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how does so much information leak out of nba organizations? for example, in this kings scenario 2-3 new stories come out everyday that either discredit or undermines ownership/front office. how is this info going out. i imagine a small, select group of individuals are privy to this info, yet its all over the news its amazing how all this information gets out that undermines everyone involved
whats going on in portland? hornets did well getting batum finally shoring up the wing spot with decent length and play making ability
these look great. if they are bespoke for you, why sell? would consider it in my size
^ from that pic, doubt its 82 last e width looks like the 202 but i might be wrong
^ do you have low instep?
thread is on fire. thanks for all the pics of the frankenstitch
i know! might have to keep at this price
no problem. good luck!thats pretty cool. that might be a first; alden grant wingtip boot. color 8?
thank you, thank you again
New Posts  All Forums: