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Why aren't these bulls pushing the ball? Put some pressure on the cavs transition d, shit Drose, their quickest player taking jumpers is meh
thought this was great. i dont get to watch many 80s films or anything with douglas or close but they were fantastic in this. made me think a little more highly of them both as actors
thats a hell of a polish great job!
alden and vass are 2 of my favorite 5 shoe makers. they each make high quality shoes and have their own unique aesthetic. vass makes better looking "dressy" shoes while alden makes some of the finest "casual" makeups. ultimately you have to judge them by each particular makeup. for example, I would much rather have a p2/f last boot instead of barrie. for soft square ill take plaza over u last every timebonus shotalden shell plaza last boots from leathersoul: [[SPOILER]]
ha! plaza is one of my favorite boot lasts of all time. I was crushed when I couldnt get the color 8 boot so I tried to replicate it with a vass budapester boot in "antique cognac) on u last. while similar they are not quite the same.left to right: vass f last (45f), Edward green G 202 last (uk11.5E), Alden Plaza (12D), Vass U last (45.5)
here you go. norweger f last 45 and valway f last 45. eg 202 uk11.5E [[SPOILER]]
agony! waiting for a pair of these to arrive myself: [[SPOILER]]
^ I'm debating the same myself. A lot of good stuff left in uk10.5
wow, great price, solid boot
couldnt help but notice gortat on the bench holding his hands against his face as he watched horford crash the boards and make the game winning shot :/ pau gasol back tonight. cant wait! go bulls!
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