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A few more pics this evening
Can't wait!!! Hopefully be ready soon after summer Pic of s last and u last. S last toe tip slightly wider, and has a lower instep then u last. Nose is slanted while u last toe box is a little taller with higher walls. Both size 44:
yeah lasts are made from wood. mr. kuti also said they are developing yet another last to add to their permanent line. something between f and u last
I think orange was something they received in short supply. But even so, Gold was far more impressive to mine eyez
Another cool detail on the boots is the super soft grained shaft that's made from the opposite side of their suede: Antique cognac calf of left and red brown suede backside used for shaft. Much softer then calfskin but just as thick
Lol I thought the same here is anothe angle;
Some awesome boot makeups. Left 2 remind me of saint crispin 401 and 402. Far right osloer. All on f last
"Horween color #8"
Orange, gold, and dark brown museam
I think those are the oeii boots
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