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Light was just perfect for ralph lauren lindrick
thank you sir, ill keep an eye out!
the one size fits all chups, whats the upper limit on that pair? 10, 11? what size do you take in brannock? and do you get heel slip when wearing them.
alden for leathersoul ravello shell cordovan swb http://www.styleforum.net/t/516645/alden-for-leathersoul-ravello-shortwings-10-5-d alden for unionmade color 8 shell cordovan boot http://www.styleforum.net/t/516647/alden-for-unionmade-halleck-8-wingtip-boots-10-5-d
tell me about it. youve been dropping some grails, this pair is like grail 110%
thank you!
lol yeah i dont blame you though they dont look all that great in the photos. the photos themselves kind of sell the shoes short (those were taken with my iphone) as im replacing my dslr. ill have some new pics up soon. maybe youll change your mind!
hello sir! always love your postings. i think if you included "shell cordovan" in your ebay listings the shoes would sell quickly
^ I wouldnt either. I can do $350 to anyone who want to buy them here through SF. the outsoles are rock hard, unbroken. feels new
@Farhad19620 those fantastic. what a boot! how do you like the fit compared to 202 and 64?
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