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Touché.Cuz did it again. Great chance at a huge game in OT, working on a 30/20 game but fouls out. I'm convinced the only guy that can stop him is himself
agreed i already have enough dress shoes this pair was something i felt like i "needed"
youre a good man - taking a day off to receive a pair of shoe just imagine the feeling of when they finally arrive. itll be 5 minutes of hyperfocus, elevated heatbeat, etc; like sex but all you need is to take off shoes
welcome to the forum, for calf use shoe cream
yessir, 64 last galway boot
i like rrlthese are probably the most popular casual chinos on sf, no?
rrl rigid chinos! get the leg opening tapered and youre goldeni agree. of the things i mentioned, i can only vouch for the selvedge chinos. ill have to take other peoples words for going vegan and christ
yeah baby
selvedge chinos my friends will change your lives. as will christ. and going vegan, and working out before work. also no fried foods
noooo, noooooo, nooooooo
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