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nail biteeer
bam i feel like ive fucked myself into this position because all my dudes can put up monster lines at the expense of those 3 stats. its a shame but im willing to ride it out. finished the week 5-4, still in 5th place
who dat?
lets go kick his ass!
Those are wild!
What last are they? Looks like a sleek alden boot
you've turned me on to something good - thank you!
Damn those are hot! Perfect shade of antique cognac
what are you thoughts on that back seam? Would it look better if they added a vertical leather piece? or maybe flush stitching? i dont entirely understand the construction so im just asking
the new paul thomas anderson flick, "inherent vice" looks fantastic. based on the the interviews and clips, it looks to be another entertaining movie. cant wait, that fucker keeps taking my money
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