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Asik to the Pelicans. What a solid move for NO. SHould improve that interior defense same way lopez shored up PDX's interior. Ironically, NO havent had a decent started alongside Davis since Lopez left for PDX
wow, thats crazy
no way you could go tts on the gianni
Baaaaeee-beh, baaaaeee-beh
Anyone else go down a size? Upon reflection I could have gone Barrie size with a normal sock instead opted for size down man down thin sock. I think popular choice is 1/2 sizes down from tts
pennys and tassels at $359?! hot damn!
love it
why not contact them directly and let us know!!!! youre the man with the C&J contacts. That double leather would take a year of regular to wear off. nice boots
nice boots. love the leather
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