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great shot comparison.they fit you guys well? damn my pair feels too big. and i can really only wear thin socks in calfornia
pictures please! will be the first time seeing this
square last comparison cj 348 vs 4537 last. 4537 is a larger volume toebox version of the 348. you can see the similarities of the 2 here: alden plaza, cj 348, trickers 4537, carmina rain
Oh baby!!!!! That 81 last cipresso booooooot! So looking forward to that
Zapasman delivers!
nice. i love their commando soles. actually i prefer them over dainite. they seem to take anythingyeah keeping both. aside from color, they couldnt be more different. im still surprised how much bigger the 4537 is. for a sleek last its surprisingly roomy
^ great picture! looks like youve already tried them on! how do you like the fit?
^thanks man youre going to love your pair. Let me know what you think. Id like to see if their are any variances in the shell. I can already tell this pair is more grey than my orevious navy which was darker and more blue @Watchman1 Thank you kindy sir. This one turned out pretty, pretty nice
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