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they are so cheap! buy, buy, buy!
another hugh drop $625 shipped. Last drop before i lock it up for fall
drop to $350 shipped
no it doesnt. are you in?!
someone people give hugs, we just tease the ones we love
oh you dont have them yet? i thought you were in them right now. that is a shame. omg, how can you do anything else knowing that it will be another 4,5,6 months?!?
glad they fit. 64 last is a good one
that sounds damn sexy
"luke babbit having a career night"
i bought leather from a michaels (a craft store) looks great http://www.michaels.com/artminds-latigo-lace-remnants/10168886.html#start=8 http://www.michaels.com/general-crafts-and-hobbies/leather-crafting/809188692 cut to order for each pair
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