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Mahogany Country Calf!
Ha! They essentially replaced productive jameer -franchise guy - for an atrocious, overpriced Gordon. I don't get it
Usually pretty quick actually but mon and tues are their online off days
i did
that was my experience as well. the ptb fits tighter than wingtip
Thanks patrik! What would be the final cost through SkoaK? Proposed Makeup; This boot - Nevis, 360 Storm welt, Mahogany Country Calf: Double Dainite: EG Green Lining: Interested parties: Montecristo905 Namor need 4 more!
^ I think we need the same makeup. Does this work for you? Nevis 606 last Mahogany CC Double Dainite 360 storm welt EG green lining @Skoaktiebolaget Can we get the green Edward green lining available as a mto for this Nevis?
Both pairs have sold
@FrankZ@vorkanz@PMac@MoosicPa@Montecristo905@NAMORdo we have 6 for a Nevis, 606 last, Mahogany CC, Dainite sole? Maybe that signature green EG lining?
IM IN! dainite sole please. and the lining is sublime. i want
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