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Budapester boot
Thanks. Mto antic cognac shell, u last, double dainite, metal eyelets, no pull tab
Thanks! They look much lighter than the recent Antic cognac shell. Very nice
beautiful. what color are these?
Selling some SNS that dont fit me well. Comes from clean, smoke-free, pet-free home. Here is your chance to get SNS at super discount. All prices include paypal fees and priority shipping CONUS 1. Portal Panelled Knit Cardigan. Blue and Navy. 100% pure new wool. Riri zipper. Retailed for $310. Worn about 3 times. Asking $115. Tagged Xl fits like a large Chest - 20" Shoulder - 18" Sleeve - 26" Length: 26" Asking $115 2. Plank Shawl collar 2 button Sweater. Black...
great bal boots. was eyeing a pair on their site but no uk11 available. only 10.5 :/
overrated? boozer was under contract for $16+ million this year a pf taking jump shots isnt my definition of someone stretching the court. in todays league, youve got to shoot the 3 to be considered a stretch 4. a center on the other hand that can jump shoot can be effective in spacing the floor.
he is an overrated jump shooter, not that good either when you look at his numbers from 15+feet. He doesnt play good 1 on 1 d, doesn't stretch the floor, limited mobility, shitty beard, and is a mediocre rebounder for his position. He should complement the rest of the team well. i wonder how much they paid for him. On the other hand he isnt worse than the shit the Kings have at PF
i would like to know as well. i have a gargantous asssssssss
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