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I don't know!!!!!!! I felt like this was a "once in a..." Type of boot and it kinda looks like one. This boot is very similar to the GF cognac captoe rain last boot that I missed out on so I feel like I've been made whole a little today. Also i sized 1 full size smaller than my GG and EG size as it was the only size available and try fit great! It seems like the boot is slightly larger than same sized shoe version
My pair came with multiple blemishes but I'm not fazed. M6 your pair is dreamy they look great with denim
looking good skoak m6
Handcuffed they look good. do you have any more pics? we can help you figure out if they are shell and what color they are.
great price. missed out on size 12
i was under the impression you were east coast. i had these shipped to an east bay location myself. man i wouldnt be able to get any work done if those were sitting nearby. it would torment me, eat me up inside!
you bastard, sigh, the benefits of living on the easy east. how do they fit?
7. Left Field NYC Canvas Chino Clay Workpants sold. Only number 4 remains. get em before fall starts
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