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im curious, what carmina have you owned? and how would you compare it to your EG? i recall patrik saying that Carmina is one of the best values in shoe. i completely agree with him
+1. really unheard of before skoak. class acts all the around. not even a tint of pretentiousness. unusual for a high end luxury retailer
^ nice! speaking of which, teak parade boot on retricker uk 9
suns have a nice legacy with top notch pg: kJ, nash,and now the 3 headed monster
Yeah I heard it sucked, members here said the same but I watched it hoping for better.Big hero 6 I hear is good. Will need to check it out
How could the book inspire such a poor adaptation? The script was tone def and uninspired. Drama actors trying to crack jokes. God bless them they tried. Even the all star case couldn't save them. If anything it handicapped them by creating the expectation of a better film. The characters lacked any and all chemistry. Funny scenes bombed when they should have popped, punch lines fizzled when they should have snapped, and for a ww2 flick it lacked any all emotion or depth....
Monuments fucking sucked. Gawd clooney fucked this one. As Kaplan would say 0/5
Monuments men... Hmmmmmm I stuck with it only because I love ww2 films. Wanted more from it. Could have been so much better. I say that only because it was lacking in so many ways :/
Nice. Wearing my barbour barra jacket today. Actually, started day off with sns and then switched to barbour in the noon. Mr Rogers would be proud
solid prices, glws
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