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damn sucks. the color on this pair was amazing. kuti said they are no longer making shell bal boots going forward because of the poor success rate
any updates on these beauties?@Cal135
$70 drop! might just shave off a toe to make these work. also open to trades
Those look fantastic! Aging well
How far into the movie before you came to that conclusion? If I call bullshit in the first 20 min I'm done. Or if my options are limited, I'll watch 15-30 seconds/fast forward 60 seconds until it's over. Good way to watch a sandler movie
Pretty neat! The raw edge coupled with the reflection of the shell had me thinking it was a navy or dark green shell. Good choice!
Wow those are incredible! What color?
^Ahhh, that explains the damn sales tax
Jokb, excellent collection particularly the suede u last boots. I'm jealous!
A few more pics this evening
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