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yeah the cipresso boot is extremely stiff. even after 10 wears the leather felt rigid and uncomfortable. thats odd because my other pairs are soft
this looks like teak, but its not offered in the preorder. cotto is much darker and redder no?
whoops looked a lot like teak in the pic. replaced cotto with teak. cotto darker and redder than teak. that sucks teak is their best color what color is this from the email:
i like orange but cotto is the easiest and most attractive option imo. if youre debating between the lighter colors and enjoy alden ravello, then you should go cotto. orange is a darker version of alden whiskey and might be harder to wear on a daily basis (should you decide to). if i was joining this mto, id either do the dark navy or cotto. dark navy is the ultimate dark shell color. better than burgundy
zippy, whats your most worn pair of trickers? and pairs in general?
my fancy captoe had to be sent back because the shell had a crack in it
@clarkyin these are the boots. mine are in dark brown suede
i recall something about goyser being offered only on a double sole
how do you like the 2298? what size and width did you get?
tricker lasts are a bit strange. ive tried the 4444, 4497, and the 2298 none of them fit me that great. 4497 feels too short, 2298 tight across the vamp, and 4444 tts too big, when sized down 1/2 too short
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