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from previous members pictures, i was wondering about those orange whiskey looking shell vass. thanks for the info.
looking forward to your picture guiz
For sale is a jacket from Futura Laboratories. Made in Japan. Worn 5 times, in like new condition. Lined with chambray fabric. Had back cinch removed by a tailer (looked odd to me) but will include it with jacket. Tagged a XL but fits like a Large. Retailed for $495. Great lightweight piece for cool nights/mornings. Clearing out some other jackets as well. Description: A re-interpretation of the timeless Drizzler jacket as worn by the likes of James Dean and other icons,...
Love these sir. Where are the pants from?
P2 last! Contact vass direct about $800 I think? I don't remember
slouchy is good. i think shoulders look good on you
likewise. and i am thankful for it. hopefully this feeling can last for atleast 30 days or until after the holidaysedit - also any leads on a navy memory? size 4? navy? anyone?
I think you have an appropriate user name. The defects as you call them take a few seconds to spot and that's with excellent, high quality close ups. I probably would never have complained about the defects as I probably would never have noticed them in the first place. I would chalk it up to "vass charm"Then again I've only ordered from Vass direct perhaps at a higher price i would have a lower threshold for "defects", even minor ones
someone save me from myself
its that valway design! some credit goes to edward green and to whoever they ripped the design from
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