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good look regg. im bummed out to hell, would love to get on the SS bandwagon with a smile does anyone here wear their merino (with liner) buttoned up and not look pregnant?
I might piggy back on an existing order and that order is a norvegese beast with Hippo!!!!! Or elephant!!!!! Zoinks
Size 7 merino. Not that all excited about fit please let me know if you have a 6 available for trade or purchase
Looking to trade this size 7 overcoat for a size 6. Would consider any color way depending of course on condition, color, shipping, etc http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/exclusive-merino-coat-reissue-in-heavyweight-grey-melton-wool-with-charcoal-knit-liner.html
Bro let's see updated pics of the double monks that shrunken calf (buffalo?) was rediculous
what would you guys think of this chukka in a hard wearing, course looking leather like shrunken buffalo? i think i would like it better without captoe
fantastic. did you end up ordering a chukka?
just reading your makeups makes me salivate. is there a place where can we seee pics of your shoes? i hate image shack for this reason
gorgeous. whats your maintenance regimen?
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