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hello sir! always love your postings. i think if you included "shell cordovan" in your ebay listings the shoes would sell quickly
^ I wouldnt either. I can do $350 to anyone who want to buy them here through SF. the outsoles are rock hard, unbroken. feels new
@Farhad19620 those fantastic. what a boot! how do you like the fit compared to 202 and 64?
^ thanks for the heads up. I was actually referring to the pants
this wasnt very nice of you. now i have to spend the working day distracted as i try and search for a similar pair. insanely cool stuff thanks for posting
Thank you sir that was very helpful
^ interesting. do you that a g width instead of sizing up from f? could i ask what sizes you take in EG/GG and other vass lasts?
For your consideration a lightly used pair of Alden captoe blucher made built for Brooks Brothers. Made on double leather outsole, matching flat welt and dark edge trim. Outsoles are in great condition, with minor heel drag. Made with very high quality shell cordovan pieces with a tight smooth surface. Evidenced by high shine that achieved with just few moments of brushing. Rubber topy added to extend life of outsole and for added traction. Uppers are in great condition...
Excellent! What width are these?
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