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Yo! What's up?!There was truth to it I read it at face value. And no it wasn't funny
hilarious, how boxes of them are sold on the floors of a rented room like rags at a bazaar. this is such a strange combination of feeling to see something you want very much, but are slightly relieve you cant purchase, but also slightly jealous, then try and put on a smiley face when someone posts a pic of their kop. my emotions are terribly confused
^ to the wife, they are all expensive, "fancy" shoes
i want the blue suede boots but none in my size. zoinks someone else kop
i agree with your statement but that would be true 99.99% of the time. im simply making the comparison based strictly on the stewart/hitchcock films and im limited to just 4 films. 2 of which are incredible, 1 is very good, the other, mehi should have been more clear in my OP
well Z, you are correct. bought them in a uk10.5 and they are 1/2 sizes small. odd because my other lw boots are same size and fit my uk11 foot fine. perhaps they were the anomaly. anywho, if anyone wants these for relatively cheap let me know. worn once http://www.fransboonestore.com/collections/trickers/products/trickers-x-fransboone-richard-longwing-brogue-boot-grey-suede-24 shame because they are really light, perfect for spring/summer
ahh gotcha. spring is here i would expect these to sell, especially at this price
lol, discussed that with stevent and the cost of flight and accommodation would be equivalent to 2 pairs from bespoke england
do you feel that way about loafers in general or this pair in particular?
gorgeous! why sell? these are super nice
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