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bippity, bumpity, boo
btw there is a UK10.5 pair out there somewhere. anyone on this forum have it?
btw the GBP just keeps dropping. great time to get something and save a little more on nicks site
BTW, Nick at Bespoke-England, amazing service as always. Youre the best, top of the class in customer service imo
yeah i said i was done with G&G because the price/quality ratio dipped below that of EG. when G&G increased prices and required everyone to buy shoe trees i was equally annoyed and disappointed . they also required some retailers to stop selling lasted 3 piece trees in order to validate charging bespoke customers a 300% premium.long story short, i placed the order for this MTO 2 years ago and after some miscommunication and extended delays, and then more delays, i asked...
looks like vintage chestnut? very nice DPPRDR some bespoke england love
pics uploaded
COmes from a clean, pet-free, and smoke free home. Many of these pants have been worn less than a handful of times and havent seen any kind of water or wash. Priced to move. Discount for multiple purchases. All prices include priority shipping and tracking CONUS1. LVC 505 Tagged 36x32 Dark Navy Selvedge Worn twice $95 [[SPOILER]] 4. Left Field NYC Tagged 36x32 Natural Selvedge Chino with red selvedge line Worn less than 5 times. A little indigo bleed from the chambray...
everything has been sold on ebay. thanks
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