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I don't worry about. 202, 606, 64, 82 all same size, all fit well all have varying degrees of lacing "openness"
i know right? boooooo, boooo. nothing but high quality menswear shoes, and more shoes at only 60% +. i dont have a grown up job yet, but i do ill be looking at his stuff asap once i move out of mom's basement and get a big boiiii job
you can go directly to hell for speaking such truthsi think its a flattering look on some. especially if youre cervix is dilatingsay what you guys want, but the fabric on that piece is amazing and the waffle liner is amazing to the touch. whoever took those pics is totally awesome, and not fat
boots have sold
killer boots!
nice! all you need now is a little breeze and the sun to go down and youve got cardigan sweater
send em PMs so they go to his email. like a ray of sunshine into his already blistering hot LA day
Cipresso updatelooks like we are dealing with the xmas holiday break. my gut tells me 2014 delivery is unlikely. but i welcome pleasant surprises
nice boots! which last were they made on?
i hope they cancel Beatlegeuese's order and eliminate the little bit of joy that these sweaters provide
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