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here you are. old dark oak edward green vs vintage oak gaziano girling [[SPOILER]]
here you arer last vs p2 last same size, double dainite vs double commando, flat vs 270 goyser
Shannon is built on 82 last as is the Galway. Here is a pic of the vass f last valway (45f) next to 82 last edward green Galway (uk11.5e) And a bonus left to right: vass f last (45f), Edward green 202 last (uk11.5E), Alden Plaza (12D), Vass U last (45.5f) Also, Trickers slicker city last 2298 (uk11 5 fit), p2 (45f), f last (45f)
chipshot dropping some grails. amazing prices too not in my size sigh
wow great price. nice dude too
What a shame. MMM does the paint splatter thing so well got excited; Was expecting imitation bird shit all over the front of the shoe
Replaced the broken screen on my old 4s. Send your phones if you need A+ quality service
Good show? Enjoyed their interview on fresh air. I wouldn't be surprised if Aziz was wearing Alden suede. I feel like his wardrobe mirrors many a sf'ers wardrobe
For your consideration a new pair of Rider plain toe blucher boots built on a sleek soft round toe last. Made on channeled leather outsole, matching flat welt and matching brown edge trim. Uppers are in great new condition having just a few superficial markings to the leather. Made using high quality Horween shell cordovan in a blucher open-lacing style. Outsoles have are treated with a wonderful burnishing (almost too pretty to walk on). Photos taken boot indoors and...
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