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beautiful boot, great price. did you post more pics in another thread? i recall seeing more of them but maybe that was on brians IG.
And then also I remembered I had these
thank you for doing that! i was considering buying them myself with the hope the unlined suede would stretch a bit. 202 is a little roomy to begin with. i hope you get many warm summer months of enjoyment from them
npyou know what goes well with snuff suede shanklins? [[SPOILER]]
thanks my friend. i might need to keep these if im to drop the price. typically i have an aversion to burgundy calf but this delapre is more like chromexcel and shell; perfect for a boot imo
discounted shanklin in taupe mushroom suede http://www.upper-shoes.com/en/man/edward-green/5930-shanklin.html#/colors-mushroom/size-8
ha!thanks guys.
Tell me about it. This shit until mid sept:No summer Olympics, no World Cup, woooof
life is good when you have more alden lw bluchers than posts. outstanding
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