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yo thats weird. should be able to ask questions through ebay. hope youre doing well!
^ Not only do you have fat feet but your comment reads as someone who has fat feet. Like a fat chick complaining about the form fitting dress only a thin woman can wear. Edit-classic
^ dont forget about Gorgui Dieng. i agree solid young team and with towns the early favorite to win ROY might be first B2B ROY for wolves
those new jersey designs couldnt have helped their cause
to all the sf'ers who continuously voice their displeasure with the mighty sacramento kings and their blue ribbon front office, booyah! just signed the free agent of the summer: markus bellenenini. yah! fuck yah
but why not just call it Shell like everyone else? EG needs to cut out this crup
fuck it sucks being a kings fan. cant even get overpay for a guy coming off an achilles injury
kings might join that list
New Posts  All Forums: