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Another hour has passed. Bump to the top
During the past 6 months, I've enjoyed the makeups in this thread tremendously. Really inspiring too
Looks great I love it, good design. Lots of stuff going on but doesn't look or feel overdone. I also like that the shaft dip (}) isn't as low as on my valways; similar to the shoegazing Valway.
Those are absolutely fantastic. What size are they?
everyone get the app and communicate with smack talk from the app. please
totally! lovely combo, great socks. wish california had the climate for such a hearty combo. most of the time im stuck with thin socks
nice shoes, great price
in the spirit of this thread i still think the carmina ravello is nicer than the other ravello
Yeee Carmina Ravello u wing and the Aldens are color 8, and the vass are cigar
Anyone else feel underwhelmed by the GG Glencoe? Now I haven't looked closely at the specs but they look like an especially well finished CJ Coniston boot to my untrained eyes. But at almost twice the cost. I'd be hard pressed buying that Glencoe with so many sexy boot alternatives available from GG and EG.
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