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^ cant bring myself to spend that much even. not when i can use a zip lock bag. zip lock bag is more practical too (clear, see-through, disposable, one less thing to spend $$, etc
what next mdubs? ill try to match again. btw, i picked up that pair of size 12 leathersoul plaza cigar wingtips. lets play!
Doing my best hoit impression Xpost from shell thread Marlow PTB
^rl version is built on 325 As is the PTB
Lol how are you so invested in the tumblrs and posts of other members. Remembering the number of time a post has been quoted, or mentioning a purchase from months ago? Of course you use it to bring down others but how do you remember it all? Why do you remember it so well? If I aspired to be an internet stalker you'd be my hero!
Very nice, very nice makeup well done and thanks for posting pics
Nooo troll, nooo just leave him on your blocked lists and fight the temptation to see who it is. It's this guy and it's almost always a post to antagonize or put down another member
rW had 5 good films. I need to rewatch goodwill hunting and mrs, doubtfire (was my first pg13? Film)
Hmmm perhaps a closer comparison would be to GG06? If r last is close to 64, what does p2 remind you of? 202? The slanting walls of r are much sleeker than p2. If only it was more elongated would give f last a run for it's money. I'm curious to see how it fits and provide more pics of this elusive last. Hopefully I'll have something to show end of Sep I think r last looks better on wingtip than captoe. Ascot has 4-5 pairs on his eBay page
82 reminds me of f last (photo by sf'er crat) r last = 202?
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