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beautiful. would love to kop in my size
^ def go dark oak shannon over vintage rioja canterbury. my opinion at least
^ dude can you imagine if we were allowed to bring a handful of items with us? handsdown would bring a horsehair brush and shoe polish. id finally have time to get that spit shoe shine
oh man those are bangin'
lol, dress up as homeless people? thats awesome. are they wearing C&J? lol amirite EG crowd? right?
hell? i hope not. imagine sitting in a hot and humid room for all eternity. i would be annoyed initially, but would probably become bored out of my mind around year 21243242423. would probably leave the shell at home and opt for a loafer. unlined would be ideal. something in green would be a nice contrast to the eternal fires of hell
thats right. gonna bring back homeless chic likes its 1999. some of the homeless people i see today are just despicable. i dont care that youre in a life-threatening struggle to attain food and shelter. youre out in public! put on something presentable. and get a crease in those slacks! i dont care if they havent been washed in 4 weeks
what else would we do with our money? contribute more to 401k? over my dying, retired and homeless body!
if i lived in London i would never pay retail for a new EG but for the rest of us atleast we have Skoak and sausages
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