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Thorpedo boots
super cheap 10 sei otto leather (for your womenz) http://www.ebay.com/itm/10sei0otto-leather-jacket-/111895789324
$225 for brand new trickers perfect for spring
those navy yankos look fantastic indeed. i need get a pair one of these days. carmina saddle shell cordovan monk offered originally by epaulet
lazy piece of shit
Carmina for Epaulet Double monk captoe shoe made on the Inca Last. Made from a lovely shade of saddle shell cordovan. Built on a single leather channeled sole, features purple lining and silver buckles. Lots of nice details made on Carmina's premier last. Worn about a dozen times, otherwise in great, well-conditioned shape. Slight burnishing to the toes. Shoes have been well taken care of from day one. Heel and toe taps installed on day one. And rubber topy as well....
i want to smash bread every time someone on this thread asks for vass info when its available direct from vass. youre responsible for the death of many breads!
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