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^ damn that was quick, nice score. most of us have to wallow for months before we turn shoe dreams into shoe reality. looks great!
id like to know as well. i dont have any luck with them over email. have to pick up the phone to get a response. odd because they are friendly people in person
youre a bad, bad man Roger
im in but what kind of contrast stitching? if its "slight" why even bother with that detail? will it be lighter or darker?
was surprised to see nikola out there down the stretch and played 31 min. previous 5 games played less than 15 min/game: unleash nikola! and play your starters a little less
those are sick JK. nice alternative to G&G
bro, im the william taft of of shell cordovan; my appetite is insatiable
just saw a Paul George blurb. shit completely forgot about that dude. hope he can make a complete comeback and return the pacers as eastern conference contenders
i dont know why youre not charging these bastards $5,000 for this awesome boot. see which one of them bites first
New Posts  All Forums: