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ino68, those are nice! which last? i agree with rogerp, they do remind me of eg utah calf and thats a good look. maybe slight burnish to captoe and heel counters but i wouldnt do much more
^ninja edited! Same leather used for the shoegazing sarek boot. I wad hoping for the facing to be shell but oh wells. Also wanted a little contrast to the welt but vass hit a homer, still
Vass Sarek aka Valway aka Hungarian Edward Green Galway. Uppers made from shell, shaft made from the vegetable tanned leather from the small Swedish tannery Tärnsjö. Thanks to shoegazing blog for sourcing such cool leather. looking forward to seeing it up close
^ post the after. I think we all have an idea of what florsheim color 8 looks like. Looks like juicy summer blood red cherries I agree with the venetian i much rather have a bottle of that than an equal amount of the rediculously overpriced saphir. But tha saphir smell reminds me of my first shell. Takes me right back to 2010. I had an old, practically empty jar of saphir that i filled with venetian and i get the best of both worlds
Any before/after Pics of your pair?
@cypi2 You brought up a valid and relevant point; 10,000 words ago. I had a similar experience a few months ago where i lost about $40 on a refund exchange. And now youve inspired me to hijack the John Lobb thread and submit the posters to my drivel. And I wont email the retailer because that happens to be the best way of resolving this. Of course ill be doing it all out of principle
those are fantastic! well done sir
^ i thought they were shell but probably will look better in long run as calf Vass norweger whiskey shell
Vass norweger whiskey shell
you bring up a very good point, but you always do. now im having second thoughts about Prince. was that little red corvette really red? or was it(mr. jreigen beware) [[SPOILER]] brown? hmmmmpm me!
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