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U-caps These are undoubtedly (along with nst/split toes) the least "liked" boots i own. But ill be damned if i let that change anything.
I like both options. The burgundy suede looks very similar to my shell version. Option 1 is intriguing because the pebble shaft appears lighter than the uppers which is uncommon. I think a darker shaft makes sense (to me) because i wear darker trousers and prefer less contrast where the pant hem ends and boot begins
^ omg dont go to prague. And certainly not belgrade, serbia. Unbelievable. And not even a famous shoe store to justify my travels. Heaven help
amazing again
Drop tp $499. Yikes brand new first quality
Another drop to $475 for practically new vass shell!
this is wild! great imagination, even better execution. well done
^ did you feel like it could have been made less worse with a ribbon of that golden state blue? it has to
fashion bitch. who cares about function when you have a sleeve pocket. its not like athletes are going to be wearing bomber jackets
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