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^ and they can be yours for a billion + trillion dollars 10% SF discount of course
crockett and jones for ralph lauren "polo" shell jodhpur. this shell is the best ive ever seen. typical of "polo" shoes, much prefer it over the dark brown used now
^ I caught a bit of it while at the gym tonight. And even without sound I was captivated. Laettner got his ass punked on so many times making Blake griffins situation look like child's play. I think we have seen the last of the college rivalry. Hit a peak in the 90s, doubt we have any more fab 5 etc in the future. These teams fxking hated one another
lol, rolo going full bore wrestling with those mascots. future headline might read: "first player to blow out his knee during a timeout"
solid price. glws
oh man looking forward to pics!
Self edge in SF is within 100 miles..
shit man, you got this far while rostering the injured Howard and Anderson? WOW!
Damn mixed feelings here because I expected to see basketball players this week. You drafted a great team, tough ibaka was a tough blow. Losing out on a high % guy sucks (I have him in another league)
daaaaamn that sucks i love this boot; great design. I am thinking about ordering a pair myself
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