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it is shell might fit a little larger! @andrel42
For your consideration a pair of Crockett & Jones Handgrade "boswell" bluchers. Made from some of the finest calfskin ive eve seen and touched. Very smooth and tight grain, perfect for high shine. Built on double leather outsole and matching flat welt. Uppers are in excellent condition, one small mark on the left shoe but its only surface level. Leather outsoles have some toe drag but heels and leather outsole have a lot of life left. Double leather outsole is about at...
For your consideration a very light used pair of RLPL boots in soft rugged leather. Made in Italy, built on a rugged yet lightweight rubber outsole. Finished off with metal eyelets, leather laces, and matching leather kilties. Boots have been worn less than 5 times. Tagged a 11.5. Fits true to size in me experience. WIll ship with Ralph Lauren Bags. Priority Mail included comes with tracking
Ah you done messed up boi
Size 6 jade merino checking in
Saddle ucap boots
@Baldrick@mesofortunately sometimes we all get 2nd chances: by none other than sf'er makewayhomernot even a thanks or upvote from @makewayhomer for the heads up. what a class act. bravo, sir! The trickers community is made better by active, contributing members such as yourself
^ now there us a rare bird Wore my saddle valways today on a sunny and bright morning and now its raining :/ i hate how dark leather soles turn
Aayyyye, aayyye, clappity, clapLove the goyser. P2 last?
Good eye! Its Navy suede
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