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I love the dlee story developing in the series. How cool would it be to see dubs win in part because dlee played well. The guy is a pro, glad he is getting his shot
thanks guys!
Live by the 3, die by the 3. Yeee
PTB izzles. They aren't no buttery smooth Alden ptbs but I sure love how these are creasing
those look great justin. ive been meaning to get a makeup like that made. reminds me of the Saint Crispin Boots
lol i didnt mean to at all but i see where you are coming from. when i reread my comment i got the same impression. so in an effort to express my sincerity, i added another exclamation point but i think it only trivialized my statement even more! i was trying to find another way of saying thanks! because I meant it as such!!!!thank you!
speaking of sleek, eg oundle vintage chestnut
havent worn any of my galways for about 2 months now. im beginning to worry there might be something wrong with me. damn boots are so sleek hard to wear them with anything but the sleekest of casual trousers
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