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tough man i wholeheartedly empathize with your frustration. i have a handful of vass and sometimes i still feel like i havent figured out my size.
lol whats with all this talk of significant discount? should he also be paid damages for emotional distress for feeling a sense of disappointment? if i follow your math, cezinho is owned a free pair of shoes, a remake of a pair, a letter of apology and a statement from mr vass himself from a tall podium, wife next to him a foot to the left and foot back, apologizing for the error in judgement. and a promise to never do it again
tough call man. if youre going for a classic, then get the classic. in the same way an eg galway craving can only be satisfied with the eg galway. i think its obvious what needs to be done here: grab the alden 975 and the whiskey vass wingtips
i guess the trick is to order burgundy and cross your fingaz
after overcoming the initial frustration, i find that vass "screws up" typically yield a net positive for the buyer. those are gorgeous! the sizing could be an issue however
Great makeup, love the r last with double sole. Would you post a closeup of the leather? Or just upload each pic?
Now There is something you dont see everyday! Details please! Is that double leather?
Star wars, interesting.. I would say that if you enjoy the type and quality of movies posted on this thread it may feel underwhelming. Ep7 feels a lot like a marvel film (avengers, iron man) meets a history film Underwhelming in part because this film revisits and relies a lot on similar themes and subplots from the previous films
drizzy drop to $125
^ lovely Had the same thought in my mind this morning
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