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i want another pair of vass!
^ UK alum Rex chapman in that Kentucky final four game was so blatantly biased... Lawdy
^id like to know this as well
Size 45.5. They don't look too point to you? Disproportionally long to you?
@Zapasman your pair sounds magnificent as well. any updates?
great stuff man, nice proportions. size 42, 43? I based my boot of this makeup, great stuff!
^ youre an idiot, in a vacuumn you would have won yes. but I made moves to beat my opponent, indy, not some guy matched up in the 3rd place game. Indy and I were competing for 3 pointers and so I made moves that reflected that: caldwell-pope, galloway, and mirotic. At the end I had like 63 3 pointers made, enough to beat my opponent. your team finished with 15? youre comparing apples and oranges but thats putting it lightly. fuck youre an idiot i suggest we ban idfnl...
Fantasy Playoffs have ended with NAMOR, Indesertum, Idfnl going 1, 2, 3 respectively. I want to thank everyone who participated in this years SF fantasy league. Hope to have everyone back for the 5th SF season. If anyone has any comments or suggestions for change, let it be known here. Until then, have a good summer!
Thank you Cleav! Red/black next to brown/green lovely designed pairs. And on 888 last no less. Thank you for making my dream come true moo. I've always wanted to see a combo such as this
New Posts  All Forums: