to look great, particularly with the brass eyelets! how did you get them? ive been wanting brass eyelets from vass since my first mto but settled for the greyish steel one
^ details! that sounds fantastic. which last?
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