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That's a nice design can we get pics of the back when after they arrive?
Wow those are great exdeath! Which last?
Move to Queens?
this isnt even close. 202 looks like 82 next to 64 but its like comparing apples and oranges. great pic though really captures the differences well
nay, i pulled trigger on the arran grain thorpe. the gg postman looks wonderful though so im torn whether i want to bleed any more money or not
CHRK33 is gunning for eyelets on every makeup it seemsagatine eyelets goggleslove me some agatine eyelets myself [[SPOILER]]
shit this reminds me im 3 weeks into a course. 2 weeks behind. wooof
excellent! yeah quality can be a hit or miss glad this one worked out. very sturdy shoe on the double leather
do I spy a little denon action in the background? is that a 3808?
Speak of the devil wore my Lomgwings today. $164? Can't beat it! How is the fit?
New Posts  All Forums: