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mike, mike, mike, amazing, just amazing
glad the warriors won. the world is a better place with money green with a ring
^ in that case since iggy didnt let him score 100, he def have deserves the mvp
from a distance vass looks as good as EG. love both
i dont think cavs had much of a chance in game 6, but how much better did he have to play to win mvp? was their a "clinching" stat line that would have done it? he shot 13-33 in game 6 playing up iggy and worsening his chances. would a 20-33 game have sealed it? great article http://ftw.usatoday.com/2015/06/lebron-james-had-the-worst-awesome-performance-in-nba-finals-history
let us mourn his mvp trophy case. lesigh
I just need to let out some steam That's been building up: How the fuck did Lebron not win MVP? I can be stupid sometimes but this I Just don't understand and the feeling isn't going away
$50 drop to $350
zippyh, you get a new camera? lovin all the pics of late
Yeeee hulk perf cap
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