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ill be pleasantly surprised if anything clears 6. our successes match that of congress
its also harder to pull of the natural denim look. chinos are a little easier i think... i have a pair of left field selvedge chinos that ill try and wear...
damn man, white jeans? thats so hard to pull off. im not emotionally ready for that struggle
looks great hear. doesnt it make it harder to lace though? alden flat laces with blind eyelets is a poa royale
are those alden flat laces?
Very nice hoit ageing nicely
Ok sounds good for mahogany. Let's set some kind of deadline for ourselves. I'm in on this until end of August. At which point I'll just move on
thanks man
this was also supposed to be on antigque cognac. the pair you have their is incredible and a perfect color. fuck its special all right. is it yours?
daaaaymn wowowowowowow antique cognac?
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