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misleading as fuck this annoying line is. guards, forward, centers, just call them guards
^ yup. pleasantly easy to work with. vass definitely makes each shoe distinctly theirs
^ thank you kindly sir!
hah, thanks man they are truly special
12E barrie? @hoit1981 these fit you?
what about 8000!?!?!?! now that is a last that beats the 82. and i prefer eg over jl 9/10 times.the jl william on the 8695 and woodcote on the 8000 are simply perfect. both trump their eg counterparts: the westminster on 82/202 and beaulieu on 82
Yeah If you had some wiggle in a p2, the same size f would eliminate most of it
^ generally, p2 is slightly more generous than f last in width and toe box height
Would be bittersweet to the nth degree if it all ends in Cleveland with GS and Lebron each raising a trophy. I'm curious of the logistics and presentation ceremony in that circumstance
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