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i once ran into Mr. Porter at a party. actually a really cool guy, i think if you met him in person, Chicago Guy 46, you would both hit it off
how did you end up with 2? im hope someone here will buy and eliminate your monopoly on an amazing galway make-up
say what?here you go thewho13. jacket is on its way. hopefully this can hold you over
nice 2 purrr. i need 2 purr
To took the plunge and decided to keep? No going back now you're infected with the Galway disease
Fat people have time again been shown to lead happier lives than skinny people. Join the party, but bring a dish. It's a potluck
I think 5 fitting. Btw, the gmto for the cipresso boot is now closed! Thanks to all 6 that are participating I think we set some kind of record for fastest gmto. Took less than a week to germinate the idea, organize participants, and pay deposit. You guys rock!
oh dear. im too old for that thread. younger kid are running that showaepsome i dont know man, epsom is pretty cool onti it self. i think if my shannons fit id probably foregone this purchasethanks lol yeah and they fill out the shoe very well too. shame they are no longer offered for rtwthank you, sirha, id love to see the other pair. so many us11's here was hoping someone here got them. could have been twinsies!
thanks mdubs those are rocking ive always enjoyed this makeup. some nice details including the tan piping
thanks you sir!
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