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i play him next week will be interesting to see the outcome. ill be happy with a 5-4, 4-5
chumps made of glass with a nice comback in the past 2 months. has my team on the edge of another loss. i need that bye week something bad now
def go 43.5. the vass instep is more generous, and the toe slightly more spacious than f last. if 44 flast is big, then 44 p2 will also be too big 43.5 in p2 should be perfect. I re-ordered the p2 ucap boot in 44.5 on goyser with double dainite. my previous 45 was too big.
that top button hole loop on paraffin jacket
And thumb and a +1
^lol at the the haircuts. so many inconsistencies in the story and characters particularly the conflict within themselves (read: personal demons) and amongst one another
What a complete piece of shit. This isn't a ww2 film. It's a shoot 'em film staged in Germany at the end of 1945. How it got 7.7/10 boggles my mind. Fuck this was shitty
^ thats been my expeirence as well. i too am 1 apart on u and f lasts. i have f last on the 45 and they require a full insole. 44.5 is perfect. 45.5 on u last fits perfectly as well. 44.5 on p2 fits a lot like f last 44.5. p2 and f last are very similar. i like to think of p2 last as the post holiday version of f last
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