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vass from the past few weeks f last saddle shell r last burgundy shell f last saddle shell p2 last cigar shell u last dark antique cognac shell
They remind me of a certain backpack
Any gmto for Truman boots? Really like what I've seen this far. The new Christie soled boots look fantastic
thanks for the kind words fellas here is some sizing info i posted in the OP My shoe sizes and widths that fit comparably to this mh71 lasted boot: TG73 uk11.5E snug (F width might be better) Alden Aberdeen 12D, Leydon 12E, Barrie and Trublance 11.5C Crockett & Jones 348 (little long), 341 and 358 UK11E, 325 and 335 UK10.5E JL Mostly UK11E EG 888 (perfect) and 82 (little long) UK11.5E, 606 and 202 UK11F Vass F last 45F
Shell Ucap love
nobody wants to drive a 92 sentra unless they want to be ironic. poor man from a foriegn country working here on a green card, trying to build a life for his family and shit, probably could only afford a 92 sentra until he gets something more permanent like a managers position at mcdonalds or a, or a 1.2 million dollar contract. i just cant bring myself to knock anyone who drives a 92 sentra, unless of course they are white trash and if that was your angle, i apologize
i dont for a second doubt that a shell shoe made from shell uppers, leather welt and linen threads can stretch. i am however skeptical that the stretch or give came from the shell having expanded. for example, all of my shell vass feel tight or snug when they are new, but only after an hour or two they already feel slightly on the big side. this significant change (approx 1/4 sizes bigger) over such a small period of time suggests the components of the shoe are responsible...
Does shell stretch? Anyone have any links on the subject? Ime shell doesn't stretch. I know new shell shoes can feel stiff but soften and mold to the foot after a couple wears. Is this the stretch that people refer to?
Are you really knocking a man for driving a 92 sentra? Go fuck yourself 1.2 million times.
Filson has for more and more turned into a "lifestyle" brand and the price will only continue to increase as the gap between Filson and other "lifestyle" brands makes Filson a relatively good value. Good example of this happening in the past is the new balance 990 running shoes which now sells for $200 +. while the design hasn't changed the shoe has become increasingly popular as a casual sneaker and those shoes sell for more than typical running shoes Filson is more and...
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