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we had over 25 participants in this gmto. i think we can get a consensus on fit if enough input is provided. and with so many participants im sure we can just trade around sizes to secure an optimal fit. so yeah, post your sizing experience and size especially anyone with a uk10.5 that dont work
not all is lost! you said you took your barrie size, did you get a uk10.5 per chance?
yeah could be ideal for a 12.5 (12 barrie) i have a tacco insole in there and i still have more toe wiggle than im used to
^ yeah boot fits a atleast 1/4 sizes big on my US12D foot. I take a 11.5C/D in the barrie. Went with uk11 on the 4537.
For your consideration a nearly new pair of C&J for "POLO" Ralph Lauren plain toe jodhpur boot. Truly a one of a kind and now impossible to find makeup. Built on a double oak-bark tanned, and matching goodyear flat welt and brown edge trim. Shoes are first quality, and worn just a couple of times. Condition is very good with a couple superficial markings on upper. Built on 348 last. Tagged a US12D and fits true to size imo. Please know your size in C&J for...
have you looked into full leather tacco 613? can be found on ebay for like $10 shipped. what a shame i tried with an insert and still feels loose. anyone interested in uk11 roy shell boot?
great shot comparison.they fit you guys well? damn my pair feels too big. and i can really only wear thin socks in calfornia
pictures please! will be the first time seeing this
square last comparison cj 348 vs 4537 last. 4537 is a larger volume toebox version of the 348. you can see the similarities of the 2 here: alden plaza, cj 348, trickers 4537, carmina rain
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