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oh thats right these are your size. tsk, tsk, beautiful model..
i like single dainite as well, its surpringly flexible when compared to the double dainte w leather midsole. also need to check out the tomir sole all the young kids are raving about
crazy speak! and what about the double Dainite? you a fan of the DD?
i would also list them on ebay. i typically sell 9 items there before selling one on SF. sf be crappy lappy
great price why still available?
I'll PM you
'good call! their shrunken calf is amazing. id love a shrunken calf chukka.is it possibly to do StC GMTO?
mods, please dont ban chicago guy, i love this man.
what other vass shell do you have?
those are nice. what color are they?
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