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those look sweet. love the stacked leather and small rippleedit:
never has there been a better first post
Only reason I didn't wear them because they fit 1/2 size small. Tagged a size uk10.5 and typically wear a uk11. Second time trying them on and te fit is snug but comfortable and I figure suede will only stretch. Otherwise I like them for summer wear
And if I suede spray will look darker...
Haaaaaa I like it. I'm only torn because it's an unusual color. Yeah I'm losing my ass on them might just keep and will substitute future shoe purchase
What do you think of a red suede? Keep or no? I've been dropping the price so much that I might as well keep lol. They are a little right but should break in since my since it's suede
open to trades for us11.5/12 shoes
very nice
are those the manufactum boots?
thats a great looking boot. all the wide widths u last look better than standard width
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