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any recent carmina deliveries?
those look great ellsbebc. for whatever reason your camera didnt pick up enough light so it looks grainy. i recommend a tanning booth for optimal light
^stared at that for 10 seconds hoping it was a gif :/
Agreed fuckig rehtarded "everything we do we do for this city" That aside I'm getting Goosebumps Watching this Introduction Of starting Lineups
just dont ask what I really feel about the frankenstitch
if its wrong than i dont want to be right. NST forever!
yes! someone who owns a nice boot aaaand posts nicer pics
this line reminds me of Chris rock from the late 90's. the problem, the problem, the problem with the Nevis is that the nst looks like a camel toe. There, I said it
lol, yeah if we agree to take nothing away from this game, then id say the Knicks still have shot at not sucking this year. im not a bulls fan ive just had 2+ years of built-up expectations and now with Pau, i cant help myself. this is the best bulls team in 15+ years. and with the 3rd highest schedeule national tv appearances im looking forward to these bulls playing, much more than the boozer bulls
Ahhh yes the 1,2 knick punch that was known as Charlie ward and Chris childs. Child's got suspended for 2 games and was fined only 15k (lost salary for 2 games too). It's incredible how the game has changed, I suspect a closed fist punch against an NBA superstar in today's NBA would cost 5+ gameshttp://www.nytimes.com/2000/04/04/sports/pro-basketball-childs-banned-two-games-for-fighting.htmlBulls look solid all around and without J.B too. All the bigs got their stats which...
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