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so, the options for memory coat#2 from SP ($735) orCamel from NMWA ($788) orJade (darker it appears than previous jade), ($833) orMoleskin ($716)hmmmmnavy is also nice but i already have a hooded wool coat in a similar colorjade green comparison: [[SPOILER]]
yay rain
i thought the same thing thing and i hope it is. would make the jade vs camel decision a more difficult one though.to your point i think there will be some difference in color between the two jades. they are made up of different materialsmerino: Jade green body (86% wool, 14% nylon; 600 gram) with 100% wool light brown linermemory: Green wool body (70% wool, 25% polyester, 5% cashmere) with contrasting grey 100% wool knit linergah, what shade of grey will the liner be?...
and the ensuing comment
piggy no!piggy why?why piggy?what a pitty
yeah pretty bad asss. i would wear it if i didnt have to answer any questions about it.
most bitchin' indeed. you went with a 6?
got it, thanks! im an idiot (read: didnt read the entire email)
sweet! looks very nice dressed up in your pic
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