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Thank you sir!
And speak of the devil these popped up on eBay, the Japanese natural shell boots http://m.ebay.com/itm/Chausser-Japan-Natural-Shell-Cordovan-Boots-JP-27-/151758980238?nav=SEARCH
Hot fire those are nice. Great comparison pic too. Where are the boots from?
No. Only mto
Wingtip boots last comparison: Crockett and jones Lindrick uk10.5 325 last vs Trickers 4497 uk11 malton
I concur!
Great collection sask boot!
gotcha thanks. i guess the question becomes is natural more desirable than whiskey or saddle?
^ Edit- now that looks like natural shell. Very nice. Did you add any color to it or did they darken on their own? Looks fantastic All the natural shell cordovan I have seen looks good. But if it's supposed to be lighter than whiskey/saddle, then I've never actually laid eyes on horween natural shell. So does the name "natural" suggest less treatment of the shell? Less polish, or less buffing, or less dye? Or is it supposed to be a lighter shell color?
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