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reminded me of this shot:
This Mavs vs Bulls game has a finals like intensity to it. Fucking love the nba. Didn't think it would get better but I've actually enjoyed nba more and more as I've aged. Even without a playoff team to root for a lot of great compelling matchups and storylines this year to keep me engaged
youll love your buckle backs. the rrl japanese selvedge wears very well and softens up significantly over timehttp://yolowastaken.tumblr.com/post/24523179910/rrl-selvedge-officer-chinos-after-about-275-wearsi wore those limited edition chinos for about 2 years before having to retire them after the crotch blew out. the selvedge on this pair were about .5 oz heavier than the standard white selvedge chinos and 1.5 oz heavier than the red selvedge. all told, had the waist...
gorgeous makeups sir. id be all over these if size 12. glws!
tony looking at dean: "were not making this shitty model again, its why i left eg"
you old timer reminiscing about the good ole' days. its remarkable that they let us do that. I remember flinching a little when ordering that shell canterbury boot but they accommodated just about every request i made (outsole treatment, punch vs no punch, medallion, etc)
@Cleav @gyasih great pick-ups gents! the dovers look smashing
looking good man!
then again most are
fuck those commentators are annoying
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