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draft date and time: Sun Oct 25 5:30pm Pacific, 8:30pm Eastern
My Christ!
Anyone want to play in this league? If we can get another SF'er I can drop the non-payer who also happens to be the only non-SF'er. Buyin $100 Draft this Sunday at 5:30 pacific
Oh man I want the boot, I want the boot. Jdasso out here dangling his pair. I feel like a monkey reaching for a banana whenver I see a pair. Sitting at my laptop trying to scratch through the glass
For your consideration a pair of lightly used Trickers shell cordovan boots made from mogano burgundy shell cordovan. Specially made for Frans Boone, tagged a size UK11, built on the 2298 last 5 fitting (medium), equivalent to US12D. Worn about a dozen times. Uppers have minor markings and colorations consistent with well maintained shell cordovan. Some superficial markings to the cordovan but in great shape. Dainite outsoles still feel new, barely any signs of wear. Toe...
you wont regret it! youll just ned to find an excuse why you couldnt give christmas presents this year
is their a pre-order for a plaza nst boot?
For your consideration a used pair of Alden whiskey shell cordovan full strap penny loafers. Shoes are in excellent condition, with a few superficial markings to the uppers. Made from a lovely shade of whiskey shell cordovan, built on a single leather outsole, matching flat welt, and fully lined. Penny loafer design built on Aberdeen last. Tagged a US7.5E and fit TTS IMO. Shoes retail for $710 when new. Included is a pair of Alden shoe trees made from a heavy oak, fits the...
You got the red ones! I had a pair of the red batch too. Nice change from the color 8 eggplant And the recent batch of eggplant
Heinrich Dinkelacker Norweger cordovan
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