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good, shut down durant. that foot problem is likely to linger if not allowed to fully rest and heal. hell, all the rest and healing doesnt guarentee anything either. wish him the best, i think if the thunder make the playoffs (on the back of westy), westy might have a real shot at mvp even with all the missed games earlier in the year altough harden is making a damn good case
Father Tim
gavinband, what did you decide on? id say go with the broguing detail
great price wish they were 45.5
great shell matching on this pair
will check it out thanks!
Great film I'm not a boxing fan but this is a must watch. Ali was something truly special. A man in every sense of the word
wasnt scott kobe's choice as coach? didnt the lakers re-sign kobe to 2 year/40+ million with the expectation that he would play at a high level. this is a kobe problem through and through, no planning for the future whatsoever
4/5 have been coach of the year
New Posts  All Forums: