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for a shit talker, you leave too much of your info on the web. took less than a minute to find out who you are. good luck
people buy his ebay shit and help feed this man. has plenty of clothes, may or may not live in a cardboard box
well done, these look great
its only getting better
yes, say it both in 3d imax and in a theatre and was blown away both times. one of m favorite films now. like inception before it, you appreciate it more and more with every viewing
^ typical SF posts which is to say worthless and waste of time to the poster and reader
both pairs sold
do what any good lawyer will do: avoid the buyer until they file an official complaint, take no responsibility until you absolutely have to, also dont communicate with seller. in other words avoid them until they file a claim. for a seller, unfortunately, ime, this is usually the most effective way to avoid an unfounded and inappropriate ebay refund that once again favors buyer
i would send them back. ive been in your situation before (trading short term pleasure for long term enjoyment) and it doesn't end well. your first instinct, that they were too big is correct. the fit will only become more generous as the shoes break in.its definitely worth the wait though, good luck!
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