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thank you gents the valways came out nicely indeed. i didnt ask for it but they made the uppers from a single piece of shell. vass are truly masters at their craft. its pretty easy to distinguish galway from valway imo simply by looking at toe shape. as concordia eluded to, vasss shoes retain that central european charm even with the galway designbtw, the ucap was supposed to a longwing boot. i specially mentioned "longwing" and "galosh" in my description but im happy with...
that looks exception well done and thanks for the pic and fit description
^ thats a good measuring stick actually: using the trees as a gauge of shoe width thanks for the comment on the boot. i sent kuti and couple of pics and they recreated it nicely. looks even better on the brogue ucap i think
was reading another one of podhertz reviews this time about The Other Woman. The man can be overly critical and overbearing at times but he does have have unique perspective and is usually on the money (atleast most of the time). In this review he highlights Leslie Mann's filmography and drops this gem: [[SPOILER]] to which i say hell yes. Funny People got canned by too many critics and still has a relatively low rating on imdb and rotten. FP is a gem of a filmif tere is...
cool let me know how they fit. ive been generally disappointed with the fit of their "lasted" trees. my most recent order size 45f f last trees fit the shoes very well so im hoping this is the new trend and not a fluke also, post pics when you get a chance. havent seen a vass shell shoe i didnt like
did you opt for trees? how do they fit?
nice find. great price too. glad it wasnt my size would have felt remorse
damn that sucks. they had some nice stuff on sale
^vass is probably one of the only few shoe makers where you don't have to speak in hypotheticals. Ime, they have been pretty flexible to work with and provide timely responses. Just email Kuti and askWhat size did you go for? Or did you specify a wider fit or provide measurements based on other lasts?
More shell action f last whiskey Galway. Vass did it again, single piece of shell, will be interesting to see how they age/crease especially across the vamp
New Posts  All Forums: