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7 filled, 5 left. if youve signed up on yahoo, remember to send payment to my paypal and include your yahoo name and sf user name. that way i can cross your name out
^ did you end up buying the uwing boot?
Season starts in a couple of weeks.. If youve already signed up, send in your funds. you guys are killing me. Fuck i think id be easier raising kids than getting a bunch of i-gents to sign up for a Bball league @indesertum @__CB__ @SirGrotius @ff4marvel @Blog Marley @Steve B. @RFX45 @CHRK33 @rydenfan @bibs @djblisk @dlm4114
aww yes i overlooked the sizing detail. kind of important...i have the opposite impression actually. i think thorpe is dressier and has cleaner lines. the shaft semicircle lends a amore casual look and i would probably darken up the leather over time with black and brown cream
what am i looking at? my little mind is having trouble with this image it looks unearthly
the one offered through skoak meets all these points and is priced muy bonita
those meermin boots are slick indeed
deal! please let me know if you see a pair in 14A i need exxxxxxtra room
was about to say they will fit you in width. youll have about a cubic inch of space of storage in each toe. might be good for your asshole in the longrun; wont have to shove anything up your ass the next time you cross a borderPllllloooooop!
Try it out on a pair and go from there. I have 8.5 on dress and 8 on casual I'm 6'2", Us12
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