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Ding-ding, dah-dah, dinga-dinga, ding
looks like eb uses "water buffalo" whereas carmina uses "buffalo" aka "shrunken buffalo". the latter is usually made from the shoulders and rears
daaamn now that buffalo would make for a great boot! any pics of this in real life? lots of variation in texture. anyone down for carmina mto aka poor mans g&g mountain ram boot?
lol did you berate laufer for posting a (presumably) nice boot? was it a spin off of the galway? I dont know i didnt see it
Bon voyage!
Ohhh to be a shoemaker in August
you and me both (high five)
yeah that sounds like my experience as well. i think once you figure out the sizing, youll love it. one thing i really like about the r last is that it truly is vass' most "english" last. the r last has the sloping toe and sleek contours. by contrast the f last and p2 last have slightly bulbous and elevated toes and high side walls across the ball. you can observe this in the side views of the boots. its an important distinction because its crucial to choose the correct...
also while we are on the subject of boots I much prefer the look of double dainite and double leather to haf sole
warning, lots of photos and no spolier [[SPOILER]] 44.5f r last vs 45f f last valways @Akeemf last fits true to size, while r last tts fits big everywhere, particularly across the ball, heel and instep. so after i sized down 1/2 down on the r last from f last the fit was great except it could be a touch wider. so comparing an 44.5 r vs a 45 f:f last is a little longerr last has more generous instepr last heel is looserr last feels a touch narrow after a long dayif i were...
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