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thoroughly enjoyed reading the piece you linked. will def watch this
smashing success!!!! thanks for all the help with sizing questions and advice; it was spot on! Now i really dont know if i want another P2 last or F... kind want their baby - Rregarding suede, someone earlier in the thread asked about what I thought of it. the grain on my pair is definitely not as fine as my Carmina or EG suede. its a little courser and the nap resembles something you'd see from EG after about a dozen wears or so and a brush. but its soft and im really...
i know exactly which ones youre talking about; sinclair wingtip from Epaulet? Those are bangin nice id love to see a recent fit pic of how they are holding up. i was tempted by them myself but my size sold out sale time
From the good people at skoaktiebolaget
It sure is. I think I've sold 10-15 pairs so I can enjoy the comfort of knowing, even if it a little unconventional. By comparison here is the ucap boot in uk10.5 fits like a glove
^ and comfy as hell like wearing a bear hug
is that costner nipple action i see? zoinks hackman and i share the same expression
thanks for the rec this looks interesting never heard of it beforewatched gravity last night enjoyed it very much. this after watching interstellar just the week before. these 2 films really awakened an appreciate for space and the appreciation of the unknown and discovery of it.I thought gravity was beautifully made and directed. alfonso cuaron deserved every ounce of that award
Happen to be wearing the uk11 rain last boots today. You can see the large instep in action it also doesnt help that the ankle is unlined but it sure does make for a comfy boot. hats off to GF for coming up with this makeup
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