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ok gents i think we have the best of both worlds in the makeup. this is the makeup going forwardModel: Punch Cap ToeColor: CipressoLast: 81Welt: Brown BarbourWelt Stitching: TanOutsole: Brown DainiteEyelets: Dark BrownLining: RedPulltab: RedLaces: Brownbtw, these boots have red lining, can you tell? and the red does not bleed eitheralright
12. 10 is no fun you end up having really good guys on the bench
I think light brown would look great. Now that I think of it my green Lw boots have the light brown eyelets and it's a good looking pairing which when paired with tan laces looks pretty darn good.
Yeah let's give the SF guys until the end if the week. I'll send out a final reminder on yahoo and then start dropping to make room for others
What do you think of a contrasting pull loop/lining combo? No one would be able to see it of course. My green Trickers have a red lining whereas my Mogano Trickers have a green lining. It's a lovely contrast that invisible when worn Could be something as simple as natural (cream) lining and natural color pull loop
Down with the brown too. Burnt pockets, you cool with that? I know you're tastes are more rock star than what we plain folk had in mind. Btw, from richard: Lining Colours available are; Natural, Black, Dark Brown, Electric Blue, Navy Blue, Red, Orange, Dark Green, Vintage Green or Burgundy. Eyelets are; Brass, Silver, Dark Brown, Light Brown or Black. Speedhooks are; Gunmetal, Silver or Brass. Pull Loops; Black, Off-White, Dark Brown, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Green,...
Oh thanks that's what I was hoping to hear. And the pic you showed comparing 81 and 4497 shoes the 81 last to be a little longer which if is the case would be a god send because 2298 felt a little short
Oh yeah I see what you mean. Unfortunately those aren't available. This is what I was told is available: Light brown Dark brown Brass Silver Black White Ultimately I just want to get the boot made so I suspect the dark brown would be a safe pick and a nice complement to match the outsole
What are antique brass eyelets?
Cipresso Punch Cap Superboot GMTO (pending approval) Model: Punch Cap Superboot Color: Cipresso Last: 81 (the one on the right. by comparison 4497 on the left) Welt and Outsole: Brown Barbour Welt on brown dainite Welt Stitching: Tan Eyelets, pulltab, shoe lace color???? Cost: £412.50 shipped CONUS we need 6 to get this made expressed interest so far: Massachusetts BurntPockets wklq76a NAMOR
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