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great seller, wish i had a conjoined twin so i had an excuse to buy another ss piece from this man
Booooo pics don't work probably awesome too
damn those look even tastier then when I viewed them on my iphone
Those are exceptional-perfect color
That's a damn good looking boot. Good job Akeem and z now I want to buy one :/ How's the ankle? Is it cushioned?
the entire ankle and shaft in unlined. feels like wearing a sock. and no pulltabs to catch the trouser leg
holy smokes what a collection on ebay uk8 http://www.ebay.com/sch/merv_49/m.html?item=201430791225&hash=item2ee635f439&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
yessir its the eg herrick for rl 89 last. just added it to the post. its been a year since i wore them last! similar to 888 and 808 lasts. i suspect that the proprietary rl 89 last was simply repackaged into the "all new edward green 890 last". its a softer square shape then the 888 last, also fits snuggest amongst all the other eg lasts ive tried in the same size and width
lol cleav beat me to it, nice combo sir
Please excuse the interruption but here is a picture of an Edward green boot in the Edward green bitchin thread 89 last eg herrick
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