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yeah damn mr. porter had some great stuff but sent back a couple pairs that didnt fit. need a size 36 waist. if someone could help a fat ass brotha out let me know please
anyone know where i can get some NN.07 on sale? cant find anything in the USA. most stockists are overseas unfortunately. love their chinos http://www.cultizm.com/index.php?cat=c179_NN-07.html
i was admiring their charming circa 1998 site last night. I wish the would also add better pics. Every good pic of a vass is not on their sitei dont know why they cant have an online presence on tumblr or instagram atleast.
are vass shoes still handmade or are they goodwear welted?
Vass FTW!!!
thats a pretty good price. dainite shows little wear but dainite is rock hard
r would be great for a plain toe!thanks FC. I took a 45 in the P2 and need an insole (probably because shell is made about 1/4 sizes bigger. I think ill shoot for a 45 in R. I love the shape. From your other posts, you consider the fit of the r last to be slightly more generous than P2?
P2 has a generous toe box similar to forest. high walls, and wide across the ball. No almond toe shape slightly roundedToday:
boo figures. tried on a couple xl cardigans and couldnt button them up :/
Rocking the dunks
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