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42.5 p2 f width would fit simalarly in the instep and and across the ball
Does it work when you put in the code? I was under the impression that it worked???...
lol, duh... Hook, they been sold for 15 months now. New owner probably had pissed all over this pair by now
Nice I've thought about shell austerity wingtip too.. But I'd prefer another captoe of longwing boot
For calf yes. I don't know for shell I'm confused with vass sizing can be inconsistent in sizing from shell to calf, blucher to balmoral. I still don't know how to size 100%.
You bought it? Looks great
looking forward to the edwardian galway
gorgeous, perfect make-up. amazing
i dont know whats more ridiculous: the triple sole, the ridiculously high price, or 2 year old listing
lovely coat, love this version
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