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lol another size 12, is already one too many
vass whiskey vs saddle saddle looks like it has more "life" in it. a little more red and and slightly darker. whiskey can look "pale", resembling natural shell
damn those are gorgeous
great prices
nice fine MM
mmm, need to put that into the queue
werent they the 3 seed before injuries to horford and teague?
http://www.hoopsvibe.com/nba-gossip-and-rumors/76397-robert-horry-greg-popovich-is-a-better-coach-than-phil-jackson dont get me wrong. phil is one of the best, if not the best. i just fucking love Pop. i used to be indifferent towards him but the last couple of years has really made me appreciate him/spurs more. last time i felt this way: Jordan's final year in 97-98'. everything he did meant a little more and carried resonance
pop better than phil?pop won coach of the year twice! twice! lmao if he doesnt win it this year. hornacek is getting consideration for doing what pop has done for the past 10 years: make a team play above its caliber by playing as a cohesive unit
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