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^Whale grease?
Perhaps the leftover stock from current sale gets blown out in music room? Current sale ending in a week
I have similar measurements except I'm 6'2" 200lb, size 12 feet. For dress trousers, anything less than 8.75" and I can't get a proper crease in the trouser to last more than half a day. For casual pants, chinos, and denim 7.75-8.25"
never gets old
3 days
Fuck yeah. At 80% off mr porter has me wearin jcrew for the first time
Ryan Anderson at the local 24 hour gym. Yeeeee
great stuff in this thread. i think the JL dallas is actually 'DIALLIAS'
yeah hard to find new anymore. the combination of last and material is rare but still possible to locate on ebay with wear (if thats your thing)
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