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vass osloer nst boot in cigar
ttown, lovely monks sir looking forward to seeing them age
Well saidFreak!
yessir, bidness is the most personal thing in the worldedit - curse google analytics now the side of the page is full of ads for "comcast bidness solutions" and "US bank your friendly bidness bank". i want nmwa again
the travel, the colored excel spreadsheets, the mild temperament, mike you a bidness consultant?
Bust suggests some kind of ceiling that wasn't reached or was limited by injury. Stauskas was never good enough to warrant a lottery pick, IMO. A sneaky pic because no one saw him going in top 10. Why we didn't grab Elfrid when we had an obvious pg need, I don't know
Are we sold on mcw? It's easy to fall in love with the guy but all his efficiency stats are atrocious. Needs the ball in his hands to be effective, not a great defender, can't make anything outside of 5 feet. Reminds me of a young kidd, who is a big mcw fan apparently, but wasn't there some rumblings of them trying to move mcw? Then they brought in greivas.Can't believe te pistons traded knight and Middleton for Jennings. Bucks/pistons have a nice easy exchange of talent...
yo, yeah trickers was shut down last week and this week as well
I want to play
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