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thanks guys
i need clippers to win. cant imagine having to watch rockets for another round
Alden x Leathersoul Shell Cordovan Plaza Wingtip Boots Color 8 and Cigar Ravello ish
^ dont do it you bastard youll regret it. i almost made the same mistake
All of this
Yeah been wanting to take this pic for a while... The brooks brothers Barrie is M58 i think?
alden plaza last (12D) vs m-75 (11.5D) last aka "brooks brothers plaza wingtip" ime, m75 fits larger than the plaza. so much so i sized down 1/2 sizes
Fabrics looks lightweight. Nice drape, I like it very much
Lol I didn't catch the effed up punch but then again I'd rather not know. How about an uneven wingtip:
Naw I've had Brazil in the queue for years ever since I think you and lefty were talking about it
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