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gave this makeup some serious thougt especialy since only 25% is due. thats a great fucking boot i would be all over it but speedhooks was enough back me off the ledge
lol, i agree there are like 9 members left on SF
id love me some westbrook on the lakers
westbrook is so damn uncoachable! if you watch this clip youll see that he is operating at his typical westy speednow, if only he would take a few pointers from the more seasoned vets (pop) he would see his trolling game improve greatly-westbrook hater in every fashun
thats a nice last on that boot. gotta have the sleek last for a bal boot. none of this bulbous forest shit
recent article from this past offseason? that was a great article on a great player written by a great writer
Oh Jesus, that kind of talk would devastate me.
Yeah no problem. Since it was unlined i figured I could size down 1.5 (planned to wear it sockless) but no go. I'm uk11.5 in 888, 82, 606, 202 (both 606 and 202 fit a little big). Uk11 in 314
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