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good deal
I know right! For better or for worse! This is the second most important decision you'll ever make. Second only to deciding whether to get Pokemon red or Pokemon blue
Don't do it! Whatver you're feeling will pass with a good night of sleep Did your feet get amputated? That's the only change that could justify the sale.
^ did anyone here happen to buy them? CW, you in New York? Id say at least a third of everything ive ever sold was shipped to New York City
Friends of the Cipresso Roundtable, we have confirmation that the punchcap toe boot (without pinking) can indeed be made on 81 last with cipresso shell. All we need is just another participant. wklq76a, could you float the mto on reddit to see if one more person catches on? Model: Punch Cap Superboot - Model M5617 Color: Cipresso Last: 81 (the one on the right. by comparison 4497 on the left) Welt and Outsole: Brown Barbour Welt on brown dainite Welt Stitching:...
Damn seller bumped price by $55 :/eBay! They weren't my size but I had to see and feel to believe. I now believe
Dang I'm regretting not getting tan tonal stitching on the navy Roy boot
Scotchgrain gianni polo RL - it does exist! Flat welt, medway ridgeway sole (?), scotchgrain, no pull tab
Navy Shell Roy boot due sometime in December. I haven't received an invoice for the balance
Boots look killer ironist. Congrats again and congrats for the rest of your life; That's a perfect makeup
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