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Do calf longwing boots fit larger than their shortwing counterparts?
so nice! im having these made up in the p2 last. someone in a 43.5 should kop these
is this the re-delivery?!
if you guys know of anyone that wants to play next year, ask them to join. mikey34 is coming back as well. sean swag team is really good too a lot of these teams hit a little bit of bad luck and just check out. i would like to see 2-3 more owners that can commit to an entire season
damn that sucks. love wes
Jordan would have passed that to Ibaka What a game
the leffot summer galway is contradictory in many ways and outright laughable (to me) at $1500. i give them credit for trying something new though and definitely worthy of our attention i think that concept is better suited to an unlined chukka which leffot executed to perfection last year: http://leffot.com/edward-green-shanklin-and-ryde/
oh snap didnt know that. thanks for posting
crazy! why wasnt he in the dunk contest this year? someone is going to recreate that exact same gimmick with a pair of jordans. walk up to the rim, look up, take off the jordans to the applause of the crowd, perform the dunk, come down on the jordans, sprains ankle!
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