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Where did you get that 33% off code? Through email? I'll need to try would purchase that jacket of very swiftly. The nmwa version is also very appealing. Basketweave, mmmm
damn son, thats a banging combo
^ you dont feel like the store background pics are overly saturated? the showyou dont feel like the store background pics are overly saturated? the shoes with the neutral background look better with less competing colors in the background
what a wonkey mto. needless to say, i like them very much!
hope they fit. vass sizing can be wonkey as fuck to say they least so far this is what i have discovered works for me (all shell and boots except for norwerger shoe) r last 44.5 (a little shorter than f and p2) f last 44.5 (fits similar to P2, P2 has slightly taller toe box and roomy vamp) p2 last 44.5 (45 norweger shoe) u last 45.5 (best fitting. comfortable everywhere can look overly elongated in some angles) uk11.5 in eg and g/g us 12, alden barrie 11.5c
^ whats your deal again? insole and tongue pad? i would say sizing down one half would work. i took a 45 in my f last boots and they fit 1/2 too big. they measure smaller than my uk11.5 eg 82 last and have a smaller footprint but fit 1/2 sizes bigger. 45 f last norweger shoe fits fine however
damn, those boots look even better a big screen. you killed it exdeath. and no medallions means no ripped medallion i dont see any reason for a medalion going forth. might be the most superficial, unnessary detail on a pair of shell
That's a nice design can we get pics of the back when after they arrive?
Wow those are great exdeath! Which last?
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