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I only keep the ugly ones and sell the nice ones. Always something in my sig!
@poorsod any updated pics of your bespoke boots? Or where we can see pics? Thanks
Thank you so much for that info. I ran across a couple of your posts when researching these boots. Thank you for posting
Another throwback EG boot made for Asprey marketed as the city boot. These were numbered in the 35000ish. Simialar concept to the double strap boot above Leather in this burgundy is pretty cool it looks and reacts to contact like a chromexcel. Great stuff
Thanks guys boots were made for Ralph Lauren numbered sub 25000, I think EG recently broke 100000 markTop down view Leather is really cool. Brown with a Gray tinge to it.
Royal tenenbaums again! What a great script, the story is so dense without feeling overworked or suffocating. As good the second time
great stuff 3d
Double strap edward green boot 89 last stitched captoe unlined shaft bellows tongue haf sole metal eyelets baaaaaaaah
i need to watch that one too. thanks for the heads up! my first chaplin film was "in the gold rush". remarkable how good humor holds up
charlie chaplin city lights. the last scene melted by god damn heart royal tenenbaums. loved this wish id seen it sooner. reminds me a lot of arrested development
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