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i just sent out invites to everyone who played last year and to those who have paid. draft will take place weekend of oct 25-26
thats an interesting makeup@sacafotos thanks for the heads up. look like dark oak/cc to me
no disagreements here. that indy makeup sounds special. i love the cigar indy with the antique. lovely.
hwaaat? you have no gianni? noooooo
fantastic model, ive never seen this one like this before
i love this makeup. have you any recent fit pics? @jhcam8i had vass duplicate this exact makeup with shell uppers and their red brown suede shaft. couple weeks away
happened across this series of posts. worthy of a bamp
yeah its been a month since thread started. the 2 other leagues im playing in are set up and draft scheduled so this is disappointing to say the least. but these guys are good for it. perhaps they just finishing a busy 3rd quarter and cant wait to sign up!
love your pics cool arrow. my loafers havent gotten dry in 2 years! but ive yet to wear them a third time
New Posts  All Forums: