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thanks guys. tried them on for a brief moment had no shot at fitting. hopefully new owner can enjoy them
thanks man
idfnl vs indesertum going down to the wire. who will win? who will reign supreme chalupa?
im down how long you in the city for?
id prefer blind but ill be willing to give that up for speedhooks if we can get green lining (does G&G offer green lining?)
Well this just happened... Was doing push-ups when I got up (first with the right knee) I heard the treacherous sound
uk11.5. not quite as large as yours but big enough to make shoe buying difficult
you done right, you done right. that price increase made future orders prohibitive. your mto was cheaper than stock models today?
thanks man ill keep in mind. they have all colors of galway it seems. taste the rainbow!
New Posts  All Forums: