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drop on monkstrap boots to $544!
$250 for vibergs ohhh shittt
drop to $450!
make me some offers these shoes are fantastic
^ i should add, that in my experience, SS sizing begins to blur at the end of the season as items gravitate towards 50% off
you sound like liam neeson in schindlers list
dddaaaamn, mto galway boot?!? ballin, i cant afford no single mto ish
lol, yeah it is a nice boot! there is another one in the wild already. anyone here have the UK10.5 pair?
man, all you have to do is say the word (wigmore) and just turn melancholy from my poorly fitting pair yes mh71 is a touch wider. I prefer it over the tg73, doesnt require any break-in to be comfortable, and i like the slightly less pronounced square toe box
this sounds great. will you do shell on the shaft or the entire boot? G&G has done the canterbury in shelland that sucks about shipping. i can understand your frustration but i would def give skoak the benefit of the doubt. good guys over there always take care of their customers.that canterbury was actually supposed to be delivered to me in on thursday but has been stuck in customs ever since. cant really be too upset because bespoke-england shipped day of payment. had i...
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