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oh man those are bangin'
lol, dress up as homeless people? thats awesome. are they wearing C&J? lol amirite EG crowd? right?
hell? i hope not. imagine sitting in a hot and humid room for all eternity. i would be annoyed initially, but would probably become bored out of my mind around year 21243242423. would probably leave the shell at home and opt for a loafer. unlined would be ideal. something in green would be a nice contrast to the eternal fires of hell
thats right. gonna bring back homeless chic likes its 1999. some of the homeless people i see today are just despicable. i dont care that youre in a life-threatening struggle to attain food and shelter. youre out in public! put on something presentable. and get a crease in those slacks! i dont care if they havent been washed in 4 weeks
what else would we do with our money? contribute more to 401k? over my dying, retired and homeless body!
if i lived in London i would never pay retail for a new EG but for the rest of us atleast we have Skoak and sausages
you lucky bitch. what a great first post. congrats
^ not sure but im sure theyve increased their costs 10-20% within past 5 years alright day one of sale is over. how bought what? samplesaleporn!
Yeah 2 pairs of shell boots done in less than 6 weeks. Also factory is closed part of August I believe or entire month
Wide Fitting Dover us11 http://leffot.com/shop/index.php/sale/worn-pair-of-dovers.html
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