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more is less! wells fargo charges a flat fee of $30 but its the 1+ hour sitting in the bank that annoys me. And you buy 2-3 pairs get a little discount maybe, good exchange rate this month too. make it rain!
@Montecristo905@Laufer@cwh812we still in on this? lets do this before my monies disappear into a vass bank account
thats why you buy 2-3 pairs at once and save yourself the hassle and fees!
received my order. fast and speedy delivery thanks again eddievddr, you always deliver!
I'd like to know this too
good question. you still take a uk11.5?
bah forgot the name. have several pairs but the name rubbed off. by far the nicest socks i own much better than pantharellaactually they are uneven when looking from top down. in fact, the right shoe is significantly lighter than the left but thats shell playing tricks. in sunlight its dr. hyde, indoors and at night its gets hairy
thanks mike!
Those are clean. Walnut shell?
A penny for your thoughts
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