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older dudes, dating themselves with with these apples to oranges comparison of previous generation HOF's to average current NBA players. though ill give you credit for atleast comparing players of the same position, so your brain cells arent completely dead from all the shit youve abused your bodies with. yay older dudes. now lets talk about how awesome your music is
bah shame. flast? cigar dark brown cordovan?
can you spot it from any other angles? i guess is it as obvious from other angles? i wouldnt pay retail on the defect if i knew it existed before hand
spotted a lovely pair of shell boots. my gerd i wont say who made them for fear of retribution for my family and windshield
damn thats cheap! hoit1981, none of your excuses that a killer price
i recall you sizing uk to uk 11.5? what size did you get? i think they might fit @hoit1981 lets work something out
^ genius, ill also sell them for $499 shipped today btw that cipresso boot up there was the cipresso gmto from 3-4 months ago. aka joker boot
makes no sense why they arent selling. im thinking of holding on to them and displaying them on a book shelf to enjoy years later. from all that ive gathered and heard, the exotic shell colors are all but extinct. someone of sense and taste needs to buy the navy shell @kwhitelaw does your pair fit?
4497 last vs 81 last. 81 last is longer (slightly), same instep, 81 last is slightly narrow toe box the green shell is the worst green shell ive seen in all my years of buying green shell. its dry and full of pockmarks. you can see the difference in the shine between the left and right shoes. i dont know whats the issue with their supplier but hopefully the new one means better quality. will probably cost more and have less color options unfortunately. if you...
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