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^ wowowoowowowoow thats awesome edit-do you have a link i couldnt find it. im sure someone here would be interested
I'd be all in if it wasn't for that cognac shell boot. Patrik, do you have a preference for suede? Is there one that's more likely to satisfy the gmto requirement?
contrast stitching for outsole? light brown or tan perhaps?so carmina uwing boot as seen here:last: Rain (as seen below)outsole: rubber i prefer double to be safe but open to other suggestionsleather: suede (no shell available unfortunately)design: see below@Leavesdo you have any updated suede swatches from Carmina? is polo lighter than snuff? and could you give us a ballpark price?
By broguing you mean the hole punch? So austerity uwing boot?
A few more light brown/dark tan suede boots.
oh god lets not get distracted by comparing one shoe makers suede color to anothers. Batches of same suede from the same shoemaker varies even. i simply posted the G&G light brown suede and natural suede to a "feel" for the uwing boot would look.
polo suede and edge trim would resemble this pair of G&G belonging to Mr. Leaves:
how so? im interested in what you have in mindthe uwing boot design is already without a medallion and the the edges are cut in perfectly straight edge, no pinking
+1. context is everything. im sure SF'ers dressed in "business casual" have been charged with being overdressed. in this light, the ucap is a dressy boot, nothing short of "fancy". switch the laces to bar lacing I I I I or crosses X X X and all of a sudden youre a dandy.with that said, i find the ucap works well with both casual cotton chinos and wool dress slacks. as a balmoral boot, its far more versatile than a sleeked captoe bal boot
this is a fantastic idea! with a natural or light brown edge trim?edit-how many do we need to make this gmto a GO?
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