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those meermin boots are slick indeed
deal! please let me know if you see a pair in 14A i need exxxxxxtra room
was about to say they will fit you in width. youll have about a cubic inch of space of storage in each toe. might be good for your asshole in the longrun; wont have to shove anything up your ass the next time you cross a borderPllllloooooop!
Try it out on a pair and go from there. I have 8.5 on dress and 8 on casual I'm 6'2", Us12
Fantastic! dD, what's the brown boot third from Right?
i absolutely agree about the r last. looks much wider than 82 and even 202. did you size down 1/2 from f last? i will say though from a couple of angles the r last is an absolute winner in my book
thanks for this! R last really stands out imo
damn wish these were a 36 @stevent
oh shit first shots fired by mothball
what are you thinking? cotto, orange? last mto was sub $700 shipped with 100 GBP up front
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