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you would be better off as a us12 - harder to find that size. seems like every makeup ever offered has just one us12 available. its like trying to buy from leathersoul every single time
lol this is hilarious. has either pair been worn yet? would love to see the leatheras an aside, would love if alden would make 975 longwing on plaza
youre an animal thank you also for consistently posting high quality pics
afterall they are very heavy boots - will ship with a cinder block
lol 1 size fits all! only us10.5e for first 6 pairs. G&G is such a pain in the ass to deal with now
what do you mean you run out of games? can you add and drop?
start your line-ups once a week before midnight on sunday night, no day-to-day ish
next year im thinking of doing two leagues to make space for the peeps that didnt make the cut-off: $50 buy-in & $100 buy-in Anyone ever play roto or weekly leagues? would love to try something new in addition to daily head-to-head leages
down to only $1,050!
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