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hell of a first post
^ nice which makeup in saddle shell?
For your consideration a slightly used pair of edwardian antique calfskin Edward Green Cardiff captoe bluchers built on the 888 last. Made on 1.5 leather outsole, matching flat welt, brown welt stitching and a natural edge trim. The perfect spring/summer shoe! Shoes are have been worn about 5-7 times, but shoe treed after every wear. Made from EG's famed burnished chestnut calfskin with punching and rare medallion. This model retails $1200+ new. Tagged a size UK11E/US11.5....
For your consideration a pair of practically new Trickers for Frans Boone Richard Longwing Boots in Grey Suede in size UK10.5/US11.5. Purchased new for over $500, these boot are great just slightly too small. Built on the 2298 last. Super soft grey suede uppers, brogue detailing, built on a blue super light gumlight Vibram sole unit, and finished with silver eyelets and navy leather laces. Worn just a single time in sunny California, never in mud or rain. Includes box and...
For your consideration a used pair of dark oak calfskin Edward Green Dover nst stitched bluchers built on the 202 last. Made on double dainite outsole, matching flat welt, brown welt stitching and a brown edge trim. Shoes are have been regularly, but cared for well and condition reflects that. Not rejects or seconds, there is however a superficial scratch on the outside of the left shoe right above the welt (please see close-up in picture 6). Made from EG's famous dark oak...
^ lovely love this suede detail. available from nick atm https://www.facebook.com/BespokeEngland/photos/a.528889633883825.1073741825.205513562888102/666492043456916/?type=1
^ hats off to you idfnl. i dont know how youve been able to do it for so long, but you keep luring members into your sticky web of bullshit. youre really the best at it and i admire your commitment
^ i think spurs vs warriors in the c.finals is very plausible. watching the dubs play a game 7 in oracle (against any team) would be elecccctric i know the hawks team is supposed to be the spurs of the east. but how are the fans? are they as shitty as spurs fans? whenever i watch a spurs game, no matter the score or the situation, the energy in the arena is negligible.
coool last. reminds me a little of the carmina forest last with those high walls. or something you'd find from a hungarian shoe maker
great pics man, lovely collection. i might need to size up on my giannis to a 11.5. in the winter time, i can get away going one down (from US12, barrie 11.5) but in these warmer spring days my feet simply swell too large for comfort; particularly by the end of the day, my toes feel pinched. or maybe it was the tequilla from the night before..
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