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he is 100% in the upside cat
i think i was worrying too much. it is leather after alldoes it still have the raglan sleeve design? front side is raglan back side is traditional vertical shoulder? the 10 sei otto jacket is prob my favorite of all time. the one leather ive decided to keep after cycling through about 10 from all the other designers. modest leather jacket with all the right details
i wouldnt know. their leather bags from 5 years ago are top notch. was easy to switch from filson
thanks man. didnt have much luck a few months ago
lol i sold my 256 and 257 and instead picked up a couple of leather messengers from property of and another from RLPL. im def keeping this one. love the 2 pockets in the front especially the zipper. it looks like it could double like a nice travel backpack when expanded. btw, got the navy
burnt pine chyea http://www.styleforum.net/t/449327/nib-gaziano-girling-monkstrap-chukka-boots-tg73-uk10-5-us11
where is this pic from? magnificent!can we get a head count of members that would purchase a navy galway in utah? not for a gmto obviously. just want to take a straw pole in case skoak decides to stock it in the near future (spring 2016 delivery?)
It's a crapshoot and ultimately shoemakers call. Horween stamps "antique cognac"? And when they stamp their shell "whiskey" is light with an orange hue like Alden's whiskey or is it dark and more brown like vass whiskey?
Lovely thanks for the pic!
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