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applied some angelus acrylic finisher to the osloer'. used the angelus 600 normal shine and im pleased with how they turned out. thanks to @Eddielch for being the trailblazer and giving me some pointers. the acrylic gives the shell a lovely glow similar to alden but the 600 isnt as shiny. hopefully the acrylic will minimize spotting
^ thats perfect actually buti think the fabric might be identical to this pair (which I own) http://leftfieldnyc.com/products/copy-of-cone-mills-indigo-selvedge-twill-miner-chino-1 needless to say gustin is a great value
this looks fantastic!
yes, yes, YES!
Can anyone recommend a gustin chino made with a stiff or "raw" selvedge material? All the stuff ive seen looks like soft and slubby
i have a similar problem with my apple devices where i message this hot chick, and when i check my iphone no response. and then when i check my imessages on my macbook, still no response. anyone else have this problem with their apple product?
oh lordy spending too much time on this forum. read this title as "suede over old debt". "sued over old debt" makes a lot more sense
and that is what hurts my head (and feet) the most
tough man i wholeheartedly empathize with your frustration. i have a handful of vass and sometimes i still feel like i havent figured out my size.
lol whats with all this talk of significant discount? should he also be paid damages for emotional distress for feeling a sense of disappointment? if i follow your math, cezinho is owned a free pair of shoes, a remake of a pair, a letter of apology and a statement from mr vass himself from a tall podium, wife next to him a foot to the left and foot back, apologizing for the error in judgement. and a promise to never do it again
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