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thank you sir!
I hear you man in my other league I have j.butler, Rubio, rjax, tjones, mcw, not to mention a struggling Lebron and Drummond. Ooof
Touché.Cuz did it again. Great chance at a huge game in OT, working on a 30/20 game but fouls out. I'm convinced the only guy that can stop him is himself
agreed i already have enough dress shoes this pair was something i felt like i "needed"
youre a good man - taking a day off to receive a pair of shoe just imagine the feeling of when they finally arrive. itll be 5 minutes of hyperfocus, elevated heatbeat, etc; like sex but all you need is to take off shoes
welcome to the forum, for calf use shoe cream
yessir, 64 last galway boot
i like rrlthese are probably the most popular casual chinos on sf, no?
rrl rigid chinos! get the leg opening tapered and youre goldeni agree. of the things i mentioned, i can only vouch for the selvedge chinos. ill have to take other peoples words for going vegan and christ
yeah baby
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