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thanks man for the info and link. so whatcha gettin'????
yeah email them here preorders@suspensionpoint.ca and theyll send you sign up info for the ssfw15 scrabble collection
hmmmm, nice pic where did you find it? i like that combination for the memory if thats how nmwa decides to go
am/pm too much good stuff. cant go wrong with any of them really. fuck my ass too many options makes poor little namor a distracted worker bee
^ that one looks good. its probably hits right below the hip like most of his other medium coats
you bought them? wowowowowoowowowowoowowowowow
^ thanks!
so, the options for memory coat#2 from SP ($735) orCamel from NMWA ($788) orJade (darker it appears than previous jade), ($833) orMoleskin ($716)hmmmmnavy is also nice but i already have a hooded wool coat in a similar colorjade green comparison: [[SPOILER]]
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