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no problem glad it helped. i also posted a top down pic of the two lasts in my instagram
808 vs 888 last
Yes, 606! 202 doesn't do anything for me. Just a rounded toe offered by every shoe maker
ill ask him then. thanks for the heads up! anything in the pipeline?
Thanks M6. Doesn't vass prefer euro or will they accept dollars? All the prices are in euro. Do you just do a quick conversation and send that amount in $$$!
thanks ill have to check them out. looks like a nice site. they make their money on the exchange rate instead of fees?
damn, i want these. does calf fit different to shell cordovan? Ill have to try on my uk11 olfe and see it i have any room
Ulast boot Budapester wingtip "antique cognac"
No I haven't is that possible? I don't like the idea of doing it over the phone because so many things could go wrong. I want to be in person handed them the vass transfer bank accounts, etc. Their always seems to be a problem processing so 1 hour usually turns into 2 and if it a new person, then they hae to call manager over, and now you have to explain a second time why you're sending $$$$, and then look at their face when they hear it's for shoes. And then wf lady...
New Posts  All Forums: