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they look so familiar yet distinct. lots of stuff going on there but manages to work really well. another member summed it up well: an ass kicking bal boot
great week man. your team always manages to battle through. I was holding my breath on thursday; could have gone either way
the boots that inspired your design have inspired me the original boot owner to be inspired by your inspiration in addition, as well.these are fantastic. p2 last?
that sounds about right. 3 piece trees are $$$
^ your monologue died on sunday btw. what a waste
not crazy at all. i once listed a pair of used shell boots for $3K? eventually raising the price to $15K. for less than $4k those new captoes are 75% off. think of the savings! sincerely, bat shit crazy seller
i love their IG except for the annoying fact that they spam the shit of most desirable hashtags: #johnlobb, edwardgreen, etc. fucking annoying when you want to find a JL shoe and everything comes back as vass
custom made as i understand means "a la carte". you make a change to every aspect the design. and they are pretty flexible in this regard. if their shoemakers can physically make it, then kuti will make it so
my man, you crushed this combo. who makes the jeans?
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