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For your consideration a used pair of dark oak calfskin Edward Green Dover nst stitched bluchers built on the 202 last. Made on double dainite outsole, matching flat welt, brown welt stitching and a brown edge trim. Shoes are have been regularly, but cared for well and condition reflects that. Not rejects or seconds, there is however a superficial scratch on the outside of the left shoe right above the welt (please see close-up in picture 6). Made from EG's famous dark oak...
^ lovely love this suede detail. available from nick atm https://www.facebook.com/BespokeEngland/photos/a.528889633883825.1073741825.205513562888102/666492043456916/?type=1
^ hats off to you idfnl. i dont know how youve been able to do it for so long, but you keep luring members into your sticky web of bullshit. youre really the best at it and i admire your commitment
^ i think spurs vs warriors in the c.finals is very plausible. watching the dubs play a game 7 in oracle (against any team) would be elecccctric i know the hawks team is supposed to be the spurs of the east. but how are the fans? are they as shitty as spurs fans? whenever i watch a spurs game, no matter the score or the situation, the energy in the arena is negligible.
coool last. reminds me a little of the carmina forest last with those high walls. or something you'd find from a hungarian shoe maker
great pics man, lovely collection. i might need to size up on my giannis to a 11.5. in the winter time, i can get away going one down (from US12, barrie 11.5) but in these warmer spring days my feet simply swell too large for comfort; particularly by the end of the day, my toes feel pinched. or maybe it was the tequilla from the night before..
good, shut down durant. that foot problem is likely to linger if not allowed to fully rest and heal. hell, all the rest and healing doesnt guarentee anything either. wish him the best, i think if the thunder make the playoffs (on the back of westy), westy might have a real shot at mvp even with all the missed games earlier in the year altough harden is making a damn good case
Father Tim
gavinband, what did you decide on? id say go with the broguing detail
great price wish they were 45.5
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