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Ah you done messed up boi
Size 6 jade merino checking in
Saddle ucap boots
@Baldrick@mesofortunately sometimes we all get 2nd chances:http://www.ebay.com/itm/Trickers-x-Super-Denim-Cipresso-Green-Shell-Cordovan-Cap-Toe-Boot-BNIB-/301859723822?hash=item46483dda2e:g:xtkAAOSw5dNWqolxsold by none other than sf'er makewayhomernot even a thanks or upvote from @makewayhomer for the heads up. what a class act. bravo, sir! The trickers community is made better by active, contributing members such as yourself
^ now there us a rare bird Wore my saddle valways today on a sunny and bright morning and now its raining :/ i hate how dark leather soles turn
Aayyyye, aayyye, clappity, clapLove the goyser. P2 last?
Good eye! Its Navy suede
Yeah proportionally wider
For anyone that has wondered about differnece between e and d width ralph lauren crockett and jones shoes, the e width is is about 1/8-1/6" of an inch wider than d width Rhett loafer is a 9.5e, Marlow Loafer 9.5d, Black Loafer 9d
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