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Those look fantastic! Aging well
How far into the movie before you came to that conclusion? If I call bullshit in the first 20 min I'm done. Or if my options are limited, I'll watch 15-30 seconds/fast forward 60 seconds until it's over. Good way to watch a sandler movie
Pretty neat! The raw edge coupled with the reflection of the shell had me thinking it was a navy or dark green shell. Good choice!
Wow those are incredible! What color?
^Ahhh, that explains the damn sales tax
Jokb, excellent collection particularly the suede u last boots. I'm jealous!
A few more pics this evening
Can't wait!!! Hopefully be ready soon after summer Pic of s last and u last. S last toe tip slightly wider, and has a lower instep then u last. Nose is slanted while u last toe box is a little taller with higher walls. Both size 44:
yeah lasts are made from wood. mr. kuti also said they are developing yet another last to add to their permanent line. something between f and u last
I think orange was something they received in short supply. But even so, Gold was far more impressive to mine eyez
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