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preach!church on a friday? id go to church every day wearing those shoes
^ that was fun thanks. i remember several years back i bought my brother and i tickets 2 rows behind spurs bench against kings in sacramento. and everytime parker checked in we would yell "eva" in a chorus. bitch tony never looked over
grain boot!
didnt he have like 19 boards at halftime?
Love me some chuck: "this is rehdickalus"
Lol at David blatt deliberately yelling at Danny green shooting a wide open 3 point shot. Can he do that?
Yo! What's up?!There was truth to it I read it at face value. And no it wasn't funny
hilarious, how boxes of them are sold on the floors of a rented room like rags at a bazaar. this is such a strange combination of feeling to see something you want very much, but are slightly relieve you cant purchase, but also slightly jealous, then try and put on a smiley face when someone posts a pic of their kop. my emotions are terribly confused
^ to the wife, they are all expensive, "fancy" shoes
i want the blue suede boots but none in my size. zoinks someone else kop
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