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so they stretched them and they fit nice now? a full 1/2 size?
It sounds like they are putting the u last on weight loss plan and making it more aggressive looking? Am I reading that correctly? Sleeker, lower instep, and more defined, chiseled square toe?! S last sounds like U last on cocaine ala Kate moss
Lol that's a bummer especially if they are looking to improve on the U.. I only have one U and love it. I think if any of my ongoing mto was on U I would probably give Cootie the red light..Edit- 10 pairs on U?!?!
I see what you did there. But not before N and T
Lol how many pairs you get? In production or already delivered?
That's awesome! Have you seen it? So like u last but less pointy? More like EG888 or MH71? This is excellent news and good luck! Please keep us posted!
i think these are referred to as the japanese herringbone. very nice, glws
im down for a good your momma joke too
and you took your gianni size (1 down from tts)? 1/2 down feel a little loose imo
i know what you mean. i dont know why but i find them endearing. im torn. they remind me of this girl i went to high school with. wasnt the brightest or most attractive but she had spunk. and i admired her for that
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