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im still tempted by the jumper that unipair has on sale. their burgundy is pretty much a ruby. so much good stuff, not enough hours in the day to work self to death to buy more shoes amongst other financial obligations and responsibilities
god bless you. god bless you
+1. ruby + grey pants is a killer combo
absolutely gorgeous. good luck with the sale and your move!
plank sweater sold
^you ever replace your norwegers?
Ruby bal boot is probably the oddest marriage of color and style IMO. I always thought ruby shell was better suited as a 3 eyelet derby. But my cries went unanswered. With that said, ruby bal boot is one of my favorite styles (atleast too look at), but I don't know how id wear it or how often. Maybe if your favorite sport teams colors is red? Like SF niners? Wear it to the game and hope no one knocks you out while taking a leak
^ yo, didnt get to answer your question. i would say the shape of the 341 Harlech is definitely more similar to the 82 last galway. i would compare the 335 skye 2 to a wide fitting 202 last
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