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oh and the color of the shell. lawdy, lawdy, needah hankerchief to wipe down my browand no speedhooks! im shaking
why not ship directly to you?
i think 606 is pretty sleek as well. comparing 606 to 202 is kind of an injustice, 606 is far sleeker, the same way mh71 is far sleeker than its round counterpart in gg06
gross! get that thing into a fat camp
im in tears, its so nice. it reminds me very much of the StC utlity boot but this design is fantastic. I was initially sad and turned off when carmina said they wouldn't make it in a blucher style but skoak really made something special here. look for imitators soon
nice touch on the ucap with no pinking. and nice use of the rubber outsole. you guys knocked this one out of the park. great job skoak tifosi, answer is yes. yes, yes a million times yes my dear tifosi
was uk11 ever available in the ucap? i was under the impression that it only went up to UK10.5, but uk11 was listed online. did someone kop?
yeah it can be frustrating. Greg and co are posting too much great stuff apparently. i dont appreciate the increased traffic to the NMWA store and the especially well curated stock of new products in addition to the already awesome list of marked down products which in addition to the SF discount brings priced down to MUST KOP NOW pricing so when i toggle between new items and discounted items from previous seasons i get frustrated because there is a lot of great stuff...
from the pics, id say they are shell cordovan. great price if they are more great vass in similar size and price http://www.styleforum.net/t/410013/vass-shell-cordovan-alt-wein-43-5-10-5d-new-peter-p2 http://www.styleforum.net/t/416956/vass-nib-43-5-10-5-theresianer-cognac-scotchgrain-new-peter-shoes
little in fat person sizes :/
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