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most bitchin' indeed. you went with a 6?
got it, thanks! im an idiot (read: didnt read the entire email)
sweet! looks very nice dressed up in your pic
i think i like the memory more than the merino. seems to me like a more effective design. the liner on the merino is so bad ass why would you ever want to take it off. curious to see how memory looks buttoned up. also memory has the matching lined sleeves, big plus. hmm, navy or jade green..
suspension point is allowing their customers to pre-preorder 6-7 items? is that all? am i missing anything? also i wish the large wool check was a smaller tile pattern maybe 10-12 to a feet instead of 1-2
those came out great, the calf looks fantastic as well. is the blemish you mentioned earlier on the right toe vamp below the punch cap? any plans to fill it in? and how so?
Love the chukka norweger nicely done sir
Hey buddy I'm not really a calf shoe man. I'm sitting this one out; need my pennies
searched for my dream makeup and then your pair came up. and then x2 between you and mdubs 90% off the worlds alden grails are concentrated across the san diego zip codes. the rest are in japan somewhere
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