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great price
UK7.5/US 8D boot sold
this might sound ignorant, but from my experience if a pair is sold for $700, just a small fraction lower than retail, i would expect a much smaller blemish. a blemish so insignificant that no extra pictures are required. one extra pic was all they needed. i mean youve sold, you just want to cover your bases why open a can of worms. maybe my asshole is just sensitive with my run-ins with paypal. i dunno
thats tough, i dont know why viberg would sell it to begin with and then not add better pics. that pair went for $700? if youre a seller, thats just asking for trouble imo. maybe they think horsebutt is really strong and this wont affect the longevity of the boot?
is that horse butt supposed to be so veiny? im assuming no since most of the boot is perfecftly smooth and round. the captoes alone look like they were made from ball sack. looks like shit did the cut refer to that affected area or a single gash?
Thanks don't know how I missed it
@dddrees @jerrybrowne How have the STC captoe shell boots help up? Any recent pics would love to see how the leather ages and rolled
^ nice!
very nice nickyboy fantastic collection of color
how much was this makeup? feels like prices are alway on the rise
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