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great stuff as usual. why sell all these great boots? i havent worn RW in years but at these prices im tempted
anyone have any leads on a wool 5 zip sweater in a 52? black or cream
everything sold
+100000 Best on eBay by far
here here
lol spent the last 5 minutes researching this. and if history has anything to say stevent must sell these for $1k + while the market still wants itstevent put these up on ebay
This looks so stoopid! :/ I'll watch it enjoyed the show
lmao @ barbosa
i really want to see the bulls come out of the east. they seemingly have all the pieces to make it happen so ill be disappointed if they at least dont reach the conference finals. that roster isnt gelling with the coaching style but im holding out hope it can come together in the playoffs. on paper they matchup with any team in the league. come on bulls! make it rain NIKO! god bless you NIKO, make it rain! http://assets.sbnation.com/assets/2461377/bullsgirl.gif
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