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@AliMurtaza yo! ill answer here. im a us12d, alden barrie 11.5d, take uk11.5e in eg and gg
thanks gents, yes the colors from left to right are rosewood country calf (64 last), burgundy delapre (202 last), dark oak/brown (82 last), brown delapre (89 last), and chestnut/tobacco (606 last) the 89 (made for ralph lauren) last fits snuggest with 202 being the loosest. imo from snuggest to loosest 89 last 64 (a little shorter than 82 last) 82 606 (606 and 202 are pretty close) 202 last comparing 89 last to the 202 last measurements (both e width uk11.5), 89 last is...
Edward green 5 lasts left - right: 64 last, 202 last, 82 last, 89 last, 606 last
nice article about the celts and their hustle philosophy https://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/2016/01/07/brad-stevens-philosophy-loose-balls-floor/CwofnhiVqW4UodiOH4qGeK/story.html love stevens as coach
thats cute. kid has his fathers swagger
only if it was socially acceptable
ensconced in shell cordovan
replace shell cordovan with velvet
never green stark for cheap https://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/sns_herning/stark-waffle-knit-wool-cardigan/597678?ppv=2 noticed the xxl popped up (which i grabbed). fingers crossed that a much larger man stretched it out before returning
sexy time!
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