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good sport, these look fantastic. i honestly didnt even see the goyser until the second time. i think you did well keeping these. cool detail that i didnt notice the first time is the lack of pinking on the punch cap toe; i think i prefer it
youre insufferable. i wish vass the best
yay! welcome and thanks for joining this great gmto.btw, also the lining and pull tab on this gmto will be purple something like what you see typically on carmina:why the change? [[SPOILER]]
dont limit yourself! PC RO PCP RCA i love open laced wingtip. great design. glws
^ $700 retail? that can't be true. From time to time I'll see old polo labeled boxes (at least 5 years old) with $850 price tag
if your feet are pretty standard then i wouldnt worry about it
@Carson you ever get the icky, that sticky that cipresso green boot fix satisfied?
nice wrist
solid prices on some been had polo shell loafers http://www.ebay.com/itm/RALPH-LAUREN-DARK-BROWN-MARLOW-TASSEL-LOAFER-MENS-SHOE-MADE-IN-ENGLAND-SIZE-8D-/301749775647?hash=item4641b02d1f http://www.ebay.com/itm/CROCKETT-JONES-POLO-Ralph-Lauren-SHELL-CORDOVAN-7-D-England-All-But-Unworn-/111780646536?hash=item1a06a54e88
ugh, resisted the first time but now that its reappeared; thats one helluva ugly shoe. the overall design, the congestion of lines around the vamp, that apron design, and that braid...
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