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the alden gunboat duhh
gotcha. has it been 2 years already!? oh my eff time flies
^ what changes?
excellent! ill shoot everyone a PM later this evening
We can have more than 6. Bank holiday in the UK hopefully shoe healer can get back to us tomorrow
Great news, wooksb! Looking forward to hearing back from the shoe healer on sizing. Just need one more and we are off. Might break the previous gmto record. I think the cipresso boot was done in 2 days?
Excellent! So far we have 4 commited:ZippyhMothballTampatravelNamOROnce we get 2 more we can take this to PM and get payment details squared away. I've already contacted shoe healer to confirm the specs
For TrickerS? I don't know. Also only £100 deposit so you can pay balance upon completion
everything ive read and what members have said suggests sizing down 1 from us that its a snug fit. will see what the shoehealer says@wurgerwould you provide some insight into the 4537 relative to other english lasts? did take same size as c&J?
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