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How many do we need? Are you open to another color? Just FYI, Paul and freinds has a Trickers Mogano captoe boot
McPryon lay off those 25lb dumbbells. At this rate you're going to buff your way to the opposite side of the earth. Yeah just blow on the leather next time
400? Where did you get that quote?
thats a shame. some of the shell that RL uses should have been thrown out. or finished with a superficial layer of coloring like alden
For you consideration a brand new with tags MMM leather moto jacket in the 5 zip design. Retailed for over $2k, made from supple calfskin and judging from the weight feels like a F/W piece. Tagged a size XL, 54, best for a true Large or slim xl Measurements: Chest - 22.75 Shoulder - 19.5 Waist - 20.75 Length - 26 Sleeve Length from neck - 36" Feel free to contact me with any questions or offers
great price for vasssh
^ same. except mine were for "ralph lauren" polo was discontinued 4-5 years ago. the shell used wasnt as dark as the recent stuff either. looks like a dark ravello. nice score ben
damn guys these look incredible. i think these are so awesome. the design on the boot is fantastic as well
ill try and get some more wear but happy with how they are creasing. having owned the ptb i can comfortably say i like rl ptb over alden barrie. the unlined dover though....
thanks guys i feel fortunate. mrdv you are 10.5? i now know what it feels like. lets just hope they ship!dont ever do that to me again Kdubb. you had me worried sick. worried that something had happened to you and your boots
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