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thank you guys. ill post some more photos for posterity sake
"kick his ass!"
rostering an injured player (collapsed lung) in the last week of your season? why? you held on to your players too long all year. this was indys week to lose as he was planning for next week anyway. to your point, i didnt roster any injured players nor did i roster any shit underperforming players that i drafted. ill be going to the championship round in all 3 of my leagues in part to luck and also rival manager incompetence. fun fact: jones was owned in just 1 of 3...
man good finish guys. idfnl good luck in the next round, the 3rd place finisher gets a higher payout this year. good luck!
interesting. i would have started him. figure he can atleeast make up the difference in assists and maybe steals. do you think he plays tomorrow?
close in several cats and brandon knight is playing curious to see if he plays well. besides the point as he is on indy's bench
brook lopez is playing out of god damn mind right now. dude should be hobbling around on this broken feet not putting up 30/10/3b. fuck. might have to play his ass twice next week
natural chinos dropped to $75
bro you were cruising this week. Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool, all while rabid dog idfnl (dmx bark) kept chipping away at it. idfnl is one hell of a competitor as I well know (from last years finals). good luck to you both!
thanks guys. tried them on for a brief moment had no shot at fitting. hopefully new owner can enjoy them
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