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lol moopaa just shat on every other bal boot. i thought i was hot stuff with these G&G black shell canterbury bal boots... now just a hot pile of poo next to moo [[SPOILER]] moo wins!
is that on the 888 last? jesus moo, just when i thought you outdid yourself, you outdo yourself again. bravo, bravo
My goodness those are wonderful
thanks man, id gladly keep if they were just 1/2 sizes bigger. tisk, new owner will be very happy with them
no sir. oh man that would have been fantastic. hard to find so much uninterrupted shell on a single shoe. like others have eluded to its shoe candy
yeeee "from the good folks at skoaktiebolaget. its swedish"
send me offers!
good season guys! indy, nice week and great job this year. congrats to idfnl for another solid finish this week. ill send the funds over shortly.
brown deerskin shrunken kudu monkey balls falkrik and cardiff
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