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youre the best man. Ive been after this color merino in a size 6
that sounds perfect to be honest. the rugged texture juxtaposed with the elongated shape of the last makes for a dressy casual option. i think chinos or cotton pants would be perfect. atleast thats how I would wear them. looking forward to your fit pics! youve nudged me a a little closer to making my next purchase
@in stitches im banging my head against the keyboard here hoping i got this youre a tough man to find
im trying to reply but i keep getting an error message im on internet explorer :/
thanks for the tip. i love the shrunken buffalo leather. how do you plan on wearing the grey brown derby?
those look slick, congrats! i was eyeing that same pair. how did you size? you purchased lasted zonkey trees? i have had no problems with the leather laces. i prefer them over the cotton ones.
IS! Ill take it please if its available!
@ JS @ Tifosi i love the shoes. i dislike the mindless and increasingly misinformed or uneducated opinions of the internet: broad sweeping statements, poor brand comparisons and value judgments. Sf surely isnt immune to this. gah. i know ive done the same, with 18,000+ posts ive probably done it more than most. but still you cant help but bang your head against the wall
its not a fight with you tifosi. i love my eg and carmina alike. i think maybe need to get banned from this site. could we vote me off the island? i find my tone is increasingly skeptical and negative. like a job ive outgrown, i feel like i need to move on. but i dont know what else id do with myself while taking a shit
^ EG build quailty isnt $600 better thats for fucking sure. Eg wont last longer either. they only feel $600 better because we've paid $600 moreit is crazy.the 25% carmina suede ucap mto downpayment is less than $100
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