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Bravo! Bravo
excess thread not pulled through, inconsistent spacing between stitches, uneven line, etc. look at hoodogs pic for an example. yes, i agree with BA and RF that thorpe looks better, but look closely at the apron stitching and its clear which is done better (to me atleast)
to eg's credit, their stitched aprons are far more consistent than G&G. about a quarter of the G&G thorpes i see have what i would consider defective apron stitching. my pair included
^great stuff as usual sir. good luck with the sales
Speaking of Carmina uwing, some unposted?pics of the skoaktiebolaget cognac shell uwing boot
I thought of the same thing! Even when I wasn't hungry thoughts of Caramel and chocolate
Some leftover pics of the RL shell jodhpur on my phone
broooo! wow love these
great stuff as usual. why sell all these great boots? i havent worn RW in years but at these prices im tempted
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