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thanks for the update. some of my vass have this issue. its a little annoying. but they recently fixed the problem and it makes a world of difference. maybe the g width wide shaft is to accomodate a thick sock (a very thick sock)
$499 for new shell? jesus
those look great! can i ask what size your purchased relative to your other shoes? i noticed they are g width (wide?)
do you know who makes his boots? says made in spain. thanks
Rain last is king
Yeah i tried a 11.5 and it fit like a us 12.5. I take a 11 in the rain last but can also squeeze into a 10.5 (not ideal, but ill do it for shell).What did you kop? And why is there a pair of shell boots in you sig?!?
I can agree with you. I think you can feel really good about your appeatance with a wardrobe that doesnt occupy the highest stratosphere of menswear. I think thats a discovery i made only a few years ago after having the opportunity to try everything out. And this knowledge (that comes from experience) allows you to try a new brand without first buying into the hype
Thanks gents. The pants are wings + horns tweed. Ive been meaning to policy both oairs of carmina navy hopefully soon. Havent worn the bal boots for a while
Navy shell on that rain last mhmmm
Thanks man they are one if my favorites. The saddle color has darkened up too resembling my desired shade of whiskey
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