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Get in on the cipresso man! It's a lovey color. Come on, it's like come, on
amazing how clean the shell looks. ime, lighter shell can pick up a lot dirt
darn, the color is superb
Not a Galway but close
another drop to $525 for a pair of boot in exceptional quality
thanks man! final drop to $499 for new edward green!
drop from $749 to $699 shipped for edward green shell cordovan. a helluva deal for any us 9 folks out there
i hope so will probably drop price a little more too. speaking of which those pennys in your sig are a great price too. those the ones you went tts on and are too small?F width compared to E is about 1/8 wider across the ball
thread is on fire! love all the galways. steel82 you keeping yours?
My goodness at this rate you may get this boot made before the Trickers cipresso super boot gmto does. And we need just 1 more!
New Posts  All Forums: