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Try Venetian shoe cream. I find that it does a better job of "hydrating" the shell
because bench scored 17 unanswered points down the stretch?and why are the hawks and rockets losing games without opposing PGs?!?!?!? [[SPOILER]]
^ very nice! Is the top boot on s last? Would you mind sharing the shoe size?
That miller/sessions trade is looking pretty good for the wiz. Great ball movement without wall Wall looks like a coach up there next to wittman
what do you guys think of the norweger boot?
oh right that was a beauty. nice shade too... youve got one hell of a collection and in the nice colors too.. the osloer in the u last has an appeal to me but again u last looks off in larger sizes. someone posted it here a few years ago, and kuti mentioned it as well that u last was designed for the japanese market in size 39-42. its no surprise that the larger sizes look off
You have burgundy calf but not burgundy shell? its hard for me to wear any burgundy calf the shell is the ideal material for that color
No new whiskey shell What's the new f captoe coming in? A boot? I'm anxious for that new last to come out. I've got 2 mto left in me this year want to save atleast one for the new chisel last.
Shoulda ville you bastard, I wanted that very same makeup
What a shame! I was thinking of this makeup as a boot and I was particularly fond of your makeup. Why not shell? I agree that shell may be to casual for many models but it's perfect on the norweger
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