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the boots are made from shell cordovan. the uppers are made from shell cordovan. the shaft and tongue are made from shell cordovan. the problem i think is that some of the shell cordovan sent to to vass' supplier from horween was a generous piece of shell so the fringe, outer limits pieces used began showing the some of the creasing typical of horsehide. whats really remarkable (and easy to forget) is that the uppers were made from a single piece of shell in the style of...
thanks guys! its not an alden thread without the venerable jhcam8 and alcibiades
Ex-rocket and ex-warrior coaches calling tonight's game. Are they both assigned to this series?
Today's hooves vass whiskey norweger
Wanted to give give credit to Vass for taking care of this so quickly. Contacted them last night and received a response just a few hours later. Vass has agreed to take a look at them and has offered a full replacement. Mr. Kuti, as thoughtful and considerate as ever, reaffirmed that Vass only uses shell cordovan from horween. No horsehide whatsoever.
here are the shell cordovan valways. ironically (or maybe a divine sign) I share the #valway hashtag with a horse of the same name
but these are sooo different! suede on the shaafft
man im dying for a rain lasted shell boot
Holy moly those are awesome. Jesus Carmina are truly masters with shell. And that Unipair price oh lawd. I'm a 11 in the Robert last :/
Hawks were down 1-2 Warriors were down 1-2 Rockets were down 1-3 I feel 0-3 :/
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