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color 8 tassel loafers made by alden [[SPOILER]] interestingly enough the tassels are also made from shell cordovan. a really cool detail ive never seen elsewhere
new camera new pics [[SPOILER]]
some navy shell roy boots for posterity. had to list them for sale. just too big for my 12D foot
some burgundy shell goodness. love the seemless heel punch detail. first time seeing such a thing
For your consideration a nearly near pair of Burgundy Shell Vass 3 eyelet derbies. Made on double leather HAF outsole, matching flat welt and dark edge trim. Outsoles are in great condition, from a single wear. Made with very high quality shell cordovan pieces with a tight smooth surface. Evidenced by high shine that achieved with just few moments of brushing. Uppers are in great condition with only a few superficial markings. Made using high quality #8 shell cordovan...
For your consideration a new pair of Trickers shell cordovan "roy" boots. Brand new, only tried on. First quality. Comes with Trickers bags. This boot was a special MTO using the rare 4537 last. I took the same size as my other Trickers boots (UK11) and this boot feels a little big, bigger than 4497 and 2298. I take an Alden Barrie 11.5d and these fit a little large. These would suit a US12 wide (alden barrie 11.5e +) or a US12.5. Specs: Model; (as) ‘Roy’ Cap Toe Derby...
great find! both makeups are excellent
the body fits fine, but the sleeves are too small on me, particularly the shoulder (i do like 10 pushups a day, without even breaking a sweat)
ss paraffin jacket in the air force blue and yellow
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