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leathersoul 401 utility boot
drose too injury prone to join in gang rape. teammates question his commitment edit - idfnl thinks drose too soft, just not the same explosiveness
typically i would say yes but im all galway'ed out. already have a couple spin-offs not to mention several pairs of EG galwaysno dark brown shell available
yeah its 412.50 so its more like $635 at today exchange righthaha last year we ordered beginning of sep and had them before new yearwe are organizing ideas on the trickers thread. we can only order the same width unfortunatelyhttp://www.styleforum.net/t/198359/offical-trickers-shoes-and-boots-thread/5820_20
like a shell/calf grain boot?
im open to another cipresso makeup what did you have in mind?
just updated [[SPOILER]]
if anyone is interested, we are trying to get a trickers navy shell boot mto soft square boot similar to carmina some carmina samples On this trickers last and best of all $650 shipped! with only 100gbp the balance paid once they are ready. yikes!
trickers x-post super fun time with trickers navy shell cordovan superboot cipresso green shell cordovan
super fun time with trickers crips shell cordovan superboot!
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