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heal counter is a nice touch definitely enhances the design. also double leather was the right way to go - very nice
beautiful makeup, great design, looks to be executed perfectly
ass down legs up!
Interstellar at Imax. was better than the first time if only because 10 viewers occupied a space of 340 seats
i know right? im right behind you. gaudy welt perfectly executed by "masters" at STC and too many contrasting colors and textures. and that last! looks at that stylish last! and the grin on RogerP's face, what a jerk!
they are really good with answering questions in a timely and thorough manner and language is no barrier. i suggest emailing them if youre looking for anything specificbarcelona@carminashoemaker.comive only been to this location but i hear its on of their larger stores. its really nice if you want to see the breadth of what they have to offer including womans collections of which includes gator jackets
they do look sweeti recall an Epaulet MTO but that was a whiles ago
i dont see that being a problem
that box comparing ft% is wonky. i dont understand how they determined to measure columns "1st of years" and "last # of yrs". some players like ron seikaly (ive lost my virginity since i last heard of Ronny) are measured 1, 18 respectively, while tyson is measured 8, 5 odd.what really strikes me is the inconsistency in ft % from year to year compared to FG%. weve talked about duncan beforeand here are griffins numbersand drummonds including this year so fardrummonds % are...
also consider the # of Fts they take. drummond is a low volume ft shooter. griffin on the other hand can really hurt his team if he starts missing them. didnt he improve significantly?
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