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what a finish by the grizz, those guys are rock solid. they were down by double digits at half and Z-bo hadnt even recored a single stat (0 points, 0 brds). i had a double take when i saw the 4th quarter score. but not surprised
^ thats almost insulting to the lakers and nuggets. as bad as they are, those teams have nba-level talent on their teams. nuggets for example have a lot of good pieces, i think they miss coach Karl. last year, sixers started the season with a decent lineup that included s. hawes, e.turner, and t. young. all those guys are gone and were replaced with a bunch of rookies. i dont know what the record is for most losses but sixers are in the hunt
just no fucking way. deflection no?
the clock started late. reminds me of that dfisher shot over duncan
how was that possible though? .3 seconds? he hand was following upwards, no way that took less than .4. still :/
i was following the game on stattracker. watching this with nappiers intro of ".3 seconds away from a huge win in memphis", following by that break down is very, very sad
(cough, cough)?
mhmmm, i would reconsider moving. especially if its to irvine
kings gave up another 22+ 1st qtr leads; 2 in a row. this is going to crush ben. hello nick!
yeah the patterns and design looks almost identical. have had my bag for about a year now, worn for 4 months. decent quality. If filson is supposed to last a lifetime, id expect BBBF to last half as long. Good quality overall but not as substantial
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