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Vass valway boot red brown suede and burgundy shell
^ already? after all the recent kops? dude, you may have a problem. i received a new pair yesterday so i dont have this itching problem
it is truly sad
stephan schneider seems to revisit the same patterns and designs every f/w and yet every fw im newly invigorated by the brand. great stuff nmwa
i love alden man. they make the best shell tassel loafer imo. and thats saying alot because most shell tassel loafers look alike
also vass k last in burgundy shell. notice the seamless heel and then the punch detail. pretty cool!
thanks guys the shoes are made by barrie ltd booters in england, not the other shoe maker who i dare mention in this thread
hey Roger, yeah i upgraded from the NEX5. couldnt be happier with the a6000. great in low light and the kit lens is pretty solid too. you have the a6000? with your awesome collection, awesome camera, and excellent eye for detail, none of us have a shot!
thank you sir!thanks man. good read on the camera. im using a6000 with the stock 16-50mm af lens. do you have one? think about upgrading to the sel50f18 prime
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