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anyone play fantasy bball? we need 2 more for our SF league. winner gets a new pair of CJ calf. see sig!
dope kicks i have the retro 2001 concords. check your pm!!!!
yeah i know this to be the case with american based addresses. not sure about europe however.
Ahh yes that makes sense I see what you mean. That would work until waist thigh stretches?
How do you mean gain weight?
id say they fit a littler big than marked size
Price doesn't sound attractive in either case. Atleast not worth the headache of rummaging up a single old coat
a couple Sf'ers pulled out of the league so we still have 4 slots to fill otherwise risk having to draft until after the beginning of the regular season. draft is tentatively schedule for later this week, sat or Sunday depending on what works better. if you know anyone that wants to play, we will probably need them
damn those boots have aged! lookin' goodmine after about a dozen wears
i agreee vintage cherry would give it just a little more pop but this is a nitpicky detai. incredible nonetheless
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