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Yeah one of my cards is free. Just a heads up. It was a nice surprise :P
also some cc charge a foreign transaction fees. worth checking with your cc company got dinged for $22 once. not sure if its a % or flat rate fee
i picked one up today at the whole foods. even at 4pm it was delicious. but the only reason why it stood out was because no one had purchased any all day. also, anyone still eat bear claws? seems like a old mans almond croissant
great prices, is all of the burgundy that shade (light burgundy, reddish like ruby?) i quite like it
i think that would be the titz. also that green museum is equally tantalizing
http://www.ebay.com/itm/VASS-budapest-hungary-CORDOVAN-WINGTIP-SHOES-9-us-42-eu-U-last-austerity-brogue-/381001511918?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item58b575b3ee great price if your size
i love that model. also, i wouldnt have even considered the r last if i didnt already have the p2 last and f last. of their rounded lasts i would put r last behind those two. museum flast last ptb would be
my sizing experience is based on their shell model but i can compare last to last: u last - 45.5 f last - 45 p2 - 44.5 r last - 44.5 In P2, I ordered the same size as f last and resulted in 1/4 - 1/2 sizes big on me. so i think in the future im going with 44.5 in P2. thats the size i ordered in the r last and kuti gave his blessing. one thing i worry about, and something i read in this thread, is the variability of fit of identical shoe models, in identical sizes, up to...
go for it. plain toe r last look nice imo. ascot has a pair of plain toe monkstraps on ebay that look really nice. ill have a pair of r last captoe (hopefully by middle of october) will post pics then
the ff and u last both look great as wingtips, i love the idea of a brogue wingtip on a sleek last, especially if they are open lacing
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