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charming film. reminded me a lot of "cyrus" and "the kids are alright"
fantastic pair. yeah these dont fit narrow at all. the "d" width is kind of misleading, they fit just as comfy as my F width. maybe even larger? in any case, great price on a great pair of boots. glws!
nice combo. lovely textures
another greatest hit. any fit pics? curious to see how they wear
lovely shoes. i like the double leather soles here. all my leather soles shoes are HAF i prefer the look of double leather as a change
they look so familiar yet distinct. lots of stuff going on there but manages to work really well. another member summed it up well: an ass kicking bal boot
great week man. your team always manages to battle through. I was holding my breath on thursday; could have gone either way
the boots that inspired your design have inspired me the original boot owner to be inspired by your inspiration in addition, as well.these are fantastic. p2 last?
that sounds about right. 3 piece trees are $$$
^ your monologue died on sunday btw. what a waste
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