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you bought 5 pairs?
idfnl might not see the fault in his stupidity, many stupid people dont. instead, its the rest of the members in this thread - who time and again dismiss his comments as being stupid and yet keep replying to his bug-eyed ideas - that might be stupid; like moths attracted to light because they dont know any better.
yes, yessir
i like rogerp even more now
stressed version?
Regarding selvedge chinos, anyone notic a difference of fit between colors? Ime, The 2 tan versions along with olive marine herringbone and dark green for similar. The gunmetal charcoal and denim and also chambrayish versions feel much tighter so much so that I had to size up. And it doesn't matter whether of style either - officer chinos or selvedge buckle back - color will dictate whether they fit or not. Anyone have a similar experience?
CP3 with 2 sets of back 2 backs this week how I hope he sits out atleast 1. Please Jesus let me win I promise not to waste the money; only on strippers and cocaine
Come on Hassan needs to sit this one out. Sit out Hassan! Please don't terrorize my team
yep still bloom i also found it hard to come off. the bloom leaves a residual greasy feeling between your fingertips. good sign of supplenesssssthis is pretty good summary
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