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@SoGentboth are gorgeous. could you provide a pic of boot in the wild? are they both on F last?
yessir. i got the same message. said half will go on vacay and then other half will follow
exceptional. you ordered two pairs? are both pairs on p2 last?@Roguls
how did these come out. love the non-captoe shannon@CHRK33
fantastic write-up Ben. i agree 100%
^duh. Should we do ucap boot or wingtip?
yeah damn mr. porter had some great stuff but sent back a couple pairs that didnt fit. need a size 36 waist. if someone could help a fat ass brotha out let me know please
anyone know where i can get some NN.07 on sale? cant find anything in the USA. most stockists are overseas unfortunately. love their chinos http://www.cultizm.com/index.php?cat=c179_NN-07.html
i was admiring their charming circa 1998 site last night. I wish the would also add better pics. Every good pic of a vass is not on their sitei dont know why they cant have an online presence on tumblr or instagram atleast.
are vass shoes still handmade or are they goodwear welted?
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