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No new whiskey shell What's the new f captoe coming in? A boot? I'm anxious for that new last to come out. I've got 2 mto left in me this year want to save atleast one for the new chisel last.
Shoulda ville you bastard, I wanted that very same makeup
What a shame! I was thinking of this makeup as a boot and I was particularly fond of your makeup. Why not shell? I agree that shell may be to casual for many models but it's perfect on the norweger
Has anyone tried spritexlebron? Is it any good? Does it come in diet? Can I expect the refreshing citrus flavor with a cherry flavor?
A few of your 1st bal boot . Great design!
Another cool detail on your boot was the leg opening. Anyone that's owned an f last or p2 last boot will hae noticed he excessively large ankle opening characterized by overlapping leather at the top eyelet. Well now, vass is slimming down the opening similar to a ulast boot on all boot going forward. (Praise Christ, because I am able to slide 2 fingers in between leg opening and ankle)
Good luck to you sir!
^_^ yayyy
burton those arewonderful! rain last?
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