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makes no sense why they arent selling. im thinking of holding on to them and displaying them on a book shelf to enjoy years later. from all that ive gathered and heard, the exotic shell colors are all but extinct. someone of sense and taste needs to buy the navy shell @kwhitelaw does your pair fit?
4497 last vs 81 last. 81 last is longer (slightly), same instep, 81 last is slightly narrow toe box the green shell is the worst green shell ive seen in all my years of buying green shell. its dry and full of pockmarks. you can see the difference in the shine between the left and right shoes. i dont know whats the issue with their supplier but hopefully the new one means better quality. will probably cost more and have less color options unfortunately. if you...
^ i do!! I just dont wear them as often not when you can have navy or green
Youre a good man Roger
^ said it once already and ill say it again, hot damn those are nice A couple recent additions: Vass cigar shell valway and tarnsjo shaft Trickers cipresso cordovan punch captoe
im waiting for that record to go down so i can then quote my prophetic words. but fuck, will someone atleast put the breaks on this warriors team? im beginning to dislike them because they are too good. turning into a real, no good player haterthis was weird
Man vass really stepped it up. They always had quality shoes, but now with the newer, more classicially english designs, theyve really distinguished themselves. Absolutely the best value in shoes today
Bravo, bravo sir
I tried my pair on recently in the hope that my recent weight gain translated to larger feet. But alas they still fit big and now im just fatter
Why arent there more pics of the navy shell roy boot? We had like 25 participants on that gmto
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