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this page is full of tasty treats
this looks great! for a NON-SHELL WINGTIP [[SPOILER]]
do it! there are so many variables that can "break" a make-up. if this one is up your alley, you have to buy it! do it! youll live under a mountain of regret if you dont. like a dwarf but without the gold
Quick comparison of m75 last and plaza last
rubber double dainite right? built in tumbler right there, non slip even
75% off and 2 different colors in one and doubles as 2 cup holders amazing!
yep! my eg rosewood galways have darkened nicely as brushed them with the brush i reserve for black and dark brown shoes. loverly patina
you got in on that pre-order? im musing that i like the fact that we only pay 25% down. was considering the brown highland grain also...
love what the shoe snob did with this pair
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