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i love the asquith on 888. easily my favorite captoe balmoral of all time. Would love to have a rainbow of this makeup ala nickyboy's chelsea
cravats were all the rage turn of the 20th century. some of us have to keep traditions alive, tif
i wear mine with a cravat, butt-ass naked
the more you bitch the more pics you need to upload. none of this grainy shit from your mothers, poorly-lit basement
how are they bespoke? what adjustment did you have them make?
Old wingtips chyeeaar
They aight
your legs are so not fat like mine are. the blackest black cannot hide mine thighs edit - today i had 4 cronuts
cleav love your tumblr. consider including your music recommendations. would make it that much better curated imo would go with the cleav style
i dont disagree!
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