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edit - i got more shoes than cents. yeee
oh lawdy now just pouring salt on the wound next youre going to tell me they built you a proportional looking u last that doesnt appear overly elongated and snoutty
you lucky bastard. id kill to figure out a way to get vass to make the light color shell i order
gorgeous what color was that?
congrats on the 1000th post
thats high (for me) but thats not going to stop anyone. if youre patient youll find what youre looking for at a solid price. prime example:http://www.ebay.com/itm/Alden-Ravello-Shell-Cordovan-Plain-Toe-Bluchers-10-5-C-E-/291520687493?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43dffcad85
congrats! how do they fit? did you size down because you have a narrow foot or because barrie is just so big? does it feel extra narrow due to the nst style?
some cotto shell
for whats its worth my trickers comipel have this problem as well. incredibly sensitive to water and guaranteed spotting when it rains
trickers lasts are all kinds of fuckedidity fuck on my feet. typical advice followed by my experience in bullet. tts 12d alden barrie 11.5c wear thin socks 4497 5 fit - take 1 size down from tts uk11- a tad short. unusual feeling as the width has a wiggle lacing closed 4444 5 fit- take 1.5 size down from tts uk10.5 - snug fit, but tight instep uk11 - loose all around 2298 5 fit - take 1 size down from tts uk11 - feels tight across ball lacing closed across lower...
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