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^ i thought they were shell but probably will look better in long run as calf Vass norweger whiskey shell
Vass norweger whiskey shell
you bring up a very good point, but you always do. now im having second thoughts about Prince. was that little red corvette really red? or was it(mr. jreigen beware) [[SPOILER]] brown? hmmmmpm me!
holy smokes; so much fun in this once venerable thread! and not a single gentlemen bothered to invite me to my own party
these were a 45f and too big. i reordered an osloer boot in p2 goyser in 44.5G width and the fit was perfectgood luck and welcome to vass
yeah goyser absolutely adds volume to the shoe. i would say its equivalent to adding at least 1 width or a 1/4 size
i would say youre a 44.5F in the P2 last (assuming no goyser)
with any other maker i have this reaction. the exception of course is stephan schneider; the man is a cloth magician, and I actually prefer the nylon blends over the luxurious cashmere. nylon blends drapes better and typically look and feel interesting to the touch. like the dude said, when the fabric is strong, you dont have to recreate the trouser
@Deusis i love all your shell posts. its becoming too hard to keep up with the likes
drop to $450
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