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cant wait to see more pics. congrats!
do you have any pics of the shoe from a foot away?
uhoh, we got a loser here. lol
Bal boot with denim. Even a 7 3/4" leg opening looks a tad generous for these rain last boots
^ lol what other options are out there for a #2 pick?
What is the regular welt mean?
Of course it's subjective but Value pick is a middle - late first round pick. Getting winslow at 10 is a steal
hornets with a great offseason. al jeff opts in, batum trade, kam at the stretch 4. love it
how does so much information leak out of nba organizations? for example, in this kings scenario 2-3 new stories come out everyday that either discredit or undermines ownership/front office. how is this info going out. i imagine a small, select group of individuals are privy to this info, yet its all over the news its amazing how all this information gets out that undermines everyone involved
New Posts  All Forums: