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$75 drop to $225!!! get ready for winter. crazy price
fuckin steal
drop to $100!!!!!!!!!!!
just cant go wrong for horween cxl boot for $200. yeah, it does reminds me of the viberg 2030 boot. if gustin can just secure some shrunken buffalo leather with a rough texture i would be 1000% in gustin, please, please find do something like this
drop to $264!
yikes! thats a bangin deal and the boot looks great; love the toe shape. well done, looking forward to wear pics
wow, great price. someone buy these
Enlighten us! I actually want to know more
Agree. Skoak trees look like a far superior for to EGs
also, re-watched big lebowski a few weeks ago after a long break. i want another 5 years to pass so i can watch it anew
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