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i dont get why more people dont organize more shell trickers mto. for the price its such a better boot than viberg. its fucking my head why viberg has become so popular when viberg shell is $1100+ w/shipping, and 700ish for calf while trickers shell is sub $700 shipped. ouch my head.
damn, love the monks. ive been eyeing that pair for months now $450 is a great price. wow
you dont want them. the shell trickers are cheaper than viberg calf and the quality is just as nice
Ban, ban, ban
HA! is Carmina set on only making this as a balmoral? I would buy another if we can get open lacing. doesnt even have to shell cordovan
added some goodies over there including more pics of the ucap/uwingcan we agree on a name for this style? i guess uwing makes more sense
Carmina Uwing Cognac shell rain last
Gaziano Girling Cantebury in Shell Mh71 last
Boot porno!! Alfred Sargent miller boot mahogany calf 724 last
they came like that. just noticed my hand and elbow in the picture. carmina finished the boots nicely. also nice touch with the "X" lacing. not sure if that was carmina of skoak but i like it!
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