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Aram for the win!!!!
would be all over these in a uk11F. glws!
that blue suede is lovely. patliean1 does the suede feel soft? mine feel soft as a and drapery like a thick sock. its a stark contrast to the rigid, stiff, uncomfortable (by comparison) shell on the valway
Kaplan, I enjoy your reading your film reviews and respect your opinions. And also, the numerical values you assign to them are horse shit
thanks you gents. we got a buyer who i hope enjoys the boots. they are now sold. thanks
thanks gents! yeah r last is the suede/shell valway. also you can see the difference between the old and new leg opening. previous model boots had a huge opening as can be seen on the r last valway. the p2 last has the new, slimmer more anatomically correct leg opening (atleast for a human)
I agree 100%! I' happen to be wearing my 325 lindricks today and they look and feel a lot like the r last. Slopping toe box walls, slanting nose. P2 has higher side walls
here you are. old dark oak edward green vs vintage oak gaziano girling [[SPOILER]]
here you arer last vs p2 last same size, double dainite vs double commando, flat vs 270 goyser
Shannon is built on 82 last as is the Galway. Here is a pic of the vass f last valway (45f) next to 82 last edward green Galway (uk11.5e) And a bonus left to right: vass f last (45f), Edward green 202 last (uk11.5E), Alden Plaza (12D), Vass U last (45.5f) Also, Trickers slicker city last 2298 (uk11 5 fit), p2 (45f), f last (45f)
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