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Thanks guys not sure if I'll keep them. The orange really pops and I don't know if I want the attention. It's really distracting when every 5 minutes some hot chick walks up to you to pays the boots a compliment. It's like listen hot tits, my face is up here. Could I, can I just like enjoy this coffee for just a moment without you interrupting me? People these days, it's like come on. Come on!
trickers orange shell cordovan wingtip malton boot commando sole
ha! thanks
missed out on those indys. should have scooped them up with the 20% off code they had 3-4 months ago :/yeah ive been putting heel and toe taps on all my shoes to avoid having shoes resoled. will check out aham, he has a nice site and friendly and hospitable in email correspondence
Well, since we are on the subject, I wasn't impressed by their work either. It was okay but def nothing special. Really had no regrets selling them and this is a c width Ravello Barrie we are talking about
what?!?! thats crazy. did you change the welting? thats crazy prices how did they break down the cost?
How much did it set you back? I ha that same boot originally on commando? From the shoemart. Had bnelson swap to double leather
One of the super super super cool details with vass mto is they agreed to make a pair where one boot was wider than the other. Because One of my feet is a touch wider than it's counterpart I truly couldn't call any one last the best fitting. But Now I can and they don't look half bad either
He was a on a tear for a couple months last season before going down to a nagging injury. But still managed to play 70+ games each of the last 2 years. Appears to be a nice fit in Indiana wish him the best
lakers allowed both ed davis and jordan hill to walk and replaced them with an older, slower hibbert bass combo? smh, loved davis
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