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Thanks again for the pics ex death. I can't get enough of that color. First time seeing a burgundy shell that looks bronze/brown
Nice! Unlined Galway on the 64? Send me a link. Curious to see the makeup. Yeah I take the same size in all EG and they fit well (+/- .25 size) so uk10.5 sound right for you I sized down 1/2 in the oscar from Robert last. I was able to do the same with rain last so figure open laced oscar will fit well. For reference: Carmina (shell boots): Rain uk10.5 Oscar uk10.5 Forest uk10.5 Robert uk11 Alcudia uk11.5 EG Uk11.5
@Exdeath how do they fit? did you size uk10 or uk10.5??
great mock-up JS. your PS skillz are next level: DECO PS level
yes, yes, yessss! hot fire!
I love the player. I'm irrational when it comes to that fuckhead. Speaking of which, Dmc frustrates the shit out of me. Literally hate the dude now so many needless fouls. Fuck. Playing like Drummond right now
more pics of frankenstitch boots, please!
those are loake burford i believe but a great makeup and price http://www.styleforum.net/t/87638/the-streetwear-shoes-and-boots-thread-no-sneakers-please/585#post_2748658
i barely could understand myselfyes! thats the place!
Great bar inside of a hotel on the 5th ish floor. Called "farm" something. Great drinks nice place to grab a drink that's refreshing and a bit out of the ordinary and also pleasant
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